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Chapter 1346: Lest You Get Banned Before Your Debut (3)Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Lu Tianqing gave a look, and the female celebrities beside her raised their glasses and said with a smile, “Thank you, Managers.

You must enjoy yourself to your hearts content tonight.

We have other things to do later.”

“60 percent of the screening slots!”

“Well give you 70 percent!”

As the glasses of wine went down their throats, the managers made bigger promises.

Lu Tianqing was finally relieved.

Even if she didnt talk to Lu Heting, as long as she settled the movie theater managers, there wont be a problem with the box office results for her movie.

Su Beis results would definitely be lacking compared to hers.

Su Bei indeed did not use these public relations methods.

She only cooperated with the producers to promote the movie.

Her thoughts had always been more focused on the filming and quality of the movie itself.

She did not have any other matters on her mind.

She had always trusted the market and viewers judgment.

What mattered most was producing good work.

Soon, Lu Tianqing and Su Beis movies were released.

Lu Tianqing and Jin Mingchang had done a good job.

After the meeting that day, their movie occupied almost 90% of every movie theaters screening slots.

In addition, the screening slots had long been swept away by Jin Mingchang.

None of the other movies had been released.

All the audience who entered the cinema could only choose between two movies—Lu Tianqings or Su Beis.

However, Su Bei had very few screening slots, and the timings for all the slots were not very good.

There were only late nights and mornings, so the box office results for her movie would inevitably be affected.

Even if the audience wanted to watch Su Beis movie, it was difficult to find the right time.

Some of the audience who entered the cinema had no choice but to choose Lu Tianqings movie.

On the day of the screening, Lu Tianqings movie had a good box office performance.

Lu Tianqing was finally ahead of Su Bei.

Looking at the rising box office results, she was in a good mood.

On the other hand, Su Bei was not in a hurry.

She was no longer a newbie in the film industry.

She had encountered many twists and turns in her previous movies.

She knew that the market had its own aesthetic standards.

She was equally calm this time.

Even so, there was always a sense of ritual.

Whenever her movie was released, she would go to watch it with Lu Heting.

This time was no exception.

Although the box office results were dominated by Lu Tianqing, Su Bei was still in a good mood.

Lu Heting was driving, and she was holding onto a bottle of Coke.

Later when they entered the venue, she could buy popcorn.

This was what a happy life looked like.

There was a slight traffic jam as they approached the movie theater.

Seeing that it was almost time, Su Bei said, “Stop the car here first.

Ill get the tickets and meet you in the lobby.”

“Okay.” Lu Heting drove steadily.

When they reached the parking lot, Su Bei quickly ran toward the cinema.

Lu Heting looked at her back and couldnt help but laugh.

Su Bei did not dress up as a man tonight, but she had still disguised herself.

She wore a furry panda hat on her head and a mask, which was enough to cover her face.

Besides, her movie was screened late at night as if it were some shameful movie.

There probably wouldnt be many people coming to watch it.

She ran to get the tickets and didnt care about buying popcorn anymore.

She followed the crowd and called Lu Heting.

“I wont wait for you in the lobby.

Ill wait for you at the ticket counter.

Theres no time.”

Unexpectedly, there were actually quite a few people here.

Perhaps because it was the weekend, many people stayed out until quite late.

The audience was not as small as Su Bei had expected.

Time was of the essence.

She mingled with the crowd and walked together in the direction of the movie theater, but suddenly, she heard a cry.

A woman was crying and shouting: “Daughter, my daughter… My daughter…”

Su Bei hesitated for a moment.

She was about to enter the venue, but she still subconsciously turned around.

At this moment, the other audience members were busy entering the theater.

No one paid attention to the crying woman.

Because it was late and there were not enough staff, they were all busy with work and did not care about what was happening.

Su Bei was an abandoned child and also a mother, so she was particularly sensitive to such things.

She thought to herself,Could the womans daughter have gotten lost in the crowd

Instinctively, she ran toward the woman and said soothingly, “Maam, dont cry.

What does your daughter look like How old is she Where was she just now I can help with the search and call the police for you.”

“My daughter, my daughter… Shes my daughter…” This was the womans only answer, and she kept repeating it.

It was a confusing situation.

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