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Chapter 1371: What Will Make You SellTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

The meeting place was still in the Tang familys house.

Lu Heting drove Su Bei over.

“Do you really not need me to go in with you” He was worried about her.

“Im afraid that if you go in with me, Tang Yue will give Jingbei Square to me directly.

That scene wont be good.” Su Bei was very relaxed.

Lu Heting wrapped his fingers in her natural chestnut hair and said in a low voice, “Then Ill wait for you outside.

However, I wont let them make things difficult for you.”

“I know.

Wait for me to come back.” Su Bei kissed him on the lips, turned around, opened the car door, and went in.

She went inside.

It was nighttime, and the lights were bright in the entire house.

Tang Yue stood at the side while Old Master Tang and Tang Jianming sat on the sofa.

Lin Shulian came forward and greeted, “Su Bei.”

“Aunt, Grandpa, Uncle.” She stepped inside.

“Have a seat, Su Bei,” said Old Master Tang.

Tang Yue said calmly, “Theres no need for too many pleasantries.

The lawyers on both sides have already investigated the situation.

Su Bei, why dont I start first”

“Be my guest,” she said coolly.

“Ive seen your lawyer and read your financial report.

In the past two years, Jingbei Square has indeed been profitable.

Therefore, this proves that this is a place with great business potential.

Therefore, Su Bei, you cant buy Jingbei Square at the price you paid back then.

In other words, we wont sell Jingbei Square to you.

I can only take over the business,” Tang Yue came prepared and spoke confidently.

She held the neat file in her hand.

She had read it carefully over the past two days.

It was because she had seen it that she was even more greedy for what she was about to get.

Since Jingbei Square was so profitable, she must get it!

It turned out that Grandpa had given Su Bei the best asset.

She had completely forgotten that Jingbei Square was just a barren land back then.

It was Su Bei who made it become what it was now.

“Then what exactly will it take for you to sell it” Su Bei ignored her other words and asked directly.

“I told you, I wont sell it no matter how much you give me.” It was impossible for Tang Yue to not want such a piece of fat meat.

Su Bei nodded.

“Then since Grandpa, Uncle, and Aunt are all here, Ill get straight to the point.

If you want Jingbei Square, you have to give me money.

Not only do you have to give me money, but you also have to compensate the employees.

Are you willing to do so”

“Naturally,” Tang Yue said.

“The reports are all here.

Ill calculate them into money according to their value and pay you the sum.”

“These are only on the surface.

There are also the social relations of the entire mall, as well as good cooperation with the merchants.

These are all valuable.

However, Tang Yue, when the time comes, Ill take away everything that Ive worked hard for.

None of this is yours.

I definitely wont leave them to you!”

Old Master Tang said, “Su Bei is right.

She has put in a lot of effort over the years.

Tang Yue, if youre willing, give the compensation to Su Bei and Jingbei Square is yours.”

“Su Bei, Ill pay you according to the lawyers calculations.

How much do you want as compensation for the employees” Tang Yue asked.

“There are a total of 235 employees in Jingbei Square.

Back then, they worked day and night to make the square what it is today.

When the time comes, their severance pay and the compensation that must be given to them is 200,000 yuan each, which totals up to 47 million yuan.

The compensation for the 40 higher-ups will be 500,000 yuan each.

This is another 20 million yuan, which brings the total to 67 million yuan.” Su Bei listed everything one by one.

“This part requires you to pay first.

Well talk about the others later.”

Tang Yues heart ached for the money, but at the thought that the profits of Jingbei Square would be huge in the future, such a sacrifice was necessary.

If Su Beis employees stayed, not only would they be an eyesore, but she would also be worried about using them.

These people had to be driven away.

Initially, she wanted to chase these people away after getting her hands on Jingbei Square.

However, Su Bei had to resolve these peoples problems first, so Tang Yue had to pay the money first.

Her lawyer reminded her, “Miss Tang, if you increase this budget, the risk will increase correspondingly.

Please consider it carefully.”

“Theres no need to think about it.

Ive decided.”

“But Miss Tang, the profits of the mall might not be as good as shown in the past budget report.

Now that e-commerce is developing rapidly, we have to consider the risks,” the lawyer reminded her again.

“Even Su Bei can manage the mall well.

Do you think therell be any problems when the mall is in my hands” Tang Yue had never thought that she was inferior to others, especially to Su Bei.

She was indignant at the lawyers kind reminder and did not accept it at all.

The lawyer had nothing else to say.

Tang Yue did not want to offend him too much.

She softened her tone and said, “Didnt you say that the Twin Towers Mall has always been well-run Isnt that an important strategic location that Lu Group also thinks highly of”


As long as Lu Group continues to own the Twin Towers, therell definitely be no problems with future development,” the lawyer said cautiously.

This was also the conclusion reached by the entire financial team.

“Isnt that fine, then As long as Lu Group continues to hold on to it, we wont lose out no matter what,” Tang Yue said confidently.

The lawyer nodded in agreement.

Seeing that they had been whispering, Su Bei reminded them, “Do you want Jingbei Square or not How long do you want to discuss it”

“Of course!” Tang Yue said.

“Ill transfer the promised 67 million yuan to your account.

I also hope that you can appease your employees.

If anything happens after that, itll have nothing to do with me.

Dont ask me to be responsible for any issues after that.”

“Of course.

But Miss Tang, after you pay this money, you cant have any regrets.

I hope you dont find any reason to go back on your word.

Even if you do, its impossible for me to return this sum of money to you,” Su Bei emphasized again.

How could Tang Yue go back on her word

She had dreamed of getting Jingbei Square!

Now that she had finally found such an opportunity, even if she had to go back on her word, she would not.

Lin Shulian also said, “Yueyue, you have to think carefully.

If you dont manage it well, itll cause a huge loss.”

Tang Yues expression changed slightly.

The few shopping malls under her name had suffered huge losses.

However, she had always believed that it was not because of her management but because Old Master Tang had not given her the best location.

Displeased to hear her mother mention her embarrassing records, she did not reply.

Tang Jianming and Lin Shulian had always just followed the arrangements of Old Master Tang and Tang Yue at home.

The couple did not have much say.

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