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Chapter 1372: Not A Good DealTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Seeing that Tang Yue did not speak, the couple stopped talking.

When no one said anything, Old Master Tang slowly said, “Since no one has any objections, Tang Yue, you can arrange it yourself.”

Tang Yue asked the finance department to transfer the 67 million yuan to Su Beis account.

“Did you get it” Tang Yue asked.

Su Bei raised her phone and stood at the window.

She looked at the man sitting in the car and called him.

“Tang Yue has paid the compensation for the employees.

Help me check if the money has been transferred.

If it has, well have to sign the transfer agreement for the operation rights of Jingbei Square.”

The person who received the call was Lu Heting.

He smiled and said, “Ive also made arrangements.

Soon, Ill help you to get Jingbei Square in the simplest way.”

Su Beis smile was very bright.

She put away her phone and said to Tang Yue, “Then lets sign the agreement.

Dont forget, the compensation you have to pay me is 500 million.”

“After you sign it, Ill quickly compensate you with 500 million yuan.” Tang Yue did not feel the pinch at all.

She could quickly earn the money back from Jingbei Square.

She reached out and waited for the lawyer to hand her the agreement.

However, a trace of nervousness suddenly appeared on her lawyers face.

He said in a low voice, “Miss Tang, something suddenly happened.

I hope you can be understanding.” A trace of impatience flashed across Tang Yues face, but she could not ignore the lawyers words.

She whispered, “What is it, exactly”

“Lu Group has sold the Twin Towers Mall.” Cold sweat appeared on the lawyers forehead.

“What” Tang Yues voice rose uncontrollably.

“Its true.

We just found out.

Lu Heting was considering selling the Twin Towers Mall a few days ago, but the procedures were only completed tonight.”

Tang Yues expression cracked, and disappointment and worry spread slowly.

She said to Su Bei, “Wait for me for a moment.

I still have something to deal with.”

“Then Ill have to trouble you to hurry up.

Time is precious here.

I cant wait too long,” Su Bei said as she raised her wrist to look at the time.

She seemed to be very tight on time.

Tang Yue immediately got the lawyer, financial officer, and the others to go to the balcony at the side.

“Whats going on with Lu Group”

“As I just said, Lu Heting sold the Twin Towers Mall early this morning.

It seems that hes not optimistic about the prospects of this area.” The lawyer analyzed according to the available information.

The financial officer also nodded.

“The reason why this area developed so quickly previously was that Lu Group invested in the Twin Towers Mall here.

It can be seen that their plan was to develop in this area for a long time.

But now, they suddenly sold it.

There must be something fishy.”

“Does Lu Group have financial problems” Tang Yues heart turned cold.

“They have no financial problems.

Their share price is very stable.”

Tang Yue gritted her teeth as her features contorted.

“Does this mean that Lu Group is giving up on this development”

“There must be something wrong with the development here.

Thats why they made such a decision.

Lu Group has always been the trendsetter.

If everyone follows them, theyll be able to reap the profits too.

But if we go in the opposite direction of their development…” The lawyer was also telling the truth as he analyzed the current problem.

It was like gambling in a casino.

Some people were very lucky.

If you followed them, you could win a little no matter what.

If you followed the opposite, you would be gambling your life away.

The reason why Tang Yue was optimistic about Jingbei Square was not only because of the development of Jingbei Square itself, but also because of Lu Groups large-scale operation there in the past two years.

She found it difficult to decide.

The lawyer suddenly said, “In the location near that area, Lu Group sold a few more buildings in succession.

This time, they sold office buildings.”

Tang Yues heart suddenly turned cold.

Lu Group was no longer optimistic about that area.

Next, there would probably be many more people who would want to take action.

Once there was a lack of strong development progress, coupled with the location being so far away from the city center, Tang Yue would not only not be able to earn money, but she would also have to bear a huge loss if she bought over Jingbei Square now.

Not only that, but she also had to compensate Su Bei with 500 million…

No matter how she looked at it, it was a bad deal.

Tang Yue recalled that Su Bei was anxious to rush her to pay and sign the agreement.

It seemed that she was very anxious to give Jingbei Square to her.

Could it be that Su Bei knew about Lu Corporations plan and wanted to throw this hot potato out as soon as possible

It must be! As she was in Di Xing Media Company, Su Bei knew more about Lu Groups movements than outsiders.

She knew all of this, but she still set up a trap for her to buy Jingbei Square.

She was really evil!

“What now, Miss Tang” the lawyer asked.

“Were not buying it anymore,” Tang Yue said through gritted teeth.

The lawyer nodded and said in a businesslike manner, “The current location of that mall is indeed high-risk.”

Tang Yue pushed open the balcony door and walked back into the living room.

Su Bei smiled faintly and said, “Miss Tang, youve been discussing this for a long time.

Lets hurry up and sign the agreement.

I still have something else to do.”

Tang Yue thought to herself,Su Bei is simply a scheming b*tch.

She clearly knows that there wont be any development in that area in the future, but shes still urging me to sign it.

Hmph, I wont let you have your way.

“Su Bei, I just discussed it with my lawyer.

At the moment, I dont think Jingbei Square is suited to be developed by me, so…” Tang Yue pretended that nothing had happened.

Su Bei asked in surprise, “Miss Tang, are you not going to ask for Jingbei Square anymore Why Weve already agreed, havent we”

Old Master Tang and Lin Shulian also looked at Tang Yue in surprise.

Actually, they hoped that Tang Yue would not snatch anything from Su Bei.

The Tang family already owed Su Bei a lot.

Did they have to snatch everything from her

This last mall was compensation for Su Bei.

“Yes, I dont plan to take it anymore.

You can keep it for yourself,” Tang Yue said.

Although she was very unwilling, compared to the huge loss and the 500 million yuan she had to compensate Su Bei, she still chose to cut her losses in time and not fall for Su Beis trick.

“But I just agreed to give you Jingbei Plaza,” Su Bei reminded her.

However, the more Su Bei reminded her, the more Tang Yue felt that Su Bei wanted to give her the hot potato and let her bear the loss.

Hence, she just felt that her decision was right.

It had to be said that this was the typical mentality of someone like her.

She always used her own thoughts to judge others and felt that they were as bad as she was.

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