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Chapter 136: Chapter 136 He Was So Resentful that He Almost Lost His Temper

Although Su Bei was a supermodel, Lu Heting was still a head taller than her when he stood up in front of her.

Such a height difference made her feel a bit pressured.

When she looked up, it happened that he also looked down at her.

His eyes seemed to have magical powers that made her attracted to him when she looked at him.

Lu Heting was also very attracted to Su Bei.

Everything about her fascinated him, and he couldnt extricate himself from her.

He lowered his head and approached her face.

Su Bei felt that he was about to kiss her, and she wanted to escape.

But it seemed that she couldnt break free from the vortex he had created.

“Bei Bei…” Gun Gun rubbed his sleepy eyes and stood at the door of the master bedroom.

He opened his arms to hug Su Bei and asked her to sleep with him.

Su Bei came back to her senses.

She quickly picked up Gun Gun and said, “Okay, lets go to bed now.

Be a good boy.”

Lu Heting stared at their backs resentfully.

Just now was his best chance to get close to Su Bei.

But Gun Gun ruined everything.

He was so resentful that he almost lost his temper.

Gun Gun, who was half asleep and half awake, suddenly sneezed.

Did anyone just talk about him

He turned over and soon fell asleep again.

His little face was round, and he smacked his lips, still reliving the taste of the cupcake.

Thinking that he was about to catch a cold, Su Bei quickly covered him with a thin blanket.

Early morning the next day, Su Bei went to see Da Bao and brought all the gifts she bought for him and Lin Moli.

She also brought some of the cupcakes she baked this morning.

Lin Moli was a foodie.

And for her, it was better to give her something to eat than other gifts.

After playing a few games with Da Bao, Su Bei left and went to the company.

As soon as Lv Shan saw Su Bei, she said, “Su Bei, the people from Feng Shang are planning to have a photo shoot with the five models who appeared in Orisa Fashion Show.

Its for the cover and inner pages of their magazine.

They will also shoot a special video as a special gift for their anniversary.

You have to prepare for the shooting.”


Im going to prepare now.”

Su Bei took all the materials from Lv Shan and looked through them.

She saw that in addition to the five models who appeared in the Orisa Fashion Show, Su Huixians name was also on the list.

“Lv Shan, why is Su Huixians name on the list She was not able to participate in the show.

What made her qualified to join this event” Su Bei felt strange.

Could it be that Su Xingfu and Du Luo paved the way for her again

Lv Shan just shrugged and said, “Because Su Huixian is one of Jin Xius brand ambassadors.

Although Fan Yingfang has resigned, it doesnt have any effect on Su Huixian.

Besides, Qiu Minxuan has hyped her endorsement, pronouncing that Jin Xius sales have soared because of her.

She also spent money making her the trending topic on Weibo.

Now, the public feels that her ability is being recognized again.

So Feng Shang has made an exception and invited her to shoot for the anniversary edition.”

Su Bei opened her Weibo.

And as expected, the news about Su Huixian as Jin Xius ambassador was a trending topic.

Qian Yu Entertainment Company and Qiu Minxuan bought a large portion of the front page of Weibo to promote her endorsement.

Su Beis name was not mentioned in the promotion.

Only Su Huixians print ads and videos were released.

Qiu Minxuan also released a series of data that showed how the overall sales of Jin Xiu had increased by one hundred percent after Su Huixian became their brand ambassador compared to the same period last year.

Since Jin Xiu didnt have stores in S Country, their clothes were only sold in limited places in Europe and the United States.

So people who didnt know the truth thought that Su Huixian had a very strong influence, and she had proven it with facts.

They believed that she was being widely recognized even in the international market.


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