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Chapter 1373: Vomit Blood AgainTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“Su Bei, I told you to keep it for yourself.” Tang Yue raised her voice slightly, making it sound sharp.

Su Bei seemed a little reluctant and said, “But I just said that the 67 million yuan you gave wont be returned to you just because you changed your mind.

These are things outside the agreement.”

Only then did Tang Yue remember the 67 million.

Just thinking about it made her heart ache.

Before Su Bei appeared, her business and investments were all profitable.

She could be considered rich.

But ever since Su Bei appeared, she had almost lost all her money.

The 60 million loss felt like a knife cutting through her heart.

However, she could not take over Jingbei Square for a loss over such a small sum of money.

She controlled her emotions fiercely.

“Forget it.

We made a deal that I wouldnt ask for the money back after giving it to you, so you can keep it.”

Su Bei put on a troubled expression.

“Are you sure you dont want Jingbei Square anymore”

“Ive already said that if you want to keep it, you can keep it.

However, I cant give it to you for free.

Ill sell it to you at the same price as when you wanted to buy it earlier.

Just give me 50 million yuan.” Tang Yue completely compromised.

Previously, Su Bei wanted to buy it at this price.

She was even supposed to sign the paperwork with Old Master Tang that day, yet Tang Yue had interrupted them.

At that time, she firmly believed that the future of Jingbei Square was worth 150 million yuan.

No matter what, she would not sell it to Su Bei at 50 million.

Now, she couldnt wait for Su Bei to take Jingbei Square away.

Su Bei thought for a moment and said, “In that case, its settled.

When Jingbei Square is mine, itll be mine from then on.

Its impossible for you to get it back.”

“In front of both lawyers, Ill naturally keep my word,” Tang Yue said with a nod.

Su Bei said, “Okay, then lets follow the agreement I drew up.

Lets sign it.”

Old Master Tang had originally planned to sell Jingbei Square to Su Bei at this price.

Now that things had returned to normal, he naturally had no objections and signed the agreement.

Su Bei and Tang Yue also signed their names.

In this way, it was considered a deal.

Su Bei would also pay Tang Yue 50 million yuan.

However, the 50 million yuan that Su Bei had paid Tang Yue was more than the 67 million yuan she got from Tang Yue.

In other words, if Su Bei had bought it back then, she would have had to pay 50 million of her own money.

This time, not only did she not spend any money, but she also earned more than 10 million yuan from Tang Yue.

At the thought of this, Tang Yue spat out a mouthful of blood.

Her hand, which had put down the pen, kept trembling.

Not only did she spend a lot of effort, but she also spent so much money for no reason.

It was equivalent to her spending money to give Jingbei Square to Su Bei!

If she had known this would happen, she wouldnt have stopped Su Bei from signing the paperwork before this!

Just thinking about it made her chest feel stuffy!

Su Bei carefully put away the signed agreement into her bag and said, “Miss Tang, thank you for your generosity.”

Tang Yue wanted to vomit blood again.

Seeing that the outcome of the matter was still in line with expectations, Old Master Tang said, “Alright, this matter is considered settled.

No one is allowed to mention it again in the future.

Whether its a loss, a win, or a loss, its all up to you.

Were all adults and have to be responsible for our choices.”

Tang Yue said softly, “Mhm.”

However, she didnt agree with Su Beis comment.

Of course, she wouldnt ask Su Bei to avoid Jingbei Square.

Once Lu Group started to evacuate that area, the entire place would fall like dominoes.

No one would be optimistic about that area anymore.

Within five years, Jingbei Square would definitely suffer a loss.

Whoever owned it was sure to have a headache.

She would just treat it as spending money to give Su Bei big trouble in the future.

Su Bei packed the agreement and stood up.

“Grandpa, Ill leave first.

Ill visit you again next time.

Goodbye, everyone.”

Tang Yue watched Su Bei leave.

Lin Shulian asked, “Whats going on You said you wanted it before, but you dont want it anymore”

“Even Lu Group doesnt want that piece of land, so what am I supposed to do with it” Tang Yue said.

When Old Master Tang heard about Lu Group, he immediately thought of Lu Heting.

Unlike the others, he and Tang Xinru knew that Lu Heting and Su Bei were really together.

In that case, was Lu Heting helping Su Bei behind the scenes

Old Master Tang remained calm and did not say anything.

He did not want to let Tang Yue down either.

However, someone should really teach Tang Yue a lesson! Otherwise, the person who would suffer in the future would be her!

Lin Shulian was a little worried.

“Lu Group doesnt want that land anymore Why didnt you remind Su Bei”

Tang Yue sneered in her heart.

‘Do you want to make your own daughter suffer a loss, then!

Lin Shulian knew that she was in the wrong.

She lowered her head and stopped talking.

After Su Bei went out, she walked forward in the night, found Lu Hetings car, and got into the passenger seat.

“Well” the man asked, his voice low and gentle.

“Yes, Tang Yue spent a sum of money and gave me Jingbei Square.” Su Bei took out the agreement.

“I didnt spend a single cent and even earned more than 10 million yuan from her.”

Lu Heting chuckled.

“This is the price she should pay.”

From Tang Yues point of view, Lu Heting had no intention of letting Su Bei have an easy time.

After all, news of Su Bei not being of the Tang familys bloodline was already exposed and even appeared on the list of hot searches, yet he didnt do anything about it.

Naturally, the news of Lu Group selling the Twin Towers Mall was also deliberately spread to Tang Yue.

Lu Heting was clearly plotting against Tang Yue, yet she was stupid enough to fall for it.

She couldnt wait to give Jingbei Square away and was even smug about it.

If someone offended Su Bei, Lu Heting would never let them off.

“However, if you really sell the Twin Towers Mall, others will follow suit and sell their businesses too.

At that time, it might really affect the economy of that area,” Su Bei reminded him.

“Why would I sell the Twin Towers Mall The reason why the Twin Towers Mall is called this is that it has both your Jingbei Square and the mall under my name.

If I sell mine, will I let yours be left alone there” Lu Heting asked with a smile, his eyes shining.

“If its not sold, then is it transferred” Su Bei asked with a smile.

She had guessed that Lu Heting would not be willing to sell the building just because of that name alone.

“Yes, its been transferred.

Do you want to see the transfer agreement” Lu Heting asked with a smile.

His deep gaze made people feel that there was some deep meaning hidden in it.

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