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Chapter 1358: Somewhat UnfairTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“I can understand how she feels too.” Su Bei nodded gently.

“Back then, Grandpa was old and broke his leg once.

Lin Shulian took care of him for several years.

Before Grandpa passed away, he was very grateful for her and wanted to leave a portion of the inheritance to her.

However, Grandma was very unhappy about it.

Although she didnt object, he could tell her true thoughts.

Grandpa didnt want to leave Grandma any regrets, but he also didnt want Lin Shulian to have nothing at all.

That was why he made such a decision.

He decided to split the inheritance among the children of our generation and didnt give it directly to Lin Shulian.

“With that, Grandma had nothing to say.

She also often said that although she didnt like Lin Shulian, Lin Shulians children were innocent.

There was no need to target the children.”

“So thats how it is.

The old man put in a lot of effort,” Su Bei whispered.

“Thats right.

When I was young, Grandpa was quite nice to us and treated us kindly.

But as long as Lin Shulian came over, the atmosphere in the house would become very bad.”


Su Bei said softly, “I can understand that feeling.

Theres nothing wrong with Lin Shulian, but her existence is like a thorn in the old madams heart.

But shes a person, not a real thorn.

Its impossible to pull it out.

Its indeed a little troubling for such a person to appear in the family.”

“Thats right.

It wouldve been fine if Grandma and Grandpa had reconciled.

Unfortunately, Grandma and Grandpa didnt reconcile until Grandpa passed away.

Grandpa left with regrets, and Grandma is still angry with herself.

Whenever she mentions Lin Shulian, shell get angry.

Actually, even if you leave this world first, it still might not bring you any relief.”

These words made Lin Wenyu and Su Bei lower their heads in deep thought as their hearts felt heavy.

After a long while, Lin Wenyu said, “Lin Shulians existence angers Grandma, so she also deprived Aunt of many things.

Therefore, my father hates Lin Shulian.

Previously, when Grandpas leg was injured, my father investigated it and said that it was Lin Shulian who did it.

However, Grandpa refused to believe it, and Dad couldnt produce any more concrete evidence, so this matter could only be left unsettled.

Therefore, my family has some opinions about Lin Shulian.”

Su Bei sighed as she listened to these words.

Many such tragedies were actually caused by the disloyalty of men or women to their relationships, which led to these tragedies continuing from generation to generation.

But how many people were truly faithful to their marriage They were used to hearing about such things, and sometimes, it was quite exhausting.

Beliefs collapsed, and values were refreshed.

Seeing that Su Bei was still deep in thought, Lin Wenyu stuck out her tongue and said, “Su Bei, we dont have any opinions about it.

Its just Lin Shulian.

All this isnt directed at you.

Im just stating objective facts.

Im not deliberately targeting your mother either.”

“It doesnt matter.

Since its the truth, theres nothing you cant say.” Su Bei smiled.

Besides, deep down, her relationship with Lin Shulian was not deep.

She said, “So the inheritance will be divided equally in this way now”

“Thats right.

My father only has one daughter, and my aunt only has one son, whos also my cousin.

With you and Tang Yue, there are four of us.

Although Grandpa said that one more child means an extra share of the inheritance, my father is a very magnanimous person.

He wouldnt decide whether to have another child just because of these things.

Of course, Aunt and Lin Shulian are the same too.

They probably had another child purely because they wanted to and it had nothing to do with the inheritance.

Its just a pity that Aunts child…”

Su Bei knew that the aunt she was talking about was He Xuyans mother, Lin Xiruo, so she asked, “What happened to that child of hers”

“Sh*t, my cousin wont let me talk about it.

Hell be pissed off again later.”

Lin Wenyu stuck out her tongue, clearly a little afraid of He Xuyan.

She looked around to see if He Xuyan had come over.

Su Bei was amused by her actions.

Then, she said seriously, “Its fine.

Actually, I already know that he had a sister who died prematurely.”

“Wow, you even know that.

Did Cousin tell you that”

“Have you forgotten Ive worked with Director He before, and were quite close.” Su Bei didnt mention Lin Xiruos relapse.

Perhaps He Xuyan didnt want anyone to mention his dead sister because he didnt want anyone to trigger Lin Xiruos illness.

Lin Wenyu nodded heavily.

“Then I can tell you.

Aunts child died at birth.

Aunt was very sad because of it.

She was pregnant with that child not for the inheritance but because she really wanted that child, so she poured a lot of effort and feelings into the baby.

“If it was really about the inheritance, she wouldnt have stopped getting pregnant and having children after that baby died.”

“What about your aunt now”

“She and Uncle are usually abroad.

This time, because of the inheritance, they came back to pay respects to Grandpa and accompany Cousin.

Its just that Aunt seems to be a little ill again.

Shes been in a bad mood for the past two days.

“When she came back the other day, she kept talking about looking for her daughter.

She even insisted that Cousin bring that panda hat to do a DNA test.

She insisted that the owner of the panda hat was her daughter.

Sigh, I cant bear to see her like this.

I didnt think her emotional problems were so serious before.

I didnt expect them to worsen this time.”

Lin Wenyu seemed to have a very good relationship with Lin Xiruo.

When she mentioned Lin Xiruo, her eyes turned red.

Su Bei recalled the panda hat she was wearing that night.

She had originally worn it casually, but she didnt expect it to cause Lin Xiruo to have such a serious relapse.

However, she did not mean it.

It would be strange if she deliberately apologized for it.

Lin Wenyu wiped her tears and smiled.

“Look at me.

I said that I would talk to you for just a while.

In the end, you were trapped by my side to listen to my story.”

“Its fine.

The Lin familys matter is related to me.

Ive never heard of it before.

Its good to hear it now.

It also solves some of the doubts in my heart.”

Lin Wenyu said, “In any case, Grandma is determined to split the assets according to Grandpas will.

The only person I feel is undeserving is Tang Yue.

What she did to you was really too much.

However, shes going to get the same inheritance as us.

Im really unhappy.”

“Its alright.

Since none of this was mentioned in Grandpas will, theres no point arguing.”

As the two of them were talking, the butler came over with a document and stood respectfully beside Lin Wenyu.

“Miss, Young Master said that this is for Eldest Miss.”

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