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Chapter 1363: Why Is This HappeningTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

If Su Bei really wasnt from the Tang family…

Then she would be the only one in the Tang family.

By then, how the inheritance would be divided was a small matter.

Most importantly, she would once again be the sole recipient of her familys love!

Everything she absolutely did not want to share with anyone else would become hers alone again.

She had already learned her lesson, so the test reports could not be faked.

She had to base it on the truth, or she would lose all credibility.

Hence, she could only place all her hope on the test results now.

She paid for an expedited test, so she could get the results quickly.

When the results came, Tang Yue did not dare to flip through them.

She was afraid it would be a disappointing outcome.

Finally, she opened the file.

When those words appeared in her vision, a smile appeared on Tang Yues face.

She thought of Su Beis hateful face and sneered.

“I really didnt expect you to try to use such a trick to join the Tang family and take everything from me! If I hadnt been vigilant, I wouldve missed it! Su Bei, your schemes will end now!”

Su Bei received a call from the legal team asking her to be at the Lin familys house on time the next day.

“Ill be there on time,” she responded.

Thinking that she might see Lin Xiruo again, for some reason, she felt a trace of anticipation.

It was a particularly strange feeling, and she forced it down, refusing to dwell on it.

The next day, she did not go to the Tang family to meet Tang Jianming and the others.

Instead, she went straight to the Lin family.

However, she arrived at the same time as Tang Jianming, Lin Shulian, and Tang Yue.

This was also the timing that Su Bei had specially arranged for.

It was just right.

This way, she did not need to interact with Tang Yue or socialize with the Lin family.

“Su Bei, lets go in quickly.” Lin Shulian held Su Beis hand.

Tang Yue stood at the side, hatred flashing through her heart.

She had a lot to say about Lin Shulian.

If she couldnt even recognize her own daughter, was she worthy of being a mother

When they arrived at the Lin family, everyone else was present.

The legal team was dressed in uniform and stood in a row behind Old Madam Lin.

Lin Wenyu winked at Su Bei, who smiled back at her.

Old Madam Lin also glanced at Su Bei.

She had a good impression of Su Bei, but she had a lifetime of experience with Lin Shulian, the daughter of a mistress.

Therefore, she couldnt be too kind to Su Bei.

She said authoritatively, “Everyone is here.

No one has any objections to what was said that day.

In the past few days, the legal team has sorted out all the inheritance and liquidated it.

Presumably, everyone has seen the documents and has no objections.”

Everyone nodded in unison.

Old Madam Lin looked around and said, “In that case, let the chief lawyer of the legal team, Lawyer Huang, distribute the inheritance to everyone.

Then, well have you sign the papers.”

Lawyer Huang was an older lawyer who was very capable.

Although he was older, his eyes were bright and full of life.

He stood up and said, “According to the will left behind by Old Master Lin, there are four people who will receive equal shares of the inheritance.

They are He Xuyan, Tang Yue, Lin Wenyu, and Su Bei.

These four are all Old Master Lins grandchildren.

At the moment, we have confirmed that there are no objections.”

Su Bei listened casually and didnt take anything to heart.

She had never seen Old Master Lin before, and she had no feelings for him.

She only felt guilty about getting his inheritance.

She casually looked at Lin Wenyu, who whispered to her, “Where are we going to eat later”

Su Bei mouthed back, “Well talk about it after this matter is over.

It looks like it wont be over anytime soon.”

“Yes, yes.” Lin Wenyu nodded.

“Ill get my cousin to go too.”

Tang Yue stood at the side and saw Su Bei and Lin Wenyu whispering back and forth.

She sneered in her heart.

“It hasnt been long, but even Lin Wenyu is fawning over her now.

So, Su Bei is also using her methods in the entertainment industry to deal with the Lin family Unfortunately, the Lin family is not your family.”

After Lawyer Huang finished speaking, Tang Yue stood up and said, “Grandma, Lawyer Huang, actually, I want to correct something here today.

Originally, after I found out about this, I didnt dare to say anything for fear of causing unnecessary misunderstandings.

“But this is very important, and its bad for everyone if we dont talk about it.

Especially since Ive had more than one person verify the truth of the matter.”

Old Madam Lin said calmly, “What is it”

“Its related to this inheritance.”

A trace of impatience flashed across Old Madam Lins face.

“Tang Yue, didnt I say before that if you have any objections, you should mention them to the legal team in advance and resolve it as soon as possible Why did you wait until now”

“Im sorry, Grandma.

I was going to say it in advance, but I was afraid that something was wrong and specially verified it again.

Im only saying it now because I just received the final confirmation,” Tang Yue said.

She was going to talk about Su Beis background.

However, she already knew that the final verification was just an excuse to excuse herself.

Old Madam Lin had always hated Lin Shulian, and she disliked Tang Yue calling herGrandma even more.

However, it was not convenient for her to argue with a junior.

She frowned and said, “Alright, go ahead.”

“Grandma, its by pure coincidence that I learned that Su Bei isnt of the Tang familys bloodline at all, nor is she my mothers biological daughter.” She took out the paternity report and handed it to Lawyer Huang with both hands.

Lawyer Huang did not delay and reached out to take it.

After reading it carefully, he handed it to Madam Lin.

The others couldnt help but be surprised.

Lin Wenyu and He Xuyan looked at Su Bei worriedly.

What was going on

Su Bei had not been paying attention to what was happening.

Now that she heard it, she subconsciously focused and understood what Tang Yue was saying.

She was slightly stunned herself, but she remembered that Tang Yue had always been full of tricks.

She was already used to it, so she did not argue immediately.

Instead, she waited for Tang Yue to perform.

With Lawyer Huangs explanation, Madam Lin understood the contents of the paternity test report.

Her expression became even more serious.

“What exactly is going on”

Tang Jianming and Lin Shulian were also shocked.

“Tang Yue, when did you get this report Where did you get it from Why didnt you tell us How did such a thing happen”

Old Madam Lin slapped the table heavily.

The tea in the cup spilled everywhere, causing everyone to be shocked.

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