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Chapter 1369: I Really Did My BestTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Su Bei immediately sneered and said, “Miss Tang, you must be joking.

Grandpa is just grateful for my contribution to Jingbei Square back then, so he wants to give me some preferential treatment and let me get the operation rights of Jingbei Square.

Where would the gossip come from Why are you imagining things Why Are you going to say that my reputation will turn bad What would people have to say about my relationship with Grandpa Grandpa is almost 80 years old.

Do you think the outside world can gossip about us”

Tang Yue choked.

Of course, she couldnt dare say anything about the topic of gossip because she was the one who imagined everything herself.

“Su Bei, Im just reminding you out of kindness.

You dont have to be so aggressive, right” Tang Yue softened her tone.

“Others are already gossiping about me.

Whats wrong with me asking a few questions in return If I want to seek clarification, does it mean that Im being aggressive What about those gossipers, then Besides, I dont know any outsiders who are bored enough to spread gossip.

If any gossip spreads, can I reasonably assume that it was spread by the people here” Su Bei stared at Tang Yue and asked.

Her usually smiling eyes were filled with oppressive coldness.

Tang Yue was momentarily unable to answer.

She could only say, “Well, I also want to run Jingbei Square.

As a member of the Tang family, shouldnt I also have some competitive spirit in me Dont I have priority”

Old Master Tang was also furious at Tang Yues attempt to spread gossip just now.

At this moment, he said angrily, “Su Bei has always been in charge of Jingbei Square, so she naturally has the priority—”

“Grandpa, why dont we do this Well talk about it after Miss Tang has thought it through.

If she wants to take over Jingbei Square, its not impossible.

However, she has to quantify all the contributions Ive made for Jingbei Square with real money and compensate me with enough money.

Miss Tang, how about that” Su Bei didnt want to make things difficult for Old Master Tang and directly changed the approach.

Tang Yue naturally could not take advantage of her in this way.

Jingbei Squares value had already skyrocketed.

The money she had to pay might make her heart ache.

As expected, Tang Yue revealed her displeasure.

“That originally belonged to our Tang family.

Now that I want it back, I have to pay you Are you trying to scam me”

“The lawyers and the financial team will naturally give you an answer as to whether Im scamming you or not.” Su Bei stood up and said, “In two days, whether you pay me or I pay you, well see what the lawyers and the financial team say about the ownership of Jingbei Square!”

After saying that, she ignored the exasperated Tang Yue and walked up to Old Master Tang.

She said softly, “Grandpa, please dont make things difficult for yourself.

I believe the lawyers will come up with a fair explanation.

Have a good rest first.

Ill leave first.”

She straightened her back, then a cold glint flashed across her eyes.

“Miss Tang, please think carefully.

I wont ask for anything that shouldnt be mine.

But I wont give up on whats mine!”

With that, she strode away with her long beautiful legs and turned to leave.

Her back was beautiful and determined.

Old Master Tang closed his eyes and sighed.

Su Bei was definitely not an ordinary person.

He was very optimistic about her future.

He had already tried his best not to let Tang Yue offend Su Bei.

But Tang Yue… Old Master Tang had really tried his best!

Her heart ached.

Su Bei had not received much affection from the Tang family in the first place.

However, she was even forced by Tang Yue to deal with all kinds of things.

Tang Yue bent down and said gently, “Grandpa, I dont have to fight with Su Bei, but I dont want everything in the Tang family to fall into the hands of outsiders.

I want to protect the Tang family.”

“Forget it, go and rest,” Old Master Tang said weakly.

Now that Su Bei was no longer a member of the Tang family, he had really lost the right to take care of her.

Tang Yue said, “Then you should rest well too.”

“Wait a minute,” Old Master Tang said.

“Aunt Wang, whos in charge of serving coffee in the kitchen, doesnt have to work here anymore from today onward.”

Tang Yue was stunned for a moment before she understood something.

Old Master Tang had figured out that it was Aunt Wang who informed her.

Tang Yue had given Aunt Wang money and asked her to notify her whenever Su Bei came home and if anything happened.

Tang Yue could come back in time to stop Su Bei from signing the documents because of Aunt Wangs tip-off.

Old Master Tang must have realized it at a glance.

After all, his assistant and lawyer were his trusted aides.

The only suspicious person was Aunt Wang.

“Grandpa, Ill ask her to leave,” Tang Yue had no choice but to agree.

However, this didnt matter.

After Su Bei left the Tang family in the future, she wouldnt need Aunt Wang to be her informant anymore.

After the matter at Jingbei Square was resolved, Su Bei had nothing else to take away.

Lu Group Building.

In Lu Hetings office.

He stood on the top floor and looked out the window at the sunlight.

Lu Hang was standing behind him.

“If the Tang family takes back Su Beis Jingbei Square, sell the Twin Towers Mall immediately,” Lu Heting instructed.

“Yes,” Lu Hang replied.

The Twin Towers Mall was a mall that Lu Group had immediately built beside Jingbei Square.

The construction was extremely fast, so operations also began extremely fast.

It happened to coincide with the development of that area, so the two shopping malls developed quickly.

They were both the best in the industry.

As the two malls competed with each other but also promoted each other, they were called the Twin Towers Mall by the outside world.

This reputation even overshadowed the original name given by Lu Group.

Lu Heting also liked that name very much.

If Tang Yue took Jingbei Square, the remaining mall would be meaningless to Lu Heting.

Lu Hang also knew very well that although the Twin Towers Mall was developing very well, once Mr.

Lu sold it and withdrew his investment, the outside world would keenly sense that Lu Group was not optimistic about this area.

At that time, the Twin Towers Mall would face huge risks.

He couldnt help but sigh in his heart.


Lu was really angry on behalf of his woman.

The entire economy of that district would probably be affected.

However, no one was to blame for this.

If anyone was to be blamed, it was Tang Yue for being too aggressive.

She was too greedy.

During dinner that night, Su Bei said, “I went to Jingbei Square today.

Ive decided to buy it.

I wont return it to Tang Yue.”

“If you like it, you can buy it.” Lu Heting actually couldnt bear to part with the Twin Towers Mall either, mainly because he liked the name.

“Is there a problem”

“Tang Yue wants it too.

She refused to let Grandpa sell it to me at the previous price,” Su Bei said.

“But if its really based on my contributions to Jingbei Square, she cant afford it.”

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