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Chapter 1362: Take AdvantageTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“Jinghao broke off the engagement of his own accord.

Ive already scolded him severely.

How could he break off the engagement just like that Not only will we not be able to answer to the Tang family, but well also be embarrassed to face you,” Ou Huanwei said gently.

“Yueyue, dont worry.

Jinghao has already said that he was just impulsive and didnt really want to break off the engagement.

I came here to have a good chat with you.”

Ou Huanweis attitude made Tang Yue feel better.

Tang Yue said, “Aunt, I dont deny that there are some misunderstandings between me and Su Bei.

However, shes also at fault for blowing things up and embarrassing me.

After all, shes a female artist, so shes good at using all opportunities to consolidate her popularity and status.

I wont say that Im completely innocent in this matter, but its true that I never really wanted to harm her in the beginning.

“Then there was the matter of her getting lost as a child.

To be honest, Id long since forgotten what had happened.

It was just that I spoke too quickly at the time and wanted to show off for a moment.

Actually, I was too young to have done anything like that.

“Unfortunately, the outside world only believes in Su Bei and refuses to believe me now.”

“I know, and I believe in you.

I know better than anyone else about the temperament and character of you and Su Bei.

Su Bei has been in that circle since she was young and had no elders to discipline her.

She doesnt get along with the Su family or the Tang family.

Who can you blame If only one person doesnt like her, then it might be a problem with that person.

But countless people dont like her.

Does everyone have a problem, then

“Its precisely because I know this that Ive never doubted your intentions.

Ive also always felt that you and Jinghao are the most suitable.” Ou Huanweis words were sincere.

Tang Yue said in a low voice, “But Jinghao has a prejudice against me now…”

“Dont be afraid.

Ill definitely talk to Jinghao.

As long as I dont cancel this marriage, no one can,” Ou Huanwei said firmly.

She would never allow Du Jinghao to like a woman like Su Bei.

Therefore, even if Tang Yue had some flaws in her character, she would rather her daughter-in-law be Tang Yue!

No one could change that.

“Thank you, Auntie.

At this time, only you will believe me.”

“By the way, Yueyue, I heard that you have a share of your grandfathers inheritance”

“Thats what Grandpa left behind when he passed away.

He split it equally among the children of our generation.

Perhaps in the next few days, the legal team will take action,” Tang Yue said.

“Because its an equal split, no one has any objections at the moment.”

“Is Su Bei also getting a share”

“Shes my mothers daughter, so shes naturally getting a share.” Tang Yues tone was a little aggrieved.

“Even if others say something, it cant change that.”

Ou Huanwei suddenly asked, “Yueyue, when Su Bei came home, did you do a paternity test on her”

Tang Yue was stunned by the question.

Then, she said, “No, because when she had a conflict with Su Huixian, she was exposed to not be a child of the Su family.

She was adopted.

They even released a photo of her when she was adopted.

That photo is identical to the photo of my missing sister.

With that photo, Grandpa and Mom immediately acknowledged her as my missing sister.”

“Just based on a photo” Ou Huanwei sighed and said, “Then your family is too careless.

No matter what, the Tang family is a prestigious family with a rich background.

Its hard to guarantee that someone wouldnt take advantage of the situation to enter the Tang family.”

Ou Huanweis words pierced Tang Yues heart.

Her fingers closed around the teacup, and she gripped harder.

Yes, Su Bei had relied on that photo to be acknowledged by their family.

After she returned to the Tang family, she obtained a lot of things.

Now, not only could she obtain the Tang familys things, but she could also obtain the Lin familys things.

She had really reaped all the benefits.

And just by relying on a photo, she could obtain everything.

“Aunt, youve really reminded me.

No matter what, the family should give Su Bei a paternity certificate.

Otherwise, she wont be able to inherit the Lin familys inheritance.”

Ou Huanwei smiled.

“I just thought of that in passing.

I didnt expect that your family really didnt do a paternity test.

I thought that if such a big family wanted to acknowledge the child, they would definitely be more cautious.

Otherwise, not only would they let outsiders take advantage of the loophole, but there would also be problems with the bloodline in the future.

That wouldnt be good.”

“I understand, Aunt.

Ill do it.

Aunt, please dont make a sound about it first.

Im afraid that if you alert Su Bei, shell be on guard and bribe the doctor.”

Ou Huanwei laughed.

“Of course.

This is your family matter.

Ill pretend I dont know.”

Tang Yue hurried home after being reminded by Ou Huanwei.

However, getting Su Beis blood wouldnt be easy.

Still, it wouldnt be hard to get her hair.

Su Bei often had activities, so she had to tidy her clothes and hair in the dressing room.

Tang Yue also had a certain position in the Sheng Tang.

Although Old Master Tang had already ordered her not to interfere in the matters of Sheng Tang, there were still people who would give her face when she went out.

Therefore, Tang Yue spent two days getting two strands of hair in Su Beis dressing room.

It was much easier to get Lin Shulians hair.

Tang Yue easily obtained it.

She then quickly handed the samples to the doctor.

The doctors who were dealing with her now were a little afraid.

They said, “Miss Tang, I have elders and children to take care of.

I dont lack money either.

Can you look for someone else to do this”

No one was willing to risk their career being destroyed to endorse Tang Yues credit.

“What do you mean Did I ask you to do anything Just do it according to the standard procedure.”

The doctor hesitated.

“Just do it normally”

“Otherwise” Tang Yue asked angrily.

The doctor relaxed.


Ill get right on it.”

The doctor could not be blamed for being paranoid.

He knew about Tang Yues argument with Su Bei previously and was aware of the ins and outs of the matter.

He was afraid that Tang Yue would give him some difficult orders that would put him in a dilemma.

Since Tang Yue had said to do it normally, he did not have to worry anymore.

He took the samples and went to do the test.

Tang Yue handed another set of samples to another doctor.

She had to make sure the reports were as accurate as possible.

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