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Chapter 1365: Su Bei Is Just An ImposterTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Old Madam Lin was very dissatisfied with everything that was happening in front of her.

Her expression was terrifyingly dark.

Lin Shulian was causing trouble everywhere.

Because of her existence, nothing in this family was peaceful.

She said slowly, “In that case, Lawyer Huang, bring all four of them over to do a round of DNA tests.

We cant let others say that our Lin family is unfair.

Well talk about the inheritance when all the conclusions are out.

As for Su Bei…”

In fact, Old Madam Lin had always had a good impression of Su Bei.

Now that Su Bei was not Lin Shulians daughter, she felt a little better.

Even her tone became gentler when she spoke to her, “Su Bei, if we find out that youre really not Lin Shulians daughter, you dont have to worry.

Ill naturally get someone to investigate what exactly happened.

I wont slander you for no reason.”

“Thank you, Old Madam,” she said softly.

Tang Yue felt a flash of pleasure.

Lin Shulian looked away and lowered her head, not daring to look up at Su Bei.

The Tang family.

Old Master Tang sat on the sofa, his fingers trembling.

“How could it be Which doctor did the test Was it tested repeatedly”

He could not accept the conclusion that Su Bei was not his granddaughter.

Tang Yue said softly, “Weve already checked and verified it.

Lawyer Huang from the Lin family also took our blood for verification again.

The first person theyll check is Su Bei.”

Old Master Tang looked at Su Bei, and his heart ached.

Su Bei had not spoken much since she came back.

Since she was not from the Tang and Lin families, she had no right to speak.

Previously, she had no feelings for Lin Shulian and Tang Jianming.

At that time, she had always thought that she had not developed any feelings for her family because she had not lived with them since she was young.

Now that the truth was out, she understood what was going on.

Old Master Tang sighed.

“Su Bei, Im really sorry.

This matter was my oversight.

At that time, I only saw a photo of you when you were young and insisted that you were the missing child of the Tang family.

Coupled with the fact that your age was a match, I didnt even do a paternity test and directly acknowledged you, causing you a great deal of harm.

Im really sorry.

Please accept my apology.”

He rose with the aid of his cane and was about to bow and apologize.

Tears welled up in Su Beis eyes.

She quickly reached out to support him.

“Grandpa, dont say that.

I know that your concern and love for me are sincere.

I dont blame you for this.

Dont blame yourself too much.”

Lin Shulian avoided her gaze and said guiltily, “Im also responsible.

At that time, I didnt suggest doing a paternity test and just directly brought Su Bei back.

If I had known, I wouldve done a paternity test.

I wouldnt have given Su Bei unnecessary hope.

Now, I have to take it all away.”

Su Bei didnt want to blame her.

In the end, it was a human oversight, but not an intentional one.

“Forget it, Aunt.

Dont blame yourself.

Maybe the photo itself of me.

I spent a lot of time in the orphanage.

Maybe photos of other children ended up in my hands,” she said.

“This is the address of the orphanage.

If you want to try looking for her, try there.”

She carefully placed a note with an address on it on the table and placed a teacup on it.

She would treat it as her way of repaying Old Master Tangs last kindness.

“Su Bei…” Old Master Tang really wanted to acknowledge Su Bei as his granddaughter, but he didnt think Su Bei would agree.

Tang Yue immediately said, “Grandpa, Ill go to the orphanage soon.

Ill definitely find my sister.”

Old Master Tang did not comment.

Tang Yue said again, “Su Bei, since youre no longer a member of our family, shouldnt you return the mall to us”

“I never intended to ask for these things anyway.” Seeing Tang Yues anxious expression as if she was afraid that she would take those things for herself, Su Bei really found it funny.

“Ill get a lawyer to come over tomorrow and liquidate all the assets.

I wont take a single cent from the Tang family.”

“Su Bei, Im not targeting you.

Its just that these things should be given to my sister.

When I find my biological sister, Ill definitely give them to her.

Im only thinking of my sister.

You can understand, right” Tang Yue said hypocritically.

Su Bei couldnt be bothered with her.

She just said to Old Master Tang, “Grandpa, Ill leave first.”

“Ill send you off,” said Old Master Tang while leaning on his walking cane.

“No, Grandpa.

Take care of yourself.”

Su Bei turned around and walked toward the door.

In fact, it wasnt that she wouldnt miss him.

Although she didnt have a close relationship with him in this family, Old Master Tang had really given her a lot of love and care.

He was really like a biological grandfather to her, making her enjoy a rare sense of kinship.

It was something she rarely enjoyed back then.

In the future, she would have to return all of it.

“Su Bei,” Old Master Tang called her name again.

Su Bei immediately turned around.


“Su Bei, will you come back to see me” Old Master Tang cried.

Su Bei held back her tears.

“I will.

You can go back first.”

She turned and hurried out.

Tang Yues face was filled with pleasure.

She raised her exquisite nails and rubbed them carefully.

She blamed herself for being too careless.

If she had known that Su Bei was only an impostor, she wouldnt have thought of those methods to deal with Su Bei in the past.

I just knew it!

Compared to Lin Shulian and Old Master Tang, Tang Jianming was not as emotional.

After Su Bei left, the couple did not say much.

Tang Yue went forward to support Old Master Tang.

“Grandpa, you have to take care of yourself.

We still have to look for my biological sister.”

Old Master Tang was unmoved.

He was still very concerned about Tang Yue abandoning her younger sister.

When Su Bei went out, Lu Hetings car was already waiting outside.

He had originally arranged with Su Bei to pick her up after she was done with the inheritance matters.

Su Bei had been busy all day and had yet to tell him about her background.

After she got into the car, her eyes reddened, and tears finally fell.

Lu Hetings eyes instantly darkened, and the ruthless aura on his body swept across the entire vehicle.

His voice also lost its warmth.

“What happened Who did it”

His fingers gripped the steering wheel so tightly that his knuckles turned white as if he wanted to crush the neck of the person who bullied Su Bei.

He reached out to hold Su Beis hand, and the force of his fingers softened.

He used his fingers to wipe away the tears on her cheeks.

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