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Chapter 1370: Treating Rumors As The Real DealTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“So its a stalemate now” Lu Heting lowered his eyes and asked.

“Well, now the lawyers on both sides are calculating the price.

Tang Yue refuses to take any losses, but Im confident that I can have the final say.

She definitely wont buy it at a high price.

But thats also to say that I might have to pay a little higher than the estimated price.”

Lu Heting looked at her.

“You just dont want to make things difficult for Grandpa, so you chose not to fight with all your might.

Youd rather spend more money.”

Lu Heting saw through her thoughts.

Su Bei smiled.

“After all, I dont really have a position.

Grandpa is in a dilemma because he cares about me.

I cant ignore his feelings.”

“Let me handle this for you,” Lu Heting said calmly.

“In the simplest way.”

“The lawyer will talk to Tang Yue again.

If it doesnt work out, well do it your way, okay”

“Alright, but Tang Yue doesnt let things pass so easily.”

However, before Su Bei and Tang Yue could talk about Jingbei Square, Su Beis background was exposed and posted online.

The fact that Su Bei was not of the Tang familys bloodline quickly caused widespread discussion.

This was originally Su Beis private matter, and very few people would discuss it.

If Tang Yue, a member of the Tang family, hadnt caused trouble a few times, no one would have bothered to care about this.

When Su Bei saw the news, her gaze turned cold.

Needless to say, she knew that Tang Yue was the one who did it.

Now that Su Bei was not a member of the Tang family, Tang Yue, as the only daughter of Tang Jianming and Lin Shulian, was also a little unscrupulous.

It was as if she knew that she would be forgiven no matter what she did.

Grandpa would never do anything to her, so she did not need to hide anymore.

As expected, there were bad comments on the internet, hinting that Su Bei had deliberately tried to get the identity of a Tang family member.

Now that the truth was found, the Tang family wanted to get back the stuff they had given Su Bei previously.

Su Bei naturally had competitors in the circle.

After this incident, many anti-fans took the opportunity to make a big fuss and mock Su Bei for being an imposter.

[I already knew that she couldnt be a rich young lady.

Its the Tang familys fault for being blind enough to be deceived by her.]

[Sure enough, a commoner will always be a commoner.

Even if she tries to climb up the social ladder, she cant become a princess.]

However, Su Beis fans were not weak either.

They quickly suppressed these comments.

[Su Bei is Su Bei.

She doesnt need to rely on the Tang family to achieve anything.

We like Su Bei not because of the Tang family!]

[Thats right.

Su Beis own ability is enough for her to stand out in the industry.

Others cant take advantage of her even if they want to.

I think you should just save it.]

Qiao Mei quickly lowered the trending topic.

Tang Yue naturally swore in front of the Tang family that Su Beis matter had nothing to do with her.

“There are many people who know about it.

I know that if something happens, Ill be implicated.

Why would I be so stupid as to get involved and be discussed” Tang Yue denied ever doing such a thing.

“In any case, its not Su Beis fault,” said Old Master Tang.

“Since we did something wrong, its our fault.

We should take responsibility.”

He asked his assistant to come over and personally record a video of him.

He said earnestly in the video, “The elders were the ones who made a mistake in this matter.

Back then, we were the ones who took the initiative to look for Su Bei and express that we wanted to acknowledge her as our family.

This was our mistake.

Please dont criticize Su Bei.

I sincerely apologize to Su Bei and everyone again.”

Lin Shulian could not sit still anymore.

She recorded a video and explained the entire situation.

Before they posted it, Tang Xinru also made a simple explanation and recorded a special video to clarify for Su Bei.

When the Tang family came forward one after another and coupled with the fact that even the elders had recorded videos, which was something they were unfamiliar with, to clarify the situation, they obtained the unanimous understanding of many people.

[So the elders in the family made a mistake.

I see.

The elders of the Tang family are really sincere.

I knew it.

Its impossible for Su Bei to do such a thing herself.]

[The elders have really made things clear.

It can be seen from their words that they dote on Su Bei.

I can only say that Su Bei must be an obedient and sensible child to be doted on by the elders.

Otherwise, things wouldnt have been resolved so easily.]

[Thats right.

The people from before were simply trying to slander Su Bei.

Even if shes not a member of the Tang family, its still a family matter.

The Tang family wouldnt have been swayed by Di Xing Medias public relations.

If such a family takes the initiative to say it, it must be the truth.]

[That makes sense.

I can tell that Su Bei is a very good person.

I even heard through the grapevine that the elders in her family want to acknowledge Su Bei as their adopted daughter.

However, because Tang Yue objected, this matter was put on hold.]

[Well, all I can say is that theyre not fated to be family.

Thats a shame, but theres nothing to say about it.

Its someone elses choice.]

[Tang Xinru was just Su Beis cousin before the truth came out, yet she said so many things on behalf of Su Bei.

Everyone, disperse.

It might just be a misunderstanding.]

This matter was finally resolved quickly.

Because the Tang family was the one who spoke up for Su Bei, even if there were any rumors or gossip in the future, Su Bei would not be implicated.

It could be said that this was a direct measure to cut off public opinion.

They directly endorsed Su Beis credit.

The person who was angriest about this was Tang Yue.

She really couldnt understand why her family wanted to help Su Bei.

What right did Su Bei have to receive so much concern It was fine if Tang Xinru helped her as Tang Xinru had a competitive relationship with her.

If she helped Su Bei, she would gain benefits from it.

It was fine if Old Master Tang helped Su Bei as well.

He had always liked Su Bei, and Su Bei had always flattered him!

But what about Lin Shulian She was his biological mother! Why did she help Su Bei clarify

She really could not forgive Lin Shulian for what she had done.

Lin Shulian explained to her, but she did not listen at all.

She bit her lip hard, unable to contain her jealousy.

When the butler brought the medicines over, Tang Yue took them and said, “Ill go give them to my mother.”

The butler didnt doubt her.

He handed her the medicine with both hands.

“This is Madams nutritional supplement.

She has to take it according to the course.

Please remember to remind Madam, Miss.”

“Got it.” Tang Yue picked it up and watched the butler leave.

She replaced one of the medicines before sending them to Lin Shulian.

The lawyer was ready for Tang Yue and Su Bei to discuss the matter regarding Jingbei Square.

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