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Chapter 137: Chapter 137 Bei Bei Keeps Moving on, and Bei Ke Will Always Be with Her

Lv Shan said apologetically, “Im sorry, Su Bei.

Qiu Minxuan used this method to publicize Su Huixian first.

So when I applied for a publicity fund from the company, they rejected my application.

They said that I was only going to repeat the same type of publicity.

This time, I dont have any ways to publicize you on a large scale.”

“Its okay.

Were going to get paid anyway.

Thats already enough.” Su Bei was very open-minded.

She knew that it was not Lv Shans fault.

Su Xingfu and Du Luo had a strong connection in the company.

Although Lv Shan was excellent, she was just an agent with not much real power.

How could she compete with Su Huixian, who was being backed up by the two families

Through this cooperation, Lv Shan admired Su Bei very much.

Su Bei was not rushed, arrogant, or harsh.

Besides, she always had some plans in her mind and could think of ways to solve problems.

Such a character was very rare in the entertainment industry.

Lu Heting was in a bad mood yesterday, but he felt good today.

He didnt take a two-day rest as Lu Weijian suggested.

Yesterday, his anger had been dispersed by Su Beis consolation.

She even baked some cupcakes for him for breakfast.

He was glowing, and his already handsome face became even more handsome.

While following behind Lu Heting, Lu Weijian thought to himself,What happened between my brother and his wife I cant believe how much he has changed.

Should I also go to her and ask for some advice

“Lu Weijian, come with me,” Lu Heting suddenly said.

Lu Weijian followed cheerfully.

Then he stood in front of Lu Heting.

“Brother, what did you eat today Why are you in such a good mood”

“Cupcakes,” Lu Heting answered flatly.

“Cupcakes What brand of cupcakes did you eat Theyre pretty amazing!”

Lu Heting had a meaningful look on his face.

But he didnt bother to tell Lu Weijian.

Instead, he took out his phone and said, “How do I sign up on Weibo”

“Let me help you.” Lu Weijian obediently took Lu Hetings phone and started to create an account for him.

Then he asked, “Brother, why do you want to have a Weibo account Didnt you dislike these things before What account name do you want to use”

Lu Heting took the phone back and typed in, “Bei Ke,” which meant “shell.” But unfortunately, the name was already taken by someone, so he changed it to “Bei Ke 001.”

“Find me the best picture of a shell as a profile picture,” he ordered.

“Why do you want this name My name is Invincible Swordsman.

So overbearing, right It sounds so imposing.”

“Well, you are childish.”

“Brother!” Lu Weijian shouted unhappily and quickly finished creating Lu Hetings Weibo account.

Then he suddenly realized something.

“Oh, I see! Bei Bei keeps moving on, and Bei Ke will always be with her! No wonder you want to be called Bei Ke.

Your wifes name is Su Bei.

Isnt she the one who appeared in Orisa Fashion Show recently”

The pride on Lu Hetings face explained it all.

Lu Weijian patted his forehead.

“Oh, come on! Why didnt you tell me earlier I should have been there too!”

He looked for a video of the Orisa Fashion Show and enjoyed watching it a lot.

He muttered, “Oh my, look at her long legs! And her slender waist!”

Lu Heting hit Lu Weijians head hard, and Lu Weijian restrained himself.

After watching the video, he still looked unsatisfied.

“Dont watch it again!”

The models in the Orisa Fashion Show wore very little clothing, and Su Bei was no exception.


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