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Chapter 1364: No More Su BeiTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Old Madam Lin said angrily, “Old Master Lin did say that he would distribute his inheritance to his grandchildren, but arent you going too far! You acknowledged a daughter out of thin air.

Are you trying to make Old Master Lin miserable in heaven”

Lin Shulian quickly defended herself.

“Aunt, we really dont know about this.

We definitely dont have such intentions, and we dont dare to let Dad be humiliated in heaven either! There must be some misunderstanding.”

As the report was given by Tang Yue, Lin Shulian could not insist that her daughter had done something.

She was in a dilemma and could only say that she was wronged.

She could not side with anyone at will.

“What misunderstanding Could this report be a lie” Old Madam Lin threw the paternity report in front of Lin Shulian.

“Open your eyes wide and take a good look!”

Lin Shulian hurriedly picked up the DNA test report and read it.

She was anxious and angry, then her face turned pale.


Tang Jianming pointed at Tang Yue and asked, “Tang Yue, tell me whats going on Where did you get this report from Is there any inside story”

Because of what had happened the last time, Tang Jianming found it hard to believe that the test report his daughter took out this time was real!

“Dad, Im not lying.

This report is completely true.

It was done by a renowned doctor and verified twice.

The reason why I wanted to do this DNA test was that only the Lin family members are eligible for the inheritance this time.

When Su Bei returned to our family, she didnt go through any formal identification at all.

I specially tested her just to be safe.

“According to the test report, you can see that Su Bei is indeed not your and Moms daughter.

This fully demonstrates that it makes sense for me to have done the test.

Grandma, didnt you say that Grandpas inheritance is to be divided among his descendants If we find a problem, we cant just ignore it, right”

Old Madam Lin snorted and said, “Of course, we cant ignore it.

Lin Shulian, what do you think Could it be that because Old Master Lin gave you special privileges, youre trying to fool him”

Subconsciously, she refused to believe Lin Shulian.

Besides, the evidence was conclusive.

Su Bei was not Lin Shulians daughter.

Naturally, she thought that this was a daughter Lin Shulian had casually recognized in order to get more inheritance!

Not to mention Old Madam Lin, more than half of the people present would probably have such thoughts.

On the other hand, Su Bei was really stunned.

She stood rooted to the ground in disbelief.

Wasnt she Lin Shulians daughter She wasnt from the Tang family either

She suddenly recalled that when she was young, she was suddenly sent back to the orphanage one day after she was adopted by the Su family.

At that time, everyone kept talking about her.

“Youre not from the Su family at all, and your surname isnt Su.

You dont have parents.”

While crying out, she clung to someones hand.

She struggled to accept reality.

It was as if by holding onto someone, she could have a home.

And now, the same thing was happening again.

Her mind buzzed.

Her relationship with Tang Jianming and Lin Shulian was not deep, but at least she knew that she had a father, a mother, and a family.

She was not alone.

But reality hit her again, confirming that she was duckweed from nowhere.

Lin Shulian heard Old Madam Lins suspicion and immediately swore to the heavens.

“No, Aunt.

Believe me, I would never do such a thing.

I really wouldnt lie to you, much less to my dead father.

I wouldnt do such a thing!”

Tang Yue stood up and said, “Grandma, my mother definitely wont lie to you.

Think about it.

Its a fact that my sister went missing back then.

Many people know about it, and theres evidence too.

My mother definitely wont lie to you, nor does she have the intention to get a bigger share of the inheritance.”

“Yes, Tang Yue is right.

How could I do that The child back then really existed,” Lin Shulian said loudly.

“Youre innocent, shes innocent, and everyone is innocent.

Could it be that Im the one who did this” Old Madam Lin roared.

Everyone was silent for a moment, too afraid to respond.

Tang Yue mustered up her courage and stood up to say, “Grandma, my mother is definitely innocent in this matter.

Its hard to guarantee that someone didnt have ulterior motives.

When they saw that the Tang family and the Lin family had wealthy businesses, they took advantage of this loophole.

Back then, my mother kept a photo of my sister when she was young.

Its hard to guarantee that someone didnt imitate the same photo and specially brought it to the Tang family.

They claimed to be the Tang familys child and hid the truth from everyone.

No one suspected anything, which led to what happened today.”

She didnt mention Su Bei, but her intention to push the blame on Su Bei was obvious.

Lawyer Huang and the others also looked at Su Bei.

What Tang Yue meant was that Su Bei pretended to be Lin Shulians daughter and returned to the Tang family with a covetous eye, which resulted in todays outcome.

Su Bei woke up from her thoughts and looked up to see everyone looking at her.

Before she could say anything, Lin Wenyu ran over and stood beside her.

“Su Bei would never do such a thing! I believe her!”

He Xuyan also stood up from beside Old Madam Lin and said lightly, “Grandma, as far as I know, when Old Master Tang and the Tang family went to acknowledge Su Bei, Su Bei was completely out of the situation.

She grew up in the orphanage and would go back and forth from the Su family, so she didnt know about the Tang familys existence at all.

Recognizing her was something that the Tang family did on their own.

Even if there was a mistake, it was the Tang familys fault.

The blame cant be pushed to Su Bei.”

Lin Wenyu nodded vigorously.

“Yes, yes, yes, thats what I want to say too! If theres a mistake, we can correct it in time, but we cant blame it on Su Bei.

Thats too unfair!”

Hearing He Xuyan and Lin Wenyus words, Su Bei also understood what everyone was discussing.

She said calmly, “Yes.

When Grandpa came to acknowledge me back then, I was completely at a loss and didnt know that I was related to the Tang family.

Besides, I had no way of knowing about the photo of the little girl that the Tang family lost back then.

How could I have imitated the photo”

Seeing that He Xuyan and Lin Wenyu were both speaking up for Su Bei, Tang Yue couldnt go overboard.

She couldnt keep pushing Su Bei into a corner to push the blame onto her.

She could only say, “Then no matter whos the party who overlooked it, its impossible for Su Bei to have anything to do with this inheritance.

We can postpone the investigation to know whos the party at fault, but we cant split the inheritance into four parts today.

We can only split it into three parts.”

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