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Chapter 1359: Its My DaughterTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“Give it to me.

Ill give it to Aunt.” Lin Wenyu took it.

The butler handed it over with both hands.

Lin Wenyu took it and shook it in her hand.

She said to Su Bei, “Guess what this is”

“Dont tell me its the DNA test report you were talking about”

“How clever of you to guess it right.

Cousin really had it done.

Aunt is very clever.

She wouldve seen through it at once if she was given a fake document.”

“But…” Puzzled, Su Bei pointed to the document in her hand.

“This is also fake”

How could one do a DNA test with a panda hat And how It must be fake, right

Lin Wenyu hurriedly made a shushing gesture.

“Although this is fake, the procedure was done in a designated hospital.

Moreover, its done according to the real procedure.

Its just that we cant do a real DNA test.”

“Director He is really filial to his mother,” Su Bei said.

“Its more than that.

My uncle loves and indulges my aunt.

The father and son never object to what my aunt wants to do.

Theyll definitely help her do anything she requests of them,” Lin Wenyu said.

“Why dont you accompany me to deliver this document to my aunt Ill also take the chance to ask about her health.”

Su Bei had plans to visit Lin Xiruo.

She naturally agreed to Lin Wenyus invitation.

Lin Wenyu held her hand and walked to the back.

It turned out that the Lin familys old residence was even more spacious than Su Bei had thought.

Moreover, it was an old-fashioned structure.

The other courtyard was connected to this side, and it was very convenient.

“Aunt Aunt” Lin Wenyu shouted as soon as she reached the entrance of the courtyard.

“Wenyu, is that you Come in quickly.” Lin Xiruos voice sounded.

It was gentle, calm, and very elegant, making it difficult to associate her with her crazy appearance that night.

She must be in her 50s, but she still looked very young.

It was as if the years had treated her exceptionally well and there were no signs of her deteriorating mental health.

There was a smile on her lips as she looked in Lin Wenyus direction.

Su Bei and Lin Wenyu walked in together.

Lin Wenyu ran to Lin Xiruo and said with a smile, “I came to see you and give you this document.

Cousin asked me to bring it over.”

“Really” Lin Xiruo said.

“Put it over there.”

“Arent you going to take a look at it first”

Lin Xiruos mind was clear at this moment.

She smiled and said, “No, Im not.”

In fact, she knew very well that her daughter was already gone.

How could she still be here

When her daughter was born, her little body stopped breathing in her hands.

Everything came to an abrupt end at that moment.

From then on, her world became a little less brilliant as though everything was in black and white.

Everything that happened after that was just a sign that she had lost control of her mind.

She was well aware of her own condition.

It was just that she was helpless about it.

She couldnt control herself, so most of the time, she felt guilty toward her husband and son for causing them so much trouble.

Seeing that she did not want to read the document, Lin Wenyu knew that she was clear-headed at the moment and was not having a relapse.

She said, “Aunt, you know that there are many guests at home today, right Grandma is arranging to split Grandpas assets.”

“I heard that Shulian brought her daughters back.” Lin Xiruo smiled.

“I was rude and didnt go out to meet them.

Speaking of which, my relationship with Shulian was quite good back then.

When we gave birth, we were still living together.

We went to the hospital to give birth together…”

Lin Wenyu smiled.

“I didnt expect you to be so close to Aunt.”

“Actually, I had a prejudice against her in the beginning, but during the years when your grandfathers leg was injured, she ignored her studies and work abroad to come back home.

She diligently took care of Grandpa for several years.

Even I, his biological daughter, was ashamed of my inferiority.

It was also at that time that I changed my opinion of her and no longer treated her with my old attitude,” Lin Xiruo said.

“Thats true.

Speaking of the years she took care of Grandpa, no one can deny her efforts.

I just didnt expect you and her to get along so well that you even gave birth together, Aunt.”

Lin Xiruo smiled.

The face of her child appeared in front of her again, and she felt a little dizzy.

She stretched out her hand and supported herself on Lin Wenyus body before managing to stabilize herself.

Seeing this, Lin Wenyu hurriedly said, “Aunt, are you alright Do you want me to bring you for a check-up”

“Im fine, dont worry too much.

I just remembered an old memory.”

“Aunt, the past is the past.

Dont think too much.

Think of those who love you,” Lin Wenyu advised gently.

“Good girl.

Youre right.

Im always the one thinking too much, and its easy to get caught up in things.

Not only do I worry your uncle and cousin, but Im worrying you as well.”

“Its only right for me to worry about you, Aunt.

I just want you to be well.

By the way, Aunt, I brought a friend to see you.” Lin Wenyu decided that it was better to introduce Su Bei as a friend.

Otherwise, if Lin Xiruo heard that Su Bei was Lin Shulians daughter, she would remember their past and it would make her fall ill.

“Really Introduce your friend to me, then.”

Su Bei had been walking behind Lin Wenyu.

Then, after seeing that they were reminiscing, she didnt want to disturb them.

Now that Lin Wenyu mentioned it, Su Bei walked forward and greeted her.

“Hello, Aunt.”

When Lin Xiruo saw Su Bei, her originally calm eyes suddenly changed.

She froze, then stood up.

Her eyes became urgent and anxious.

She rushed toward Su Bei and grabbed her hands.

Su Bei was a little helpless by her enthusiasm.

Lin Wenyu quickly said, “Aunt, this is my friend, Su Bei.

Why dont you let Su Bei sit down first”

“Nonsense!” Lin Xiruos voice became sharper as she raised her voice.

“This is clearly my daughter! My daughter! None of you can take my daughter away! Its my daughter! Daughter… My daughter…”

Lin Wenyu hurried forward and tried to separate the two of them.

Su Bei was also very confused.

He Xuyan had explained that Lin Xiruo made a mistake that night in the movie theater because of the panda hat she was wearing.

However, Su Bei was very sure that there was nothing on her body that had anything to do with pandas.

Even the thin sweater she was wearing today was lake blue.

It did not look like a panda at all.

“Aunt, Aunt, let go of her first.” Lin Wenyu did not expect such a situation to happen.

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