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Chapter 1378: Great WarmthTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Her eyes flashed with intense jealousy.

Grandpa, Mom, Tang Xinru, and Du Jinghao were all protecting Su Bei like they were her crazy fans.

What right did Su Bei have to get all this If she hadnt barged into her life, all of this would have been hers!

Tang Yue took out her phone, and there a line of words appeared on her screen.

[Tang Yue, do you still want to lay a hand on Su Bei]

Su Bei stood on the stage, which was surrounded by heavy bodyguards.

[Much more than usual.]

The person who sent these words was a fanatical admirer of Tang Yue.

He had been crazy about Tang Yue for a while.

However, how could the arrogant Tang Yue fancy a man with no family background and passion

Under normal circumstances, she would have ignored him, afraid that she would get involved with him.

However, after the suitor found out about her conflict with Su Bei, he took the initiative to talk to her and said that he wanted to help her teach Su Bei a lesson.

Tang Yue had been in a bad mood recently, so she just let herself enjoy the thrill of being pursued.

Tang Yue looked at the stage again.

How could it be easy to lay a hand on Su Bei As far as she knew, Su Bei usually brought bodyguards with her when she went out.

It seemed that those bodyguards were quite professional.

It would not be easy to cause trouble for Su Bei on the stage tonight.

She glanced at Du Jinghao beside her and suddenly thought of something.

She sent a message: [Dont be impulsive and dont do anything stupid.

Theres no longer any conflict between me and Su Bei.

I came to support her tonight.

I hope you can take care of yourself.

Alright, Im on a date with my boyfriend now.

Dont disturb me.]

She was taking a gamble by sending these words.

She was betting that the man who was too fanatical over her would be provoked into coming over to find trouble with Du Jinghao and then mess up the scene.

She had seen the mans madness before.

He stalked her for a whole month just to send her a bouquet of flowers.

Sometimes, she was even afraid of him.

If she hadnt been through so much lately, she wouldnt have given him the time of day.

Standing on the stage, Su Bei responded to the hosts words and helped promote the brand.

As the spokesperson for this cosmetics brand, it was her job to do so.

The fans below the stage were enthusiastically calling out her names, expressing their love for her.

This feeling was also a source of great warmth.

Suddenly, the audience went out of control.

People screamed and ran.

For a moment, it was a mess.

There were at least a thousand fans present.

Once chaos broke out, there would be a stampede and a disaster.

Seeing that the situation below the stage was abnormal, the bodyguards quickly came over to protect Su Bei.

“Miss Su, lets go back backstage first.”

However, Su Bei glanced at the audience.

It was still in chaos.

How could she leave on her own

She picked up the microphone to speak.

The bodyguard was afraid that something would happen and forced her to leave.

He even took her microphone.

At this moment, Lu Heting appeared.

He stood in front of the bodyguard and protected Su Bei.

Not every bodyguard knew Lu Heting, but they all sensed the powerful aura emanating from the man in front of them.

They knew that this man was someone they couldnt afford to offend.

“Ill take care of Su Bei.

Go to the center of the commotion immediately and make sure that no one is injured!” Lu Heting arranged in a deep voice.

Knowing that Su Bei was about to speak, Lu Heting took back the microphone, placed it in Su Beis palm, and held it tightly.

The audience was still in chaos.

The host was trying to maintain order, but it was obvious that no one took her words to heart.

“Fans, please dont panic!” Su Beis voice filled the air with determination and concern.

“Please look for the bodyguards who are wearing hats.

Calmly walk over to them and line up.”

There was supposed to be security below the stage, but they were obviously shorthanded.

After the bodyguards protecting Su Bei got off the stage, their manpower increased and they quickly controlled the situation at the center of the commotion.

When the other fans heard Su Beis words, they calmed down and stopped running and screaming.

They all found the bodyguards and lined up beside them.

Soon, the scene was no longer chaotic.

Everyone lined up in an orderly manner.

After they calmed down, everyone felt like there was peace again.

The screams stopped, and no one was running around crazily anymore.

“Thank you all for your cooperation.

Youre all the best.” Su Bei smiled faintly at how smoothly everything went.

Hearing her encouragement, the fans responded enthusiastically, “Su Bei, youre the best.”

Several people were brought out of the center of the incident.

The scene was stable, but the host and organizer were afraid that something else would happen, so they comforted everyone and ended the event.

Fortunately, there was no major commotion, and the brand did not lose anything.

After Su Bei got off the stage, the brand representative rushed over to thank her.

Lu Heting frowned.

When the bodyguard who had been protecting Su Bei up until earlier came over, Lu Heting asked coldly, “What happened”

“Someone made a scene out of the blue for some reason and injured someone offstage.

A few fans were slightly injured.

One is seriously injured and has a broken leg.”

Lu Heting frowned heavily.

“Send them all to the hospital and pay for their treatment.

Ill bear all the subsequent expenses.

Tell the media to suppress the matter.”

Although this matter had nothing to do with Su Bei, if something happened at her event, people would naturally attribute it to her.

Therefore, it was better to avoid trouble and suppress the matter from the beginning.

When Su Bei heard these words, she was very worried.

“My fans are injured What caused it”

“We dont know yet.

It seems that one person suddenly lost control of his emotions and went over to beat up the injured party, which led to the incident,” the bodyguard said.

“Were in the midst of investigating it too.”

“Then let me know when youre done.

Oh, and make the arrangements.

Im going to visit my injured fan.”

Lu Heting didnt object.

Su Bei had always been very grateful to her fans for giving her the greatest love and support.

She wanted to repay them.

It was only right for her to visit the injured fan.

“Then please help me prepare some gifts,” Su Bei said.

As Lu Heting was by her side today, Qiao Mei and Xiao Bai didnt come.

The only person who could help was Lu Hang.

The group arrived at a nearby hospital.

The few injured fans only had a few scratches.

After applying some medicine, they were discharged by the doctor.

A few people were still talking at once.

“I dont know what happened to that person, but he suddenly came over and hit us.

Fortunately, he wasnt targeting us.”

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