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Chapter 1356: Retain A Little More KinshipTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

When he heard this, Lu Heting let go of all his worries.

“I wasnt going to accept it, but they said it was necessary I accept it, so Ill have to make the trip tomorrow.”

Lu Heting didnt show any reaction to this.

“In that case, you go ahead.”

“Money is dropping from the sky this time.

If I had known that I had a share of the inheritance, I wouldnt have needed to work so hard,” Su Bei sighed.

Lu Heting smiled happily.

“Your husband is rich enough, but youre still working hard.”

“Thats different.

My husband is above everyone else.

I can only follow in his footsteps if I work hard enough.

This kind of hard work is not the same as working hard to earn money.”

“Then Ill slow down a bit until you catch up.”

“No, no, no.

If you slow down, someone else will catch up with you.

You might as well go faster.

Ill just try to follow you.”

Su Bei stopped and thought for a moment.

“But maybe the so-called inheritance is only a few thousand or tens of thousands of yuan.

I wonder who my grandfather is”

Lu Heting knew her grandfathers family quite well.

Previously, Lin Hancheng had also caused trouble for the Tang family.

However, there was no need for her to know these things yet.

He should let her heart retain a little more kinship.

The next day, Su Bei met up with Lin Shulian and Tang Jianming.

Tang Yue followed behind Lin Shulian.

When she saw Su Bei, she glanced at her coldly and looked away.

Tang Yue had not been living well recently.

She was visibly haggard, and even her exquisite makeup could not hide the dark circles under her eyes.

Her face was gray and did not look good.

She had not gone out for a long time.

When she walked out of the Tang familys house, her eyes narrowed uncomfortably when she saw the sun.

Su Bei pretended not to see her and greeted Tang Jianming and Lin Shulian.

Tang Yue sat in the front passenger seat and glanced at Su Bei in the rearview mirror.

Seeing that her eyes were bright, her expression was clear, and her complexion was very good, she felt angry and clenched her fists tightly.

Su Bei did not say much the entire time.

Lin Shulian was afraid that Tang Yue would be unhappy, so she did not find a topic to talk about either.

The atmosphere was very dull and uncomfortable.

When they finally reached their destination, Su Bei got out of the car first and took a breath of fresh air.

Before she could steady herself, a figure rushed toward Su Bei.

“Su Bei!”

“Wenyu! What are you doing here” Su Bei was surprised to see her.

“Why cant I be here This is my home.

Your grandmother is my grandmother,” Lin Wenyu said bluntly.

Su Bei: “”

For a moment, she did not understand.

No one had told her about this before.

Besides, Lin Shulian had never mentioned it.

Tang Jianming and Lin Shulian got out of the car.

Lin Wenyu greeted, “Aunt, Uncle.”

Lin Shulian was very surprised by the relationship between Lin Wenyu and Su Bei, but this surprise disappeared in an instant.

After Tang Yue got out of the car, Lin Wenyu ignored her.

Clearly, because of what had happened a while ago, she had long lost all good feelings for Tang Yue.

Seeing Su Bei and Lin Wenyu holding hands, Tang Yue clenched her fists again.

Her exquisitely polished nails almost broke.

“Lets go in first,” Lin Wenyu said while holding Su Beis hand as they walked in.

Previously, Su Bei had not imagined what kind of family the Lin family was.

Now that she walked in, she realized that although this antique house looked inconspicuous on the outside, it was not to be underestimated on the inside.

It was filled with vintage items and nostalgia.

The materials used to build the house and their combination were very exquisite.

It could be seen that this residence was quite old and had a very deep history.

Lin Wenyu chatted with her as they walked.

It had been a long time since they last met, so she had too much to say.

Su Bei smiled back at her.

When they reached the living room, Lin Wenyu stopped talking.

She let go of Su Beis wrist and said in a low voice, “My father is here.

Ill talk to you later.”

With that, she quickly slipped to the side and stood straight as if she didnt know Su Bei.

It was obvious that she was afraid of someone.

Su Bei looked over in confusion and saw a man in his 50s with a particularly dignified expression walking over.

His square face was very stiff, and his unsmiling appearance was a little scary.

Su Bei had seen the woman walking with him somewhere before.

She suddenly remembered that the womans name was Qin Zufang.

She had attended the presidents wifes banquet the last time, so her status could not be underestimated.

Therefore, the Lin family was indeed high and powerful, even more so than the Tang family.

No wonder they lived in such a place.

Qin Zufang also looked at Su Bei.

She had a good impression of Su Bei, but because of her husbands attitude, she could only say indifferently, “Su Bei, youre here Have a seat.”

“Thank you.” She sat down.

Tang Jianming and his family walked in.

Compared to Su Beis normal self, the three of them were clearly a little nervous, especially Tang Yue.

She gulped gently.

If it were before, she would not be afraid.

She did not think that the feud between her mother and the Lin family would affect her.

However, this time was different.

The kidney transplant incident and her role in Su Beis disappearance back then had already caused her to be condemned by everyone.

It was obvious what the Lin family would think of her.

She could only tuck her tail between her legs and keep a low profile.

However, Su Bei didnt think much of it.

She treated the other party with respect regardless of their background.

She just needed to be herself.

She didnt need to be timid or deliberately ingratiating.

“Grandma, youre here.” Lin Wenyu ran over to greet an old lady.

Su Bei took a closer look.

She knew this old lady.

Last time, she had even sent her home.

How strange.

Why were all the people she met today familiar

However, this old ladys status was not ordinary.

Su Bei did not act too familiar with her and only nodded at her.

Old Madam Lin also recognized Su Bei.

Or rather, she had long known Su Beis identity.

She smiled knowingly.

“Aunt.” Lin Shulian stood up and greeted Old Madam Lin.

Su Bei was puzzled again.

Didnt they say that Lin Wenyus grandmother was her grandmother Why did Lin Shulian call herAunt instead ofMom

She quickly got a grasp of the situation.

There were too many people in big families like these.

They might have a lot of secrets that were not for outsiders to know.

She didnt need to be curious now.

She would find out soon enough.

Old Madam Lin sat down and said, “When Xuyan arrives later, everyone will be here.”


He Xuyan

Su Bei recalled that Lin Wenyu had said before that He Xuyan was her cousin.

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