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Chapter 1341: Everything Is Under His Control (1)Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

While everyone was arguing, Su Bei appeared in front of everyone.

“Su Bei, Su Bei! Su Bei!” The reporters were not in a hurry to interview her.

Instead, they instinctively called her name!

Tang Yues eyes flashed with pleasure when she saw Su Bei appear.

So what if she was going to be scolded Su Bei had lost much more than she had.

Su Bei walked over while accompanied by many doctors.

A reporter immediately asked, “Su Bei, are you done with your surgery Hows your health now Do you know that Tang Yue isnt sick”


As if she had just found out about this, Su Bei said in surprise, “Really Thats great.”

“What about yourself, Su Bei”

“I havent had the surgery yet,” Su Bei said, smiling at everyone.

“The doctors just accompanied me for one last check-up.

I just finished when I heard that there was no need for surgery, so I followed them out.”

Everyone rejoiced.

Old Master Tang and Tang Xinru had felt a lingering fear earlier.

At this moment, they relaxed and felt tired.

Old Master Tang could not stand steadily, so Tang Xinru helped him sit down.

The expression on Tang Yues face changed visibly.

She clenched her fists tightly.

Su Bei was actually fine! She was completely fine! The operation had not even begun!

Someone caught this change in Tang Yue and was once again shocked by her viciousness.

“Su Bei, its good that you didnt undergo surgery.

Tang Yues condition was all made up.

She lied to you.” Tang Xinru walked over and said, “Go back and rest first.”

Su Bei looked up in Tang Yues direction and said, “I thought that we would more or less have some sisterly feelings.

I didnt expect that even this last bit of warmth was fake.

Tang Yue, youre really not worthy of others treating you well.”

Tang Yue gritted her teeth.

Su Bei smiled at the reporters.

“Thank you for paying attention to this matter.

I didnt expect it to be like this.

This matter has also made me realize that a person needs to be vigilant when being kind.

Otherwise, others will take advantage of the situation to harm you.

I hope everyone can take this as a warning.”

With that, Su Bei turned around and left with Qiao Mei and Xiao Bai.

The reporters tactfully did not disturb Su Bei anymore.

Instead, they asked Tang Yue, “Tang Yue, are you ashamed of yourself”

“How will you answer the public for what you did”

“Tang Yue, if something had really happened to Su Bei, what were you going to do”

Tang Yue was in no mood to answer such questions.

She had lost all her reputation and exposed her viciousness.

She stood in front of everyone as if she had been stripped naked.

Surrounded by reporters, she turned and fled.

The reporters swarmed after her, catching up to her.

As for Zhang Shiping, when Lu Hang found him, he promised that he would help him deal with his sons problem.

However, Zhang Shipings own mistake could not be easily forgiven.

He had violated his professional ethics as a doctor and would soon have his medical license revoked.

He would never be a doctor again.

But he looked relieved.

Because to him, his sons future was more important.

He also knew that he needed to take responsibility for his mistakes.

Fortunately, Su Bei did not undergo the surgery.

His mistake was not so big that he had to bear the condemnation of his conscience for the rest of his life.

After Su Bei got into the car, Tang Xinru followed her.

She still felt a lingering fear.

“Tang Yue ran away.

Grandpa asked me to come and see you.”

“Ive told you not to worry.”

“So, you actually knew what Tang Yue did from the beginning” Tang Xinru asked.

She was very smart.

Others might not be able to tell, but she could tell that Su Bei had always been very relaxed.

Su Bei smiled brightly.

“Yes, but I only found out when things got really serious.

She did something like that, so I had to use her methods to expose her to everyone.”

“She deserves it.” Tang Xinru smiled.

“I know youre confident, so I dont have to worry so much.”

Lu Heting walked over from not far away.

Tang Xinru smiled again.

“I was thinking that you were a little irresponsible as a husband.

Now, I know that everything is under your control.

Im leaving now.”

“Bye.” Su Bei waved at her.

Lu Heting walked closer.

A smile appeared on his handsome face.

He got into the car and sat beside Su Bei.

“Are you tired”

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