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Chapter 1342: Everything Is Under His Control (2)Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“I am.

I just had a full-body check-up, and it took me a long time to finish it.” Su Bei stretched.

When Tang Yue and the others thought that she was undergoing surgery, Lu Heting took the opportunity to arrange a full-body check-up for her.

What a waste of time, but it made perfect sense.

Lu Heting rubbed her head and said, “The physical examination reports are out.

Everything is fine.

The ulcer in your stomach has gotten better.”

“Then I can eat hotpot and drink Coke tonight” Su Beis eyes lit up.

“Ill arrange it,” Lu Heting said dotingly.


On the internet, this matter was brewing fast.

Tang Yue was suffering as much backlash as she had caused Su Bei previously.

Not to mention Su Beis fans, even ordinary people couldnt help but curse at her.

[Just what kind of a b*tch is Tang Yue I really cant think of any other adjectives to describe her.]

[This is way too unreal.

Really, I could never think of such a vicious way to mess with someone.

When it comes to viciousness, I really have to give in to Tang Yue.]

[Su Bei was really lucky this time.

Fortunately, Di Xing Media arranged for other doctors to accompany her.

Otherwise, she would have really fallen into Tang Yues hands.]

[Shouldnt those people who scolded Su Bei before apologize to her now Su Bei is really too kind.

She even has sympathy for such a sister.]

[I think Su Bei might have agreed to donate her kidney because she didnt want her family to worry.

Otherwise, with her relationship with Tang Yue, she definitely wouldnt have been so willing to be a saint.]

[When I see Tang Yue in the future, Ill definitely throw rotten eggs at her.]

When Lu Tianqing learned of the outcome, she was very disappointed.

Her face could not help but distort.

She thought to herself,Su Bei escaped again! Tang Yue is really disappointing.

She even made a mistake like this!

What annoyed her the most was that not only did this matter not hurt Su Bei, but it also greatly increased Su Beis popularity and made the work that Su Bei was currently filming receive a lot of attention.

This helped Su Bei and made Lu Tianqings situation even more difficult.

However, even Tang Yue had been used.

Lu Tianqing did not think of anyone else she could use to dampen Su Beis spirit.

She had no choice but to restrain herself for the moment.

The commenters were not joking when they talked about throwing rotten eggs at Tang Yue.

She had not left the house since she fled back home.

Old Madam Tang was extremely disappointed in her.

Tang Jianming and Lin Shulian also sighed.

She was very depressed by the atmosphere at home and went out for some air.

However, not long after she went out, she came back with a head full of rotten eggs.

She was getting karma for doing all those things to Su Bei in the past.

Everywhere she went, people pointed at her.

Although Di Xing Media did not prosecute her legally, she could no longer clear her name in everyones hearts.

Not long after she finished showering, Du Jinghao came over.

“Jinghao.” When Tang Yue saw him, the grievances in her heart magnified and she started crying.

Previously, Du Jinghao was truly willing to marry her and take on his responsibilities, even if her kidney disease might greatly affect her quality of life.

But now that he was looking at her, he found her appearance so alien.

“Thank you for agreeing to see me,” Tang Yue said.

Du Jinghaos voice was a little hoarse.

He pondered for a moment and said, “Tang Yue, lets end the engagement.”

“What You said you wanted to marry me.” Tang Yue still had hope for him and could not accept such humiliation.

Du Jinghao said, “You know the reason.

I really wanted to marry you before, but now, I want to end the engagement.”

“Is it because of Su Bei Are you still in love with her”

“Its because of Su Bei, but its not what you think.

If you were really sick, we could still get married.


The matter of her pretending to be sick had already exceeded Du Jinghaos bottom line.

Tang Yue sneered.

“Youre disappointed that Im not sick, right Su Bei, Su Bei! All of you only care about Su Bei!”

“Im sorry.” Seeing that she was so crazy, Du Jinghao found it even more difficult to understand and tolerate her.

He turned around and left.

When he saw Old Master Tang, he bowed and left.

Old Madam Tang did not urge him to stay.

He was in no position to force him.

Tang Yue bit her lip hard.

It was all because of Su Bei!

Although Du Jinghao had suggested breaking off the engagement, Du Guoshou and Ou Huanwei still liked Tang Yue as they feared that Du Jinghao would fall in love with Su Bei again.

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