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Chapter 1344: Lest You Get Banned Before Your Debut (1)Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Lu Heting rarely attended social events.

At his level, the people who usually socialized were similar to him.

And there were obviously very few of them.

When he attended the cocktail party that night, Lu Heting originally planned to stay for no more than two hours.

After making an appointment with Su Bei, they would meet outside in two hours and go home together.

He held his glass and made conversation.


Then, someone came to invite him to take a seat.

Lu Heting followed that person.

Many people were already sitting at the table.

He took off his coat.

Originally, there would be waiters for such a banquet.

Lu Heting casually handed over his coat.

However, it was not a waiter who took his coat.

It was a young man.

The man was in his early 20s and looked extremely delicate.

His peach-blossom eyes were filled with affection, making them look sexy.

He was tall and looked very familiar.

It was as though Lu Heting had seen him before.


Lu, let me help you.” The man took Lu Hetings coat and put it aside.

The others at the table laughed kindly.

They all knew about the scandal between Lu Heting and Lu Bei.

The man who took the initiative to please Lu Heting was obviously similar to Lu Bei.

They wondered how he got into such an occasion.

However, no one else at the table expressed any disgust toward the attractive man.

It was just like how a few more beauties at a banquet like this would only make them laugh.

Lu Heting frowned slightly, and a cold glint flashed across his eyes.

It seemed that someone had specifically targeted him and placed a man here.

His appearance and attitude were all chosen according to Lu Beis appearance.

That person was very attentive.

Lu Heting sat down.

Because the man had already helped Lu Heting put down his coat, his actions were much bolder.

It seemed that the interaction earlier was enough to establish a connection between the two of them.

It also seemed that Lu Heting had silently admitted something.

The mans Adams apple was slightly protruding, and his white shirt was wrapped around his delicate figure.

He looked gentle yet mighty.


Lu, let me pour you some wine.” The man picked up a bottle of red wine and poured some for Lu Heting.

The people around the table only laughed and were happy to see this happen.

Some people were used to these romantic scenes, but they were also happy to see the romantic scenes of others.

However, they did not notice the coldness in Lu Hetings eyes.

Lu Heting didnt drink or pick up his chopsticks.

The man was attentive and occasionally chatted with others.

Lu Heting took out his phone and tapped on WeChat.

Su Bei said that she was still filming and would take a while to come over.

Lu Heting frowned slightly.

The laughter of the people around him made him feel strange and uncomfortable.

“Everyone, please excuse me.” Lu Heting stood up.

Everyone was used to his coldness and alienation.

He had never stayed long on such occasions.

However, when Lu Heting got up, the man also got up.

He helped Lu Heting get his coat and handed it to him, intending to help Lu Heting put it on.

Lu Heting refused.

He took the coat and put it on his wrist.

The young man immediately followed him out.

Outsiders said that Lu Heting was difficult to come into contact with.

He almost never said anything to others, let alone let outsiders touch his clothes.

But just now, his first test was a success.

Lu Heting did not reject the coat he handed over.

He knew that success was in sight.

It turned out that even a man like Lu Heting couldnt refuse him as long as he acted this way.


Lu.” The man quickly followed with a smile on his face.

His peach blossom eyes were filled with charm.

Sometimes, when a man was flirtatious, he would be very different from a woman.

It was a very different kind of beauty.

The man knew this too, so his smile widened.


Lu, its rare for us to meet by chance tonight.

I wonder if I can chat with you the next time we meet”

“Which company are you from” Lu Heting suddenly asked.

The man was delighted.

“I havent signed on with a company, but Im already a trainee.

Im good at singing and dancing.

Im interested in acting.”

“Then stay away from me the next time you see me, lest you get banned before you can debut.” Lu Hetings voice was cold and powerful.

The man was slightly stunned.

“I dont quite understand what you mean…”

“If youre too stupid, youll be easily banned.” After saying that, Lu Heting adjusted his cufflinks.

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