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Chapter 1368: Just Do As I SayTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

The situation had just stabilized and everyones future had just turned for the better.

However, Tang Yue was actually planning to replace everyone here

Then what about the price those people had paid before

Su Bei composed herself.

No, she couldnt just return all this to Tang Yue.

Everyones efforts could not be stripped away by Tang Yue just like that.

Thinking of this, Su Bei turned around and left.

Tang Yue saw Su Beis back and looked at her seriously for a while.

She couldnt help but smile and say, “So shes here today.

She still cant bear to part with everything the Tang family has, right Thats right.

Its so hard to work outside.

How can it compare to all this that doesnt require hard work”

The people behind her also looked at Su Beis back.

Now that the higher-ups knew that Su Bei was not from the Tang family, some of them sighed.

Meanwhile, the people who followed Tang Yue were also excited about the rich profits that they could soon obtain.

They could not wait to take over everything that belonged to Su Bei.

After saying goodbye to Zhuo Liping, Su Bei was about to leave.

Zhuo Liping had not had time to report to her.

For a workaholic like him, it was a real pity.

Su Bei called Old Master Tang.

Old Master Tang immediately told her to come over.

When she arrived at the Tang family, it was different from before.

Su Bei stood at the door and paused for a moment before walking in.

“Su Bei, come in quickly.” Old Master Tang personally came over and welcomed Su Bei in.

“Grandpa.” Su Bei stepped forward and helped him sit down.

“Sit down, sit down.

Butler, pour coffee for Su Bei.” Old Master Tangs smile was loving and bright.

He really liked Su Bei.

Even if she wasnt a child of the Tang family, he still treated her as his granddaughter.

“Grandpa, I came here today because I have a presumptuous request.”

Old Master Tang picked up his teacup and put it down without drinking.

“Youre being too distant.”

Su Bei was amused by his words.

After laughing, she said seriously, “Grandpa, after I returned to the Tang family, I obtained the operation rights of Jingbei Square.

At first, I wanted to return you the operation rights.

However, after thinking about it carefully today, I realized that the results of Jingbei Square were not easy to come by.

Not only me but hundreds of employees had worked hard to achieve it.

“Weve struggled for a long time to get to where we are today, and they have to rely on this job to support their families and go for their pursuits.

I think their work is bound to be affected if the management of Jingbei Square changes.”

Old Master Tang nodded.

“Youre right.

When the time comes, no matter who gets Jingbei Square, therell be unrest.

Everyones work will definitely be affected.

What do you plan to do”

“Grandpa, can you sell Jingbei Square to me directly” Su Bei knew that this request was a little too much, but she couldnt turn a blind eye to her employees interests.

She did not want to negotiate with Tang Yue either.

Even if Tang Yue agreed to let all the employees stay, she would definitely humiliate them in a different way.

Actually, Su Bei didnt know most of these employees and wasnt familiar with them, but she did not want them to be victims of her battle with Tang Yue.

No matter what, Su Bei couldnt look past this.

Therefore, buying Jingbei Square was the only way to protect them.

Old Master Tang could understand everything that Su Bei was thinking.

He thought for a while.

“Su Bei, you took over the management of Jingbei Square when it was in danger.

You should have the right to own it.

I should give it to you for free because it belonged to you long ago.

Without you, there wouldnt be Jingbei Square today.

“However, you know Tang Yues personality.

She must think that Im too biased toward you.

If I give it to you directly, Ill cause you trouble.

Therefore, selling it to you is the only way.

Ill sell it to you.”

“Grandpa, its already my honor that youve agreed to sell it to me.” Su Beis eyes flickered.

She was very touched that Old Master Tang still cared about his relationship with her.

“After taking your things, its natural I should pay.

This is a matter of course.

You dont have to feel guilty.”

“Su Bei, you should have a share in all of this.” Old Master Tang blamed himself.

“Grandpa, lets get a lawyer here and settle this now.”

Old Master Tang immediately asked his assistant to call his personal lawyer and ask him to come over.

Soon, Old Master Tangs personal lawyer arrived.

Old Master Tang instructed, “When Jingbei Square was given to Su Bei, it was a mess, so lets set the price according to the original price.”

“Grandpa…” Su Bei wanted to say that he didnt need to do that.

He could just set it at the current price.

After all, it was something that belonged to her grandfather.

However, Old Master Tang interrupted her firmly.

“Just do as I say.

You also need to take a salary for all the work youve done.

How can I deprive you of the fruits of your labor Ill talk to Tang Yue about it.”

Seeing that he was unusually insistent, Su Bei could only accept it.

The lawyer quickly set the price.

This price was according to the price at that time, but it was not a small sum.

Fortunately, Su Bei had a lot of savings now, so she could still afford to pay it.

Just as Su Bei was about to sign, footsteps suddenly came from outside the door.

Tang Yue rushed in.


She quickly walked over and said, “Grandpa, are you going to sell Jingbei Square If thats the case, since Su Bei is qualified to buy it, then as your biological granddaughter, I must also be qualified to compete for it and buy it, right”

“Tang Yue, you know what Jingbei Square was like back then.

Su Bei deserves it.”

“But Grandpa, Su Bei is an outsider.

Arent you afraid that outsiders will gossip if you give it to her like this Im afraid you cant even buy a floor of Jingbei Square with this amount of money, right What will the outside world say about Su Bei when they find out”

“Tang Yue, you!” Old Master Tang was so angry that his heart hurt.

Su Bei took a step forward to help Old Master Tang up, but Tang Yue rushed over to help him up.

She pushed Su Bei away and said, “Grandpa, I didnt mean to anger you.

I just dont want to see people gossiping outside.

As you know, Su Beis identity as an artist can easily trigger negative comments.

If you give her something so casually, it wont be good for her reputation.”

Her ability to exaggerate was really impressive.

Only Tang Yue could say such a thing.

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