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Chapter 1353: Eat, Wear, Sleep (1)Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

The siblings turned on the computer and saw that their father had obtained evidence of Lu Tianqing locking movie theaters and that he had communicated with the other movie theater managers.

“So Su Bei is really being slandered.

The movie theaters refunded the tickets not because Su Bei bribed the movie theaters but because Lu Tianqing locked the venues!” The siblings discussed.

They were familiar with some professional terms because they often heard their father mention them.

“We cant let Su Bei continue to be slandered like this.

We have to tell everyone what happened!” After discussing it, they decided to release all the evidence.

Young people were always righteous and only cared about justice.

They rarely thought about anything else.

They only knew that Su Bei was in the right, so they could not let her suffer.

Before Manager Liang woke up, the siblings sorted out all the evidence and released it.


Soon, everyone saw that those people were refunded because they had locked the venues.

They bought tickets for the movie, but they didnt go to watch it, causing the movie theaters a big loss.

Besides, the purchaser bought tickets using the same software and used the same method of payment.

After the news was released, the fans of the actors in Lu Tianqings movie also realized this.

The people who had mocked Su Bei previously started to mock Lu Tianqing.

[To be honest, theres really no problem with everyones acting in Lu Tianqings movie.

However, the plot elements in it are too complicated, causing it to be a little difficult to get into the vibe.]

[I think so too.

I felt a little confused after watching it.

It was part comedy, fantasy, romance, and action.

Even with everything combined, there was nothing memorable.”

[Thats right, so no one can be blamed for the poor box office results.

Besides, the movie theaters basically gave her 90% of the screenings.

This is really an unprecedented number of screenings.

No matter how good the other movies are, its already good enough to get 50% of the screenings.

However, Li Tianqings movie still suffered a crushing defeat in terms of box office results.

What can the movie theaters do]

[Cutting off someones income is like killing their parents.

Really, the act of locking the venues is too much.

It costs money to operate a movie theater.

The cost is very high.

If the movie cant be sold for money, then theyll naturally replace it with another movie.

Why must they resort to locking the venues]

[Apologize to Su Bei.

You really cant blame Su Bei for this.

Dont the movie theaters need to earn money Who will support their many employees and their families, then]

[Thats right.

Su Bei is really too pitiful.

She has to take the blame for everything.

Besides, this is happening when her movie is selling well.

I can imagine how everyone would talk about her if she failed at the box office.]

[Everyone should be cautious in the future.

Dont let anyone lead you by the nose.]

For a moment, everyone who had misunderstood Su Bei before collectively knew what was going on and stood up to voice their opinions.

When Manager Liang woke up, things had already gotten out of hand.

However, it was his children who did it.

What else could he do

All he could say was that he had to bear the responsibility for his actions and pay the price.

When Lu Tianqing saw the outcome, she had nothing to say.

She just hurriedly went online and posted on Weibo: [I dont know who are the kind fans who helped me lock the venues.

While I really appreciate your kindness, the movie market is fair and just.

Everyone is competing from the same position.

No matter what, we cant use such a method to participate in the competition in the market.

Please look at all the problems with a rational mind next time.

To my fans, please dont do anything inappropriate.

[I also apologize on behalf of my fans.

In the future, I will lead by example and achieve better results.]

With just a few sentences, she had completely removed herself from all blame.

She did a clean job and made it seem as though it was her fans who locked the venues.

Although she received a lot of ridicule, she could still pretend to have a positive character and win back some superficial glory.

Even if the outside world knew that she was the one who did it, there was not much concrete evidence pointing to her now.

Moreover, she apologized sincerely.

This matter finally subsided peacefully.

As the matter had blown up before, it had a greatly positive impact on Su Beis movie.

The producer gave her a big bonus.

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