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Chapter 1345: Lest You Get Banned Before Your Debut (2)Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

He turned around, his tall figure appearing exceptionally cold and distant.

The man came back to his senses and frowned in embarrassment.

Sure enough, Lu Heting didnt like him.

Even though he was already the same type as Lu Bei, Lu Heting was still not moved at all.

If he didnt take a fancy to him, why did he allow him to take his coat and hand it back

He just couldnt figure it out.

He had no choice but to reply to the person who had arranged for him to come.

[Lu Heting didnt buy it at all.

I was rejected.]

When Jin Mingchang received the news, he wasnt surprised.

“Forget it.

A man like Lu Heting isnt someone ordinary people can approach.

We can only rely on ourselves for the movie.”

Lu Tianqing was really disappointed.

She had thought that by getting a man who was a similar type to Lu Bei and had undergone all kinds of training, he would be able to please Lu Heting.

Unexpectedly, they returned in defeat.

This gift had failed miserably.

Su Bei originally planned to look for Lu Heting after filming.

Therefore, when she saw Lu Heting, she was pleasantly surprised.

“Your party ended early” she asked as she changed.

“Well, there was nothing much to do there, so I came over first.” Lu Heting smiled as he watched her change out of her clothes.

Su Bei looked the most comfortable in mens clothes.

Su Bei only needed to take off the costume she was wearing on the outside, so she changed quickly.

She took his arm and they walked out together.

It was a little cold at night, but Lu Heting was only wearing a shirt.

He didnt intend to put on his coat.

“Arent you cold”


“Then let me wear it.” Su Bei flinched.

Lu Heting reached out and hugged her.

“Get in the car immediately.”

He quickly led her to the car and turned on the heater.

Su Bei felt strange.

“Why cant I touch that coat”

“Because someone else touched it.”

“What kind of person would touch something so important”

Lu Heting recalled what had just happened, and a trace of helplessness flashed across his eyes.

“A man.”

Su Bei guessed something from his embarrassed expression.

“So, theres actually a man who wants to snatch my husband from me Oh my God, what kind of fate do I have Other people only have the same sex as their competitors.

My life is twice as difficult.”

Lu Heting said seriously, “I like men, but not every man will be liked by me.”

“You like women, okay” She corrected him.

Lu Heting chuckled and pulled her into his arms.

“Since you dont like to wear clothes that someone has touched, dont let anyone touch your clothes.

Otherwise, youll get cold.”

“I didnt notice it at first.

I thought it was a waiter.” Lu Heting felt a little wronged.

Laughing at the look on his face, she wrapped her arms around his waist.

“Okay, its okay.

Its just a man.

If youve touched him, so be it.

Its just clothes, nothing else.”

Only then did Lu Heting feel better.

Originally, he wanted to throw away the coat, but it was from Su Bei.

After thinking about it, he reluctantly kept it.

However, when he went back, he would definitely have to hand it over to the butler for dry cleaning.

When the butler received the coat, he was a little puzzled.

The coat was clean and there was nothing wrong with it.

He could understand Mr.

Lus request for having it dry cleaned, but asking him to do it three times was a little beyond his understanding.

However, so be it.

It was Mr.

Lus order, after all.

Jin Mingchang and Lu Tianqing gave up on negotiating with Lu Heting.

Now, their focus was on the managers of movie theater chains.

The most important thing about a movie was the screening slots.

More slots meant better box office sales.

The managers gathered in the private room arranged by Jin Mingchang.

They were not worried about Lu Heting at all.

After all, the huge Lu Group had never made any special arrangements for entertainment.

Lu Heting had never personally handled the screening of movies either.

However, Jin Mingchang was different.

He had a long-term working relationship with them, and his every move was extraordinary.

Just like tonight, he directly found several female celebrities to accompany them.

Jin Mingchangs gifts to everyone were filled with sincerity.

“Boss Jin, dont worry.

Weve been old friends for a long time and have worked together many times.

We definitely wont treat you badly.

Besides, only you and Su Beis movie will be released during this period.

As for Su Bei, Lu Group didnt come to us to make arrangements.

You dont have to worry at all.

When the time comes, well schedule more than 50% of the screening slots for you.

Most of the venues will play your movie!” The managers patted their chests and promised.

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