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Chapter 1374: InseparableTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Su Bei seemed to grasp something.

“Then let me see it.”

She took the transfer agreement from him and flipped to a certain page.

Her name intruded her sight.

“So … the building was transferred to me”

“Ive known you for so long, but I rarely give you anything.

You, on the other hand, have taken care of my food, clothes, and travel expenses.

The reason why the Twin Towers Mall is called that is that theyre an inseparable part of each other.

Therefore, let them become one.

In this way, they can be considered to be worthy of their name, huh” Lu Hetings voice was steady and low, revealing his doting and domineering charm.

Su Bei looked at the two agreements.

“So I didnt do anything today but have two shopping malls now”


“How could you say that you did nothing Youve done enough.

Ever since you took over Jingbei Square, that area has changed because of you.”

Su Bei solemnly put the two agreements together.

The Twin Towers Mall had really become twin towers.

“However, the people outside wont know that youve given me the twin towers.

If they think youve transferred your mall, this will still affect the market,” Su Bei reminded him again.

She couldnt let her trivial matters affect the entire district.

Otherwise, it would really be a sin.

“At dawn, Ill get someone to spread the news that Ive transferred the twin towers to Lu Bei.

How about that” Lu Heting looked into her eyes with a smile and asked for her opinion.

Lu Bei was her, and she was Lu Bei.

There was nothing wrong with that.

Su Bei smiled brightly.

“Thats fine.

Let Tang Yue be happy for the night.

Shell be crying tomorrow morning.”

It was because Lu Group was the economic weathervane.

After learning that Lu Group had sold the Twin Towers Mall, the outside world was indeed solemn.

Many people were waiting solemnly.

They did not know what had happened to this district and what would happen in the future.

However, it was already late at night.

It was too late to buy or sell.

Even if someone wanted to sell anything, they would have to wait until daylight.

It was impossible to do anything in just a few hours.

Many people stayed awake all night to wait for dawn.

Tang Yue was the only one who had a good sleep.

In her dreams, she dreamed of Su Bei begging for food at the entrance of a street in ragged clothes.

Her face was dark, and she no longer looked high and mighty.

When she saw her, she even chased after her and asked for a coin.

Tang Yue woke up laughing in her sleep.

Those who had not slept received the news early in the morning.

It turned out that Lu Heting had not sold the Twin Towers Mall.

He had only transferred it to Lu Bei.

Cough! Everyone had a false alarm.

If Lu Bei had it, didnt that mean that Lu Heting still had it

Doesnt that mean theres no movement

Everyone who was tense the entire night finally relaxed and went back to what they were doing.

At the same time, they went to Weibo to talk about Lu Heting and Lu Beis PDA.

When Tang Yue got out of bed, she quickly heard about Lu Groups news.

“It seems that everyone knows about Lu Group.” Tang Yue saw that many people were talking about this in the WeChat group.

She didnt bother to go through the messages because she already had first-hand information.

She only wanted to go to Weibo to see how unclear the economic trend was this time.

Perhaps she could even see the news of Su Bei suffering a huge loss.

She opened Weibo.

Instantly, she saw Lu Heting and Lu Bei.

Although it had nothing to do with Su Bei, Tang Yue decided to take a look.


Lu really dotes on him too much.

He directly gave that mall to Lu Bei.

This is really true love.]

[Im so envious.

Even at home, I still have to face a couples PDA.]

[I heard that its because this building is called the Twin Towers Mall and is on par with Jingbei Square.

Lu Bei was jealous and unhappy, so Mr.

Lu gave this building to Lu Bei to appease him.]

[Boo-hoo, he truly spoils his lover!]

[Lu Bei must have saved the entire Milky Way in his previous life to deserve such a boyfriend!]

[I really want to exchange souls with Lu Bei.

I just want Mr.

Lu to look at me seriously and dotingly.]

[I also want to exchange souls with Lu Bei and enjoy the feeling of being handsome, rich, and doted on.

My boyfriend is also extremely handsome!]

When Tang Yue saw this, she exploded.

The building that Lu Heting sold was given to Lu Bei

He gave it to Lu Bei

She immediately scrolled down and saw that many people were indeed talking about this matter.

They even said that the economic development in that area was the most stable.

Now that Lu Bei had obtained the Twin Towers Mall, Lu Group would be holding on to that area for a long time.

In just one morning, the property prices there had increased by 20%!

Tang Yue was so angry that she threw her phone out!

Her eyes were red, and so was her face.

She looked like a rabid wolf as she picked up the landline and called her lawyer.

“Just how are you doing your work How the hell did you mislead me with the news about Lu Group last night Do you know that what youve made me lose this time is an amount you can never afford in your lifetime”

Although the lawyer felt guilty, he did not lose his reason.

“Miss Tang, Im sorry.

I didnt verify the information strictly, but at that time, we only knew part of the information.

What I did was only remind you.

I didnt actively influence your decision.”

“You!” Tang Yue was speechless for a moment.

Her hand that was holding the receiver kept trembling.

The lawyer was right.

He had only reminded Tang Yue last night to avoid high risks.

Reminding clients was part of his job description.

It was impossible for him to directly find out who Lu Heting had sold the building to.

Before this morning, it was a trade secret.

Moreover, the person who ultimately made the decision about whether Jingbei Square was bought over or not was not the lawyer.

As soon as Tang Yue was told about the piece of news, she couldnt wait to push the problem to Su Bei.

She couldnt wait to verify it, afraid that Su Bei would also obtain this information and push the blame on her.

To put it bluntly, it was not the lawyer who had harmed her but her own greed and ruthlessness.

If she had thought a little longer and waited a little longer, she would not have failed so miserably.

However, it was precisely because Lu Heting and Su Bei had taken into consideration these characteristics of her personality that they knew that she would take the bait.

They didnt have to worry about her waiting too long.

However, Tang Yue still did not know how powerful the person behind Su Bei was.

“Su Bei, you got lucky this time!” Tang Yue gritted her teeth and said fiercely.

Yes, she attributed everyone elses accomplishments to good luck, not their ability or character.

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