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Chapter 1367: Leave No One BehindTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

He Xuyan didnt say anything else.

She picked up the document and turned to leave.

Lin Wenyu sent Su Bei a WeChat message and didnt mention this matter again.

She only asked her what she planned to eat and if she wanted to go shopping together.

Su Bei replied: [Lets meet up next time.

I have something to deal with in the next two days.]

[Alright then.

Well contact each other again once youre free.] Lin Wenyu knew that she might indeed be busy.

She still had some matters to settle with the Tang family, so she didnt disturb her anymore.

She placed Lin Xiruo and Su Beis blood samples in the medical kit at the side and shook her head.

She hoped that her aunts condition would get better soon.

That way, she wouldnt have to keep doing fake DNA tests.

He Xuyan took the documents and returned to the Lin family.

When Old Madam Lin saw what he was holding, she asked worriedly, “Is Xiruos condition still not under control”

“Grandma, Mom was much better before and didnt relapse for a long time.

But this time, the illness came very suddenly.

She keeps making a fuss about wanting to find my sister, so the situation isnt too clear.”

“Well, she hasnt fully recovered since that incident.

Ill have to ask you to be more forgiving.”

“Shes my mother.

Its the least I can do.” He nodded.

Old Madam Lin continued, “I heard that you guys drew Su Beis blood”

“Yes, Moms illness was a little serious at that time.

She kept pulling Su Bei, so…”

“It wasnt easy for that child either.

She was displaced as a child.

Whats rare is that she can still maintain her kind nature.

Take care of her when you have the chance.

Speaking of which, the things she experienced in her life isnt her fault, but she has to take on so much.

Things got messy that day, and I didnt have time to speak to her alone.”

He Xuyan nodded.

“Okay, Ill keep that in mind.”

“Lets go and see Xiruo together.”

Su Bei had obtained the Jingbei Square from Old Master Tang.

Because of her proper management, the overall economic situation here was really good and three more outlets were opened.

What Tang Yue wanted Su Bei to return was these things.

Su Bei took some time off to come here and look around.

Knowing that she was coming over, Zhuo Liping had been waiting all morning.

As the direct manager of these malls, Zhuo Liping contributed a lot to the malls prosperity.

He was dressed in a formal suit.

His thin figure looked very gentle, but his aura and demeanor were still formidable.

“Su Bei, you havent been here for a long time.

Ive sorted out all the receipts.

Take a look first.

Also, I have to report to you about the various important matters here.” Zhuo Liping was a very responsible person.

Before they could exchange pleasantries, he carried over the things that Su Bei needed to check.

With just a glance, Su Bei could tell how meticulous he was.

“Okay, Ill read them later.

Ill go walk around the mall first.”

“Ill go with you.” Zhuo Liping put down the documents.

Su Bei glanced at the documents on his desk.

She could tell that he still had a lot of work to do.

There were a lot of employees waiting at the door outside too.

They had something to report to him.

“No, Ill just wander around myself.

You go on with your work.”

Zhuo Liping was a person who prioritized his work.

Hearing Su Beis words, he didnt insist and said, “Alright.

In that case, Ill report to you about my work during this period of time during lunch hours later.”

“President Zhuo, I heard that youre busy on weekends and refuse to rest.

You have to rest.

Dont drag your body down because of work and lose your personal life.” Su Bei couldnt help but remind him with a smile.

Zhuo Liping gave a quick, embarrassed laugh.

“Im used to it.”

“Then Ill go take a look around.

I wont disturb your work anymore.” With that, Su Bei put on her sunglasses and covered her eyes, revealing only a small portion of her face.

She turned and walked out.

She really could not bear to return this mall to the Tang family.

Not to mention the effort she had spent, Zhuo Liping had also done a lot for this mall.

He had really done everything he could to achieve his current results.

After returning the mall, there was a high chance that Tang Yue would be the one managing it in the future.

According to Tang Yues working style, the first person Su Bei would feel sorry for was Zhuo Liping.

As she walked, she saw Tang Yue wandering around the mall with a few people.

“Take a good look at this mall.

After we take it back, it might be handed over to you to manage,” Tang Yue said to the people around her.

Su Bei couldnt help but rub her forehead.

Tang Yue really refused to relax at all.

Last night, Su Bei said that she would return the things to her, and today, she had brought people to take a look.

Old Master Tang would most likely hand over the mall to Tang Yue.

Even though it was difficult to praise her character, she was Tang Jianming and Lin Shulians only daughter.

No matter what, Old Master Tang could only rely on her.

“These businesses will be handed over to you later.

Jingbei has been developing rapidly in the past two years.

The development and construction of the mall must catch up to the overall economic situation.

When you go back, take out your planning reports and think about how to push the malls development to a higher level,” Tang Yue said.

A person standing behind Tang Yue asked, “President Tang, as far as I know, the turnover and profits of Jingbei Square in the past two years have been outstanding.

After we take back this mall, will the old employees still stay Or will we arrange for newbies to take over everything after we take office”

Tang Yue was smiling, but she was really happy.

Everything here belonged to Su Bei, and Su Bei was also the one who promoted the staff.

When the mall returned to her, would she still use the previous staff

Naturally, the answer was no!

How could she keep Su Beis people in her territory

She smiled.

“Since youll have to manage the mall when the time comes, we cant keep the old employees.

Do you think theyll still be able to work in peace if the leadership above has changed”

Actually, that person wanted to say that the change of leadership would not affect the work of the low-level employees.

There was no need to make such a big change.

However, since Tang Yue had already said so, that person did not have any objections.

He smiled and echoed, “President Tang, youve always been very considerate.

If we want to replace them, well definitely have to replace all of them.

When the time comes, well replace all the people here and leave no one behind.”

Tang Yue nodded.

“Okay, Ill leave this to you.”

When Su Bei heard all of this from not far away, she couldnt help but frown.

Jingbei Square had survived through a very difficult phase in order to get its achievements today.

The employees had worked hard together to obtain such results.

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