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Chapter 1357: UnhappyTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Other than Lin Wenyus father, everyone here was a familiar face to Su Bei.

Sure enough, after a while, He Xuyan arrived.

At this moment, Old Madam Lin, Lin Hancheng, and Qin Zufang all had genuine smiles on their faces as they greeted He Xuyan gently.

He Xuyans usually stern expression warmed up a little.

He walked to Old Madam Lins side and sat down.


“Are you still so busy, child Look how much weight youve lost.

Its obvious you havent been eating properly.”


“I do eat good food, Grandma.” There was actually a hint of playfulness in He Xuyans voice.

It surprised Su Bei.

However, the person who was even more shocked was Tang Yue.

She originally didnt think much of He Xuyan and did not know him at all.

After all, Lin Shulian and the Lin family barely interacted.

Therefore, the last time she got into a conflict with He Xuyan in the parking lot, she scolded him and even tossed money at him to humiliate him.

Now that she saw this man again and heard his name, she remembered that this was the famous Director He Xuyan, the best among the young directors of S Country.

More than that, he was from the Lin family.

Tang Yue subconsciously took half a step back, trying to avoid He Xuyans gaze.

However, He Xuyan was actually not looking at her at all.

He did not even look in her direction.

She couldnt tell if he was disdainful or too lazy to care.

After Old Madam Lin finished speaking to He Xuyan, she slowly looked at everyone and said indifferently, “Im sure you know why I called you here today.

When the old man passed away back then, he left his assets in the foundation and left behind a will.

He wanted to wait for the children of your generation to grow up before splitting the inheritance equally with you.

Its about time now.

The children have also grown up and can stand on their own.

Therefore, I called you over to distribute the things that the old man left behind.”

She looked from He Xuyan to Su Bei and said, “The old man had a son and two daughters.

His son, Lin Hancheng, has only one daughter, Lin Wenyu.

His daughter, Lin Xiruo, has He Xuyan.

As for Lin Shulian, you have two daughters, Tang Yue and Su Bei.

In that case, there are four children in this generation.

Do you have any objections”

“No,” Lin Shulian said quickly.

Her two daughters would be taking advantage of her fathers will.

Of course, she had no objections.

Su Bei thought,So, He Xuyans mother is called Lin Xiruo.

Shes indeed a woman from a rich family.

She looks elegant, but her mental state is indeed a little unstable.

“Four children.

In that case, the inheritance has to be divided into four equal parts.

Each child will have a share,” Old Madam Lin said.

“Theres no objection, right”

“No,” said Lin Shulian again.

“Thats good,” said Old Madam Lin.

“Since no one has any objections, the legal team will come in a few days to split the inheritance as agreed.

Regarding how much of the inheritance you get and what it is, you can each contact the legal team to ask them about it.

Dont come and give your opinions to me when the time comes.”

Su Bei could tell that these words were most likely meant for Lin Shulian.

From the looks of it, Old Madam Lin was very close to Lin Hancheng and Lin Xiruo.

Only Lin Shulian was distant from this family.

No wonder Su Bei had not heard anything about the Lin family after returning to the Tang family for so long, nor had she been brought to the Lin family by Lin Shulian.

She wondered what the reason was.

Lin Shulian smiled and said, “Aunt, the legal team has always helped to take care of these things.

There wont be a problem.

Even if I dont go to the legal team to ask them, I already know that theres no problem at all.

Naturally, there wont be any objections when the time comes.”

“In that case, well wait until we hear from the legal team.

Im tired, so I wont keep you.”

“Alright, well leave now.” Lin Shulian stood up tactfully and left with Tang Jianming.

Tang Yue sat in the living room, feeling like she was sitting on pins and needles.

She could not wait to leave.

She hurriedly followed Lin Shulian.

Su Bei also wanted to leave, but just as she took a step, she saw Lin Wenyu winking at her.

She had no choice but to say to Lin Shulian, “Mom, I still have something to do later, so I wont be following you.

You guys can leave first.”


Take care, then.”

Su Bei slowed down and fell behind.

Lin Wenyu ran over quickly and took her arm.

Su Bei heard Lin Hancheng say from behind, “Tang Yues character is very problematic.

Do we really have to split the inheritance with her”

Old Madam Lin said, “When your father left his will back then, he didnt say that we had to consider ones character.

Everything will be done according to the agreement between the lawyers and your father.

After the inheritance is distributed, Ill be able to relax.

Money is just an external object.”

When she said that, Lin Hancheng stopped talking and tacitly agreed to the current arrangements.

Lin Wenyu pulled Su Bei and ran into the garden behind.

“Sigh, I know youre busy.

I havent seen you in a long time.

I really didnt expect you to leave so soon.” Lin Wenyu couldnt bear for Su Bei to leave now.

Su Bei smiled.

“I dont think Ill be very welcome here.

We can just meet up next time.”

“Su Bei, dont blame Grandma and my father for being cold.

Theyre not targeting you.

Its just that they dont really like Lin Shulian.”

“Whats the story between them”

“Please dont take offense.

Back then, Lin Shulian was the child of a servant in the family.

Originally, that servant was a servant Grandma thought highly of and took good care of.

She brought her out of the village so that her parents could seek medical treatment and gave her a stable job so that she didnt have to worry about food and clothes.

When Grandpa was sick, she volunteered to take care of him.

Then, she became pregnant with Grandpas child.

She even secretly gave birth to Lin Shulian.

“Grandma and Grandpa had known each other since they were young.

They experienced many things together, and she did many things for him.

It was not difficult for them to risk their lives for each other.

This matter broke Grandmas heart, but if Grandpa wanted to acknowledge Lin Shulian, Grandma had no choice but to do so.”

Hearing this, Su Bei nodded.

“No wonder she called the old madamAunt instead ofMom.”

“I heard my parents mention it when we were chatting.

Grandma would never let her call herMom.

Come to think of it, if I treated a man wholeheartedly and he rewarded me with the child of another woman, I definitely wouldnt be able to stand it.

Grandma naturally isnt happy about it, and I understand where shes coming from.”

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