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Chapter 135: Chapter135 His Su Bei

Gun Gun pursed his lips.

“No! I know that only a husband-wife relationship can last very long.

Dont think you can fool me.

You just want to take Bei Bei away from me.”

He turned his back to ignore Lu Heting.

Lu Heting didnt want to talk to Gun Gun anymore, so he stood up and went to the kitchen to help Su Bei bake the cupcakes.

Su Beis body emitted a faint fragrance that smelled like cream cakes.

It was so calming and refreshing.

“You go and rest.

Im fine here.

Besides, Aunt Chen is helping me,” Su Bei said with a smile.

Aunt Chen, who understood Lu Hetings thoughts very well, said hurriedly, “I remember that I havent washed Gun Guns clothes yet.

Im going to wash them first.”

She then quickly walked out of the kitchen to give Lu Heting some space.

The kitchen wasnt that big, and Lu Heting was extraordinarily tall.

As soon as he came in, it seemed like he occupied more than half of the kitchen.

Su Bei had to move to and fro to take the food.

And every time she carried it, she had to raise her hands a little higher in fear of hitting him.

Lu Heting stretched out his hands to protect her waist.

He felt that he was not there to help her but to create an opportunity to get close to her.

Finally, the cupcakes were ready.

Su Bei gave them to him and said, “Try it.”

Lu Heting didnt like sweets.

But when he smelled the cupcakes that she handed to him, his mouth watered, and his fingers were itchy to take one.

He then went out of the kitchen with the plate of cupcakes in his hands.

Gun Gun was still angry.

But when he smelled the newly baked food, he couldnt help but look sideways.

And his eyes caught sight of the delicious cupcakes.

“Do you want to eat cupcakes Your little cutie has made them by herself.” Lu Heting picked up one cupcake and took a bite in a good mood.

“I want cupcakes too!” Gun Gun couldnt resist the temptation anymore.

He rushed over, grabbed one cupcake, and took a big bite.

When Su Bei brought out the freshly baked cupcakes, there was only one cupcake left on the plate that Lu Heting took out.

Not only Gun Gun but also Lu Heting ate a lot.

Su Bei couldnt help laughing.

It was rare for her to see Lu Heting like this.

When Aunt Chen was about to leave, Su Bei packed a box of cupcakes for her.

She was very grateful.

Gun Gun was so sleepy that he almost couldnt open his eyes.

He had no choice but to go to bed.

Lu Heting handed a document to Su Bei and said, “This shows that Jin Xius sales have soared in just a short time.

The clothes youve worn in the video have the highest number of orders.

Those clothes that Su Huixian has worn havent gained popularity.

If you compare the previous and the current data, you can see that her endorsement hasnt made much difference.”

Su Bei took the document and looked through it.

Aside from what Lu Heting had said, it also showed that several flagship stores of Jin Xiu used her printed photos to attract more customers.

It seemed that her endorsement was a success.

“Su Bei, youre amazing! Not only your figure but also your performance is perfect.

In the future, you will definitely become the brightest oriental star in the history of the world,” Lu Heting praised her without hesitation.

His Su Bei deserved all the best compliments.

Su Beis face flushed with embarrassment.

She felt a little shy when she heard such straightforward praise from Lu Hetings mouth.

However, there was no future for her.

And now, the most important thing for her was to make money.

She had already told Lv Shan to grab all the job opportunities for her.

The more, the better.

If she could earn more money, so could Lv Shan.

So Lv Shan would definitely help her find more job opportunities.

Lu Heting stood up.

He was wearing a simple white shirt and ordinary suit pants.

But in such a simple set of clothes, there was still a sense of nobleness and elegance in him.

He looked young and courageous.


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