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Chapter 1361: Dont Go And See That Woman AnymoreTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“Aunt, this…” Lin Wenyu was filled with regret.

How could she have thought that she would cause so much trouble for Su Bei

It was fine if Lin Xiruo wanted to draw blood from the panda hat for a DNA test.

If everyone went along with it, there would be no problem.

They could just treat it as coaxing an elder.

However, Su Bei did not have any feelings for Lin Xiruo.

She was not obligated to make her happy.

Lin Wenyu did not know what to do now.

She could only look at He Xuyan for help.

“What Even you dont believe me” Lin Xiruo glared angrily, sounding a little childish.

Lin Wenyu had no choice but to go.

He Xuyan wanted to persuade her again, but Lin Xiruo refused to give up.

When Lin Wenyu brought the kit over, she said, “Take mine first.

Ill give my daughter a demonstration in case shes afraid of the pain.

Xuyan, go get some candy for your sister.

After you draw her blood, give her the candy.

Daughter, dont be afraid.

Your brother will get you some candy.

We just need a little of your blood…”

At this point, He Xuyan felt a little regretful.

He usually indulged his mother too much.

He really couldnt bear to see his mother suffer, so he was even willing to do a DNA test for the panda hat.

However, it was fine to play along with a panda hat, but Su Bei was a living person.

Su Bei also realized that Lin Xiruo was very indulgent when it came to her daughter.

Forget it, forget it.

Since things had already come to this, she would just force herself.

She said to He Xuyan, “Director He, just let Wenyu draw my blood.

You can also check my recent physical condition too.”

Hearing this, Lin Xiruo smiled, then her heart ached as she said, “My daughter is still the best.

But dont be afraid.

It wont hurt very much.”

Seeing this, Lin Wenyu had no choice but to take out a series of medical equipment.

She really drew blood for Lin Xiruo and Su Bei before placing them back in the medical kit.

Lin Xiruo took a long time to calm down.

However, she still refused to let Su Bei leave.

He Xuyan said, “Sister has gotten her blood drawn.

We cant just wait here, can we Ill take her out to get something to eat.”

“Ah, then go quickly.

Dont starve her,” Lin Xiruo hurriedly said.

He Xuyan finally brought Su Bei away.

Lin Wenyu also took the opportunity to follow her out.

She looked at Su Bei apologetically.

“Su Bei, Im really sorry.

I didnt expect my aunt to suddenly fall ill.”

“My mother usually has a soft spot for panda plushies and insists on testing their blood to see if theyre her biological daughter.

Im sorry for scaring you today.” He Xuyan was also very apologetic.

“Maybe its because I was wearing a panda hat that day and it left a deep impression on her.” Su Bei smiled.

“Fortunately, its only a little blood.

I can make up for it by eating something.”

Lin Wenyu said, “Dont worry about that.

No matter what, Im a professional at the hospital.

Theres nothing wrong with the blood extraction equipment.

Theyre all clean and harmless.

The next time we meet, Ill definitely treat you to a good meal to make up for the harm you suffered this time.”

“Then its settled.

You dont have to send me off.

You can go back first.

Shes still waiting for you to take care of her,” Su Bei said.

Lin Wenyu and He Xuyan sent her to the door and watched her leave before looking away.

They turned around and saw Qin Zufang standing behind them.



Qin Zufang smiled and said, “Did you bring Su Bei to see Xiruo just now”

“Yes, she even made a big mistake.

Aunt treated her as her daughter…” Lin Wenyu said, “Fortunately, Su Bei was magnanimous and didnt argue with her.

That was how we calmed Aunt down.

It mustve been hard on her today.

“Shes a good kid.

Too bad…” She trailed off.

However, He Xuyan and Lin Wenyu understood.

It was a pity that Su Bei was born in the Tang family, and Lin Shulian was an unpopular person in their family.

Moreover, there was someone like Tang Yue in the Tang family.

Su Bei must not feel good about her familys indifference.

Qin Zufang wanted to take care of Su Bei, but she was in no position to do so.

Su Bei called a taxi.

After getting into the car, she still thought about Lin Xiruos face.

They all thought that she was frightened, but when Lin Xiruo hugged her, Su Bei didnt reject her.

She even yearned for that embrace.

She mocked herself in her heart.

Perhaps it was because she had lacked a mother figure for many years and her relationship with Lin Shulian was relatively indifferent, so she treated Lin Xiruos embrace as warmth and valued it so much.

At night, she mentioned this to Lu Heting.

He took her finger and whispered, “Does it hurt”

“Its alright.

Lin Wenyu just symbolically drew a little blood.

Its nothing serious.”

“Youre the only one who wouldve done something like that, fooling around with someone with a screw loose.”

“I didnt think too much about it at that time.

I just felt sorry for her.

Besides, I can understand that feeling.

It reminded me of when I lost Gun Gun.” Su Beis voice was low.

Hearing her mention what had happened back then, Lu Hetings heart ached.

He could empathize with her.

“Dont go and see that woman next time,” Lu Heting said softly.

At the mention of that woman, he couldnt help but frown.

She had taken Su Beis blood for no reason.

If it werent for the fact that she was crazy, Lu Heting would never let her go.

“Got it.

I dont think well have much of a chance to meet after this.”


No one had any objections to Old Master Lins inheritance being split equally.

However, Tang Yue felt that it was unfair.

It was fine if it was He Xuyan and Lin Wenyu.

They were from the Lin family, so they should have a share.

But Su Bei…

Although Su Bei was her younger sister and her mothers child, Tang Yue had never treated her as family or included her in her life.

If Su Bei hadnt come back, this huge inheritance wouldnt have to be divided into four parts.

It would only have to be divided into three parts.

Tang Yue lowered her head and pondered, but there seemed to be nothing she could do about Su Bei now.

As she was thinking about it, she received a call from Ou Huanwei to meet her.

Tang Yue agreed.

She had invested her true feelings into Du Jinghao, but Du Jinghao had directly proposed to cancel the engagement because of Su Bei, which deeply affected her.

I wonder what Ou Huanwei wants with me

They agreed to meet at a cafe.

Ou Huanwei was already there when Tang Yue arrived.

When she saw Tang Yue, she said gently, “Yueyue.”

“Aunt.” Tang Yue sat down and placed her bag on the sofa.

“Yueyue, I asked to look for you because of Jinghaos engagement.”

Tang Yue wasnt happy to hear that.

“What about it”

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