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Chapter 1350: An Extraordinary Chemical Reaction (1)Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

He smiled helplessly, then said, “Just one, okay”

“Huh” Su Bei looked up, a little confused.

“I said, just one.

Only one,” Lu Heting reiterated.

“Yes, yes.” Su Bei quickly nodded and smiled.

When she got the ice cream, her footsteps were light again.

She was almost hopping.


Today, there were especially many fans and audience members who came to watch the movie.

Some people were here to see if they could bump into Su Bei and He Xuyan, so they had prepared cameras.

In the end, they didnt get to take a photo of Su Bei but of Lu Heting and Lu Beis sweet love.

President Lu accompanied Lu Bei to buy ice cream with a doting expression.

President Lu looked just like a teenager in love.

If he had a tail, his tail would probably be wagging non-stop.

Even though it was their second time watching the movie, it was still exciting, not to mention Su Bei had durian ice cream to eat.

When Su Bei and Lu Heting came out, they were very satisfied.

She clicked on Weibo to check the box office results.

As expected, she saw Lu Heting and Lu Bei on the list of hot searches.

Perhaps it was because the two beautiful men were dating, so even though the two of them were not as popular as Su Bei, the chemistry between them was exceptionally shocking in the eyes of others.

The comments and tweets were explosive.

[Ahhhhhh, my ship has appeared again!]

[Theyre too sweet.

Please get married.]

[The Civil Affairs Bureau is waiting for you guys!]

[When are the two of you getting married]

[I just want to be that durian ice cream in Lu Beis hand.]

[This ship is really too good.

Quick, quick, give me insulin.

My sugar level has already exceeded the limit!]

[I support you! Hurry up and consummate your marriage on the spot! Its best if you bring forth a child into the world!]

[Commenter upstairs, may I ask how theyll do that]

“Not only can my ship get married and consummate their marriage, but they can definitely have children and live happily ever after too!]

[So Lu Heting and Lu Bei also went to watch Su Beis movie.

Boo-hoo, how good is this movie that so many popular ships are watching it]

[Im going to watch it too.

If I watch a movie like that, maybe Ill be able to pretend that Im in a sweet relationship too.]

As Su Bei read the comments, Lu Heting leaned over and said calmly, “These netizens have good taste.

Our ship is the best.”

“This is crazy.

The number of comments and likes is actually 20 times more than my scandal!” Su Bei was really puzzled.


After all, were real.”

Su Bei reached out and pinched his face.

“So, you wanted to come here and watch the movie for the second time just to show off our love, right Youre jealous!”

“No, its just that your movie is really quite good.

I was planning to watch it a second time anyway.

It just so happened to be a good time for public displays of affection as well.”

Hmph, they were indeed here to show off their love!

However, this wave of affection was really worth it.

While everyone was paying attention to their news, the movies publicity also soared.

The few movie theaters that had taken the lead in adding screenings for Su Bei had made a lot of money and were grinning from ear to ear.

There were only Su Beis and Lu Tianqings movies being screened during this period.

Lu Tianqings box office results were average.

Even if they kept adding more screenings for Su Bei, it would not affect the overall profits of the movie theater.

Those movie theaters that had accepted Jin Mingchang and Lu Tianqings money could no longer sit still.

Now, Su Beis box office results had already surpassed Lu Tianqings.

Seeing that the other theaters were making a lot of money, they knew that their annual report would look very ugly if this continued.

They would probably be replaced by other movie theaters!

“We really cant go on like this.

Although weve received some money, our movie theaters have lost more than what weve received.

If we give Su Bei more screenings, our bonus will be more than what we received as well.

Moreover, the bonus is legal!” A manager couldnt help but complain!

“Why dont we secretly give Su Bei some screenings When the time comes, we can say that we really coudnt withstand the pressure of the gap in performance.”

“I think its fine.

Lu Tianqings movie is disappointing.

We gave her 90% of the screenings, but she still didnt beat Su Bei.

At this rate, we can only retreat first.”

It didnt take long for these movie theaters to secretly arrange more screenings for Su Bei.

As soon as the number of showtimes increased, Su Beis box office results rose uncontrollably, leaving Lu Tianqings movie far behind.

Lu Tianqings movie was actually really good in all aspects.

It had a Best Actor, a big director, a big investment, and all kinds of scriptwriters.

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