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Chapter 1354: Eat, Wear, Sleep (2)Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“Su Bei, regard this as a bonus.”

“Thank you, then.” Su Bei accepted it with peace of mind, taking it as compensation for all the scolding she endured.

As soon as she put the phone down, another call came in.

She picked it up and heard He Xuyans cold voice on the other end.

“Su Bei, lets meet.”

“Okay,” she agreed while thinking of Madam Hes eyes.


Su Bei met He Xuyan at a private clubhouse.

He was still dressed in very ordinary clothes, but with his figure, ordinary clothes looked elegant and aristocratic.

Su Bei sat down, and He Xuyan handed her the drink menu.

She ordered a glass of something at random.

He handed over a box.

“Your hat.

Its been washed.

You can have it back.

Thank you.”

“Thanks,” she said while taking it back.

“Im really sorry about the other day.

My mother isnt usually like that.

She hasnt relapsed in a long time.” He Xuyan was very honest.

Perhaps it was because Su Bei had already seen his mother in that state, so there was no need to hide it from Su Bei.

Su Bei smiled.

“I can understand that.

Theres no need to apologize.

You guys helped me earn a wave of box office sales that day.

Otherwise, I dont know if I wouldve achieved anything in this movie.

Speaking of which, I should thank you.”

He Xuyan gave a rare smile.

“Is Aunt feeling better”

“Yes, shes doing better now.” He nodded.

“She also mentioned you and said shes sorry.”

Su Bei smiled.

“Actually, I think shes quite amiable.”

Anyway, she couldnt describe the feeling.

Madam Hes behavior that day was a little scary, but Su Bei felt that she was a good person.

He Xuyans black eyes darted around.

“When my mother was pregnant with my sister, she always liked to buy panda plushies.

She bought all kinds of things related to pandas.

She originally planned to give them to my sister after she was born.

But after my sister was born, she died.

My mother has never been able to get over it.

Hence, she would occasionally fall ill, especially when she sees panda-related things.

“I was careless that night.

I wasnt watching her when I went to buy the tickets.”

“So, it was because of my panda hat.

No wonder.

I can understand Aunts feelings.

If it were me, I wouldve reacted the same way too.” Su Beis words came from the bottom of her heart.

As a mother, she could understand how a mother felt when she lost her child.

“Im also sorry about the scandal I caused you.”

“Director He, Im not used to it when youre not scolding me.

Not only are you not picking on me, but you keep apologizing.

I think Ill be even more afraid to see you next time.”

He Xuyan smiled again.

He always had a very lonely and cold aura, making him very difficult to approach.

However, after this incident, Su Bei felt that he was quite a good person.

At least he was reasonable and had more character than when he was a director.

After seeing He Xuyan, Su Bei sent the big bonus to Lu Heting.

[This is]

[Its a bonus from the producers to thank me for my contribution to the movies publicity.

I thought that your and Lu Beis publicity efforts shouldnt be underestimated, so I should reward you too.]

[I thought you were giving me an allowance.]

[If you want, I dont mind being your sugar mommy.” Su Bei smiled.

“But forget it.

The amount of money I have to give to you, a big shot, wont be small.

Im afraid I cant afford it.]

[Im indeed not cheap.

I have to eat, buy clothes to wear, and… sleep.]

Although it was only a message, Su Bei could feel it through the screen.

The wordsleep was strangely coy.

She felt as if she could see the mans Adams apple moving.

Probably because Su Bei didnt reply, Lu Heting sent another message.

[I can eat less.]

Su Bei couldnt help but laugh until her shoulders trembled.

She was about to reply when a call came in.

She saw the caller ID and answered.

The caller was Lin Shulian.

As soon as the call went through, she said guiltily, “Su Bei, Im really sorry about Tang Yue.

I didnt know she did that to you when she was young…”

“I dont need you to apologize to me on her behalf, and I wont accept it either.” Su Beis voice was indifferent, but she later softened her tone as she said, “You dont have to apologize for her.”

Lin Shulians cries came softly.

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