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Chapter 1376: SparksTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“I swear my eyes werent playing tricks on me,” Lin Wenyu swore to the heavens.

He Xuyan pursed his thin lips tightly.

Su Beis beautiful face appeared in front of his eyes, and he was bewildered.

“Cousin Cousin” Lin Wenyu waved in front of his eyes.

“Do you believe me”

He Xuyan said, “Did your colleague leave any original documents”

Lin Wenyu slapped her head.

“Im so stupid.

I forgot that theres still the original document.

Ill go get it from her now!”

She was so shocked that her mind had completely blanked out.

After being reminded by He Xuyan, she immediately ran to look for her colleague.

Then, she hurried back with a freshly printed document and placed it in front of He Xuyan.

He Xuyan suppressed the throbbing in his heart and slowly turned the page.

The black bold print in front of him came clearly into view—supports the identification of a biological mother-daughter relationship between the two subjects.

His eyes focused on the line.

Then, he remembered how hard his mother had worked over the years and the stress shed taken on.

When she wasnt sick, she was the gentlest and most beautiful mother in the world.

But every time she was sick, she was obsessed with finding her daughter and his sister.

This made He Xuyan troubled by this obsession all these years.

He remembered that when his mother first saw Su Bei, she had insisted on holding her hand and treating her like her daughter.

In the beginning, he just thought that it was because of the panda hat on Su Beis head.

But now that he thought about it, it was his mothers intuition at that time.

She really recognized Su Bei.


He looked at the document in front of him and said, “Is this accurate”

“It should be accurate.

My medical kit only contained Aunt and Su Beis blood.

Im not from this department, so its impossible for me to touch other peoples blood.

My colleagues skills are quite trustworthy too,” Lin Wenyu quickly said.

She quite liked Su Bei.

If Su Bei was really her aunts daughter, wouldnt they be cousins

They were also cousins when Su Bei was a member of the Tang family.

However, Su Bei was Lin Shulians daughter.

There was a big difference between Su Bei being Lin Shualians daughter and Lin Xiruos daughter.

“What are you worried about, Cousin Aunt has found her daughter.

Isnt that a good thing”

He Xuyan closed the file and said evenly, “What if theres a mistake”

Being looked at by He Xuyans black eyes, Lin Wenyu was also stunned.

“Thats right.

If Im wrong, Aunt will definitely be hurt again.

As for Su Bei, she has also experienced many gains and losses, so we cant be wrong this time.

Otherwise, theyll both be hurt again.

We have to make things accurate so that we can tell them with confidence.”

That was what He Xuyan meant.

“Thats right.

We have to be 100% sure before we can reveal this fact.”

“But what should we do now I just asked my colleagues.

Aunts and Su Beis blood has been used up.

At that time, we didnt draw much… Its fine to draw more blood from Aunt, but how can we get Su Beis blood again” Lin Wenyu was a little worried.

“Ill go.” He Xuyan stood up.

Night fell.

The stage and lights had already been set up at a certain brands event venue.

In the bright lights, the people who came and went were in a hurry.

They were waiting for the artist who would be on stage later.

In the dressing room.

Su Bei was getting the final touches done for her appearance under the makeup artists inspection.

Because the lighting was very bright and harsh, the makeup artist had to add foundation and highlight for Su Bei even though her skin was already very good.

With her eyes closed, Su Bei let the makeup artist work on her.

There was a knock on the dressing room door.

“Come in,” she said casually.

The door opened, and He Xuyans slender figure appeared in the doorway, looking as cold as ever.

“Su Bei,” He Xuyan greeted her first this time.

“I came over to borrow some makeup items.

Is that okay”

Su Bei knew that a director like him didnt usually need to care too much about his appearance.

He didnt have his own makeup artist, so she nodded.

“Feel free to use them.”

He Xuyan reached out and took Su Beis comb.

There was a lot of hair that had just fallen off.

Anything that was a complete hair follicle could be used.

He casually took a few before picking up the brush and brushing it twice over his head.

Then, he handed a panda doll to Su Bei.

“I saw this cute doll outside just now, so I got one for you.”

Su Bei felt that he was acting strange today.

He Xuyan was usually distant and proud.

He rarely talked to anyone.

And didnt he want to use makeup products After just using a hairbrush, he doesnt want to use any makeup anymore

He Xuyan came over simply to get her hair.

However, before he came, he specially went to buy a small doll.

Other than his mother, this was probably the first time he had specially bought a girl a gift.

Su Bei thought for a moment before taking it.

“Thank you, Director He.”

He Xuyan nodded and left.

Su Bei squeezed the panda for a moment, then hung it on her bag.

The makeup artist joked, saying, “Su Bei, Director He seems to be really pursuing you.”

“No way!” Su Bei quickly denied it.

“The previous rumors were already clarified to be a coincidence.

As you saw today, a man like Director He doesnt usually wear makeup, so its normal for him not to be prepared for an occasion like this.”

Outside the door, when He Xuyan left, he bumped into Lu Heting.

His cold eyes were like a bottomless cold pool.

When he saw He Xuyan, he narrowed his eyes slightly.

He Xuyan had worked with Di Xing Media Company before and was familiar with Lu Heting.

However, when he saw that Lu Heting was going to Su Beis dressing room, he frowned slightly.

Lu Heting nodded slightly in greeting.

However, when he saw that He Xuyan had come from Su Beis dressing room, his eyes darkened.

He Xuyan nodded and strode away.

Lu Hang stood behind Lu Heting.

Although he saw that the two men did not speak, he could clearly feel the sparks between the two of them.

It was as if a casual touch would cause a huge explosion.

A small tremor ran through him.

When Lu Heting arrived at the door of Su Beis dressing room, he heard the makeup artist say, “Su Bei, Director He seems to be really pursuing you.”

Lu Hang couldnt help but shiver.

Some people really didnt know the right things to say.

Fortunately, Su Beis denial was very serious.

Lu Hang felt the dangerous aura of the big shot in front of him lessen, and he heaved a sigh of relief.

“Go and find out why He Xuyan came over just now.” Lu Hetings voice was cold.

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