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Chapter 1366: Cant Be My SisterTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“It turns out that Im not a member of the Tang family,” Su Bei said with a heavy nasal voice.

“Who said that Is there any proof” His voice was distinctly hostile.

“Theyve already done a verification report.

When Old Master Tang came to acknowledge me previously, he never did a paternity test.

He made the decision based on the photo in my hand, which is identical to the photo in their house.

However, when we were splitting the inheritance today, I was confirmed to be unrelated to Tang Jianming and Lin Shulian.”

Lu Heting immediately understood.

He pressed her head against his chest and said, “You still have me, Da Bao, and Gun Gun.

You have a family and a home.”

A faint smile appeared on Su Beis face, but she couldnt stop her tears.

“I understand.

All of you are very important to me, and I cant bear to lose any of you.

But Grandpa is also very important to me.

I really treat him as family…”

“I understand.

Hes a very good elder,” Lu Heting said softly.

“In the future, we can visit him too.”

“Actually, if there wasnt any hope, I wouldnt feel disappointed.

Id just pretend that I never had any of these things in the first place.

Id have regrets, but Id get used to it.

Its better than suddenly losing everything.

Even though the Tang family isnt any better and there are many regrets and discomforts, Grandpa… Hes really a very respectable old man.” Su Beis voice was filled with disappointment.

Lu Heting hugged her and rested his chin on her hair.

His heart ached for her.

But a home with warm elders was indeed the hardest thing to get.

Even he could not really give it to Su Bei.

“Actually, its good.

At least I dont have to deal with Tang Yues tricks anymore.” Su Bei began to comfort herself.

Lu Heting touched her hair with heartache.

She always comforted herself when she was sad.

Lu Heting said in a low voice, “Yes, losing that home doesnt mean anything.

You can still find your original home.

This time, it might be the warmest home in the world.”

Su Bei looked up, and there was a smile in her red eyes.

“Yes, everything is possible before we find my family.

Perhaps I have a serious father and a loving mother in my family.

Our family will be very happy without any scheming.”

“That must be it.”

“But now that I have you guys, Im satisfied enough.” Su Beis mood had completely improved.

The disappointment she felt when she left Old Master Tang vanished due to Lu Hetings presence.

“Having you is the best home.

Anyway, even if I have parents, Ill still be with you guys most of the time.

Ill spend most of my life with you guys.”

“Yes,” Lu Heting replied softly.

He bent his fingers to wipe away her tears.

He found a tissue and wiped away the moisture from her eyes.

Su Bei leaned on his shoulder again.

“You cant choose your first family in life.

You can only accept it.

But the other family is your own choice.

Youll definitely like all of us.

Thats good too, isnt it”


In this family, all of us want to be with each other,” Lu Heting repeated softly.

When Ou Huanwei found out about Su Bei, she couldnt help but clap her hands.

“Thats great! I didnt expect Su Bei to really be an impostor.

I was just giving Tang Yue a suggestion to investigate Su Beis background, and she really found out the problem,” Ou Huanwei said excitedly.

“Now, Tang Yue is not only the only daughter of Tang Jianming and Lin Shulian but also one of the three legal heirs of the Lin family.

A third of the inheritance…”

Du Jinghao lowered his head and ate, pretending not to hear anything.

“Jinghao, go look for Tang Yue today and say that your marriage isnt canceled.”

“Mom, Ive already said that I cant be with Tang Yue after the kidney donation incident.

I dont want such a mother for my future children.”

“I already said that it was a misunderstanding.

Think about how scheming Su Bei is.

She was the one who planned everything.

Shes not even a member of the Tang family and almost cheated a large amount of inheritance.

How much can you believe—”

“Mom!” Du Jinghao interrupted her forcefully.

“Are you still thinking about Su Bei Let me tell you, its impossible for our family to accept such a daughter-in-law!”

Du Jinghao put down his chopsticks.

“Im full.”

“Huh, Jinghao Jinghao Where are you going”

On the other hand, Lin Wenyu went to do a DNA test for Su Bei and Lin Xiruo.

However, it was just a formality.

It was impossible for her to really do a DNA test.

He Xuyan hurried over.

“Is Aunt feeling better”

“Much better.

Its just that she keeps asking about the test report,” He Xuyan said while frowning.

“She got anxious when I said more time was needed.”

Lin Wenyu took a report and said, “Sign this.

I just printed this out.

Even if Aunt has sharp eyes, she might not know that this is fake.”

In any case, she had made many copies for Lin Xiruo and was familiar with everything.

However, if people found out that she had helped do numerous DNA tests for her aunt and panda plushies, it would really be a joke.

Now that she had to do a test for Su Bei, Lin Wenyu naturally couldnt really do it.

She just printed a copy of the contents to brush off Lin Xiruo.

However, she was really worried about her aunts health.

If this continued, something would go wrong sooner or later.

He Xuyan took the printed document from Lin Wenyu and signed it.

“Alright, thats it.

Su Bei cant be my sister.

The report naturally shows that theres no blood relation between the two of them.”

“However, Su Bei is really quite pitiful.

It wasnt easy for her to return to the Tang family, and Tang Yue later kept finding trouble with her.

Now, even the Tang family isnt her real home.

Sigh.” Lin Wenyu sighed softly.

“She still has to be slandered now.

Fortunately, Grandma got someone to investigate.

Back then, Old Master Tang and Lin Shulian confirmed that Su Bei was from the Tang family.

They didnt do a paternity test and directly acknowledged her.

If that wasnt the case, who knew how many more attacks Su Bei would have had to endure”

He Xuyan thought of Su Beis face, and an indescribable emotion flashed across her face.

He wanted to do something for her, but he couldnt do anything.

“Ive asked around.

Old Master Tang and Lin Shulian both want to acknowledge Su Bei as their adopted granddaughter, but because of Tang Yue, it cant be done,” Lin Wenyu said.

“Its fine.

If Su Bei is really adopted by them, itll still be troublesome for Su Bei.

Its better for her not to have such a family.”

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