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Chapter 1377: Allowed To Be JealousTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Lu Hang quickly went over.

After the makeup artist left, Lu Heting came in.

“Im done.

After the event, I can go home.” Su Bei smiled.

Lu Hetings gaze fell on her bag.

There was a small panda doll hanging on it.

She did not have it when she came.

It was obviously from He Xuyan.

Seeing that his gaze was on that, Su Bei said, “Are you looking at this If you like it, Ill give it to you.”

“Its from He Xuyan”

“Well, he came to borrow something, and he probably felt bad about it, so he left me a trinket.

I couldnt just say no, so I accepted it.”

“You like this”

Su Bei nodded.

“Pandas are so obedient.

Who wouldnt like them Do you know that I can watch pandas all day at the zoo”

Immediately, she noticed a trace of indifferent displeasure in the mans eyes and sensed something.

“Actually, I dont like it that much anymore.

This little doll isnt exquisite enough.

This one isnt even neat.

Forget it.

Ill give it to someone else later.”

Lu Heting bent down and hugged her.


“Are you jealous” Su Bei hooked her arms around his neck.

“I didnt mean to take anything from him.

I was just too embarrassed to reject him directly.”

“What about other peoples pursuits”

“Of course, I have to refuse! Lu Heting, am I someone who cant even figure out priorities” Su Bei was a little anxious, and she sounded slightly depressed.

Lu Heting said seriously, “Sorry, I was just too jealous, so…”

“Youre allowed to be jealous, but you cant be jealous over nothing.” A bright smile bloomed on her face.

Lu Heting let go of her, afraid that he would ruin her makeup.

He was also afraid that he would kiss her and ruin her lipstick.

“Then Ill go on stage now.

Wait for me.” Su Bei lifted the hem of her dress and kissed him gently on the cheek.

After Su Bei left, Lu Hang called.


Lu, after He Xuyan left this way, he didnt go on stage but went to the hospital.

I asked the makeup artist just now.

He used Young Madams comb.”

Hospital A hairbrush

Since he used her comb, then it could be that… He took Su Beis hair.

The thoughts came together quickly, forming a possibility.

Lu Hetings eyes turned cold.

Was He Xuyan still investigating Su Beis background

Didnt they already confirm the last time that Su Bei wasnt from the Tang family

In the blink of an eye, he thought of another possibility—Lin Xiruo.

Lin Xiruo took Su Beis panda hat the last time, and Su Bei ultimately had to get her blood drawn.

Lu Heting had been paying attention to this series of incidents.

Was the Lin family suspecting that Su Bei was Lin Xiruos daughter

He Xuyan felt that Su Bei was his sister, so he gave her a doll

It seemed that He Xuyan had some clues, so he approached his sister and tried to make her happy.

But I cant allow even her brother to do that!

Lu Heting took a photo of the panda doll and sent it to Lu Hang.

“Buy a few of this.”

Lu Hang was a little surprised when he received the photo.

The mission given by Mr.

Lu this time was really too different.

He had just followed He Xuyan, and now he was going to buy dolls

However, it was all because Mr.

Lu had a wife now.

Lu Hang did not dare to delay and immediately went to carry out the order.

Su Bei was going on stage today to promote a cosmetics product.

There were many people below the stage, including enthusiastic fans, senior executives of the brand, and reporters.

Among the crowd were two other people.

One was Tang Yue, and the other was Du Jinghao.

Half an hour ago.

Tang Yue received a WeChat message from Ou Huanwei, telling her that Du Jinghao would come to look for her and she should be prepared.

Tang Yue naturally understood what this meant.

Ou Huanwei must have convinced Du Jinghao to look for her and discuss their marriage again.

Hence, she dressed up exquisitely and beautifully.

Her beautiful hair was specially styled, and her makeup was also exquisite.

However, Du Jinghao only came over to tell her that he would not resume the engagement even after his mothers deliberate arrangements.

He hoped that Tang Yue would understand and that the two of them would part on good terms.

Of course, Tang Yue could not understand!

There were too many things that she couldnt understand.

She could understand a man not liking her, but she couldnt understand a man not liking her because of Su Bei!

Although Su Bei was no longer a member of the Tang family and would no longer have anything to do with them in the future, her grudge against her was already deep.

How could Tang Yue let it go

Su Bei was no longer a member of the Tang family, but everyone still cared about her.

Everyone liked her, and everyone kept mentioning her.

This made Tang Yue even more puzzled!

“Are you still unable to move on from Su Bei” Tang Yue asked bluntly.

Du Jinghao rubbed his temples.

He no longer knew how to explain.

“I admit that I did like Su Bei before, but after knowing that she already has someone else, I gave up on the idea.

So can you not involve Su Bei in everything”

“Then why is it still impossible between us”

Du Jinghao pursed his lips tightly and remained silent.

He could not directly say that he had seen through Tang Yues character and was unwilling to spend the rest of his life with such a woman.

He was doing it to save some dignity for Tang Yue.

Today, he was really annoyed by his mother, so he wanted to explain things to Tang Yue.

However, some things were indeed difficult to say.

Seeing that he didnt speak, Tang Yue said, “Forget it.

Its not impossible for us to part on good terms.

Lets treat tonight as our last meeting.

I heard that Su Bei has an event nearby.

Lets go over and support her.”

Du Jinghao naturally wouldnt refuse her simple request to attend an event together.

His original intention was to deal with this so that they could part on good terms.

After that, there would be no enmity between them.

Hence, he entered the event venue with Tang Yue.

The scene was very lively.

Tang Yue stood below the stage and looked at Su Bei from afar.

She could only see a tiny figure, but she could clearly feel the love these people had for Su Bei.

When Su Bei held the microphone and said no more than a few words, the fans below the stage would wave the light sticks in their hands and shout loudly to express their enthusiasm.

The mood in the venue was high, and the calls for Su Beis name were endless.

Tang Yue tilted her head to look at Du Jinghao.

Du Jinghao just casually looked in Su Beis direction.

He was very calm.

In fact, he had already let go of his thoughts about Su Bei.

He was only standing here because he was invited.

His goal wasnt Su Bei.

However, in Tang Yues eyes, this was a sign of him being too concerned about Su Bei and getting distracted by her.

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