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Chapter 1360: I Didnt Make A Mistake!Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“Aunt, Im not your daughter.

Im Su Bei, Wenyus friend,” Su Bei tried to explain.

However, Lin Xiruos eyes turned red again.

She looked at Su Bei steadily and reached out to cup her face.

“You are.

You clearly are.

I knew it, youre my daughter.

You didnt die.

Who said you died prematurely No, theyre all spouting nonsense!”

Her fingers were gently placed on Su Beis face.

Su Beis heart throbbed inexplicably.

She gave up explaining and stared into Lin Xiruos eyes.

This was a pair of eyes that contained deep love and hope.

They were suddenly filled with light as if her entire world had been lit up.

She looked at Su Bei with such eyes, and Su Bei couldnt refuse such a gaze.

Perhaps it was because she was a mother herself and understood deeply how important children were to mothers.

Just like back then, when she thought that Gun Gun was gone after he was born, there were many days and nights when she couldnt get out of her misery.

To outsiders, she was carefree and had a bright smile.

But in a corner where no one could see her, she missed him so much.

At this moment, she felt that she could not reject Lin Xiruo.

Lin Xiruo keenly sensed the change in Su Beis emotions.

She could clearly sense Su Beis resistance changing to acceptance.

She hugged Su Bei and cried, “Right You know that youre my daughter, right I knew it.

Were mother and daughter.

You must be able to recognize me too, right Youre my daughter, right”

“Alright,” Su Bei replied softly.

She really couldnt hurt a mother in despair.

“I knew it.

I knew it.

I knew that my daughter was still alive and would come back to find me.” Lin Xiruo laughed and cried.

“Wenyu, go find your cousin.

Hurry up.”

Lin Wenyu didnt know what to do.

She looked at Lin Xiruo, then at Su Bei.

She hesitated for a moment before turning around and running out.

He Xuyan was chatting with Old Madam Lin.

The two of them had not seen each other for a long time and had endless topics to talk about.

Lin Wenyu rushed in.

Old Madam Lin rebuked affectionately, “Why are you so reckless What happened”

“I…” Lin Wenyu glanced at her father, who was sitting at the side.

She didnt dare to say that she had brought Su Bei to see Lin Xiruo.

Hence, she could only say, “I have something to say to Cousin.”

She whispered something in He Xuyans ear.

Old Madam Lin couldnt help but laugh.

“How old are you Youre still the same as when you were young.

As soon as Cousin comes back, youre pestering him to play with you.

Dont you have any shame”

He Xuyan stood up and said, “Grandma, Wenyu and I have something on.

Well go over first.

Ill come back to see you later.”

“Go, go,” Old Madam Lin said lovingly.

“Dont run around.

Remember to come home for dinner later.”

“Got it.” He Xuyan and Lin Wenyu walked out quickly.

“How did this happen”

“Im sorry.

I just took Su Bei to see Aunt.

I didnt expect Aunt to suddenly have a relapse.

She was fine before, and her mental state was very stable.

I think Su Bei was also frightened.”

He Xuyan quickened his pace toward the courtyard where his mother lived.

When he arrived, Lin Xiruo was still hugging Su Bei and refusing to let go.

“Mom!” He Xuyan had a headache.

He owed Su Bei a huge favor the last time, and this time, Su Bei had suffered again.

He really didnt know how to make up for it.

Hearing that her son was here, Lin Xiruos eyes lit up.

“Son, look, this is your sister.

Your sister is back.

I told you that your sister didnt die prematurely, right The hospital is full of lies! Come quickly!”

He Xuyan apologized to Su Bei with his eyes.

When Su Bei received his apology, she gave him a nonchalant expression.

She did not take it to heart.

She moved aside, but Lin Xiruo immediately came forward and grabbed her wrist.

Su Bei couldnt avoid it.

She smiled awkwardly.

“Mom, its windy out and a little chilly.

Lets go inside and talk, okay”

“No! Your sister will go in with us together.” Lin Xiruo insisted.

Su Bei said, “Ill go in with you.”

He Xuyan looked at her gratefully.

Lin Wenyu was also very grateful and said, “Then lets go in first.”

Lin Xiruo held Su Beis hand.

“Daughter, look.

I planted the flowers over there for you.

Theyre already blooming.

Arent they beautiful Come in quickly.

Your brother isnt very gentle.

He always has a cold face, so just ignore him.”

He Xuyan touched the tip of his nose, embarrassment flashing in his dark eyes.

“Mom, can you let go of Su Bei first” He Xuyan said.

“Shell be in pain if you do that.”

“Okay, okay.” Lin Xiruo let go of Su Beis wrist.

“Also, lets sit over there first.” He Xuyan supported her.

Lin Wenyu hurriedly held Su Beis hand, planning to escape.

Unexpectedly, just as she turned around, Lin Xiruo turned around and pulled Su Bei.


She grabbed at empty air, and her expression changed.

“Daughter, where are you going Xuyan, stop your sister! Dont let anyone take her! You cant let anyone take her away!”

Lin Wenyu and Su Bei had just turned around when they couldnt take another step forward.

“Mom…” Helplessness flashed in He Xuyans eyes.

“Dont you believe me Do you just think that I must have gotten it wrong” Lin Xiruo had always been magnanimous and reasonable, but now, she was anxious and angry.

“You think Im sick again and made a mistake! But no! I can tell you clearly now that I didnt make a mistake! If you dont believe me, go do a DNA test on my daughter!”

Hearing that, He Xuyan, Lin Wenyu, and Su Beis expressions froze as they recalled the DNA test for the panda hat.

She even insisted on doing a DNA test for a panda hat.

Who would believe her

“I believe you, Mom,” He Xuyan said gently with extreme patience.

“If you believe me, go and investigate again.

This is definitely your sister and my daughter.

Youll know with a DNA test that Im not lying!” Lin Xiruos attitude was firm!

He Xuyan whispered, “Yes, I didnt say that you were lying.

I believe you.”

“You obviously dont believe me.

You only investigate when I urge you.” Lin Xiruo went forward and grabbed Su Beis hand.

“My daughter, be good.

Dont be afraid of the pain, okay Let your brother draw some blood for you so that he can investigate.

It wont hurt, and hell believe me after he investigates.

There are always some people who want to separate us, but I wont let that happen.

I wont separate from you.

Wenyu, dont you have a medical kit Go get it.

My daughter and I will go do the test.”

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