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Chapter 1340: A Real Liar! (3)Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Old Master Tang couldnt stand it anymore and raised his hand.

Tang Yue said, “Go ahead and hit me.

Just kill me.

Anyway, you have Su Bei.

Thats enough for you.

You dont need me.”

The surrounding reporters and viewers watching the live broadcast were all stunned by Tang Yue.

They had never seen such a view of the world.

She had hurt her biological sister, yet she was so righteous about the mistake she made.

She had even tossed Su Bei out into the streets when she was young.

[No wonder Su Bei wanted to leave Sheng Tang Entertainment.

I really didnt expect Tang Yue to be such a person.

Su Bei must have sensed it long ago, so she couldnt stay any longer.]


[Previously, people called Su Bei evil for being unwilling to donate her kidney to Tang Yue.

Now, everyone mustve seen what true evil is! She tossed her sister out into the streets at such a young age.

Even now, shes still thinking of ways to harm her sister.

Such a person is really terrifying!]

[The point is that she still takes everything for granted as if the whole world owes her something.]

[No matter whats going on with Tang Yue, I just want to know Su Beis physical condition.

Please tell us about Su Beis condition.]

[Actually, Tang Yue is quite pitiful.

If parents treat their children differently, it might really cause the child to have a psychological imbalance, right]

[Is pity a reason to commit a crime Besides, Su Bei wasnt in the Tang family for so many years.

Didnt she already get what she wanted What does it have to do with Su Bei]

Amidst everyones discussion, Tang Xinru walked forward.

She went to the operating theater and did not see Su Bei.

When she returned, she happened to hear Tang Yues words.

She walked over and supported Old Master Tang.

Her voice was gentle and strong.

“Tang Yue, you have to speak and do things with a clear conscience.

Ever since they found out that you were sick, be it your mother or grandfather, all of them werent able to sleep at night.

They went everywhere to help you find a suitable kidney source.

They went to all the major hospitals and donation agencies.

They didnt ignore you as you said.

“Perhaps its indeed difficult for them to be completely and absolutely fair sometimes, but think about it.

What kind of person can be completely fair They love Su Bei, and they love you.

Theyve been doing their best.

“Your parents arent there today because they couldnt see their two daughters suffer at the same time, but they asked a lot of their friends to look for the best imported drugs to ease your pain.

Both you sisters are in different situations, and the way they love you isnt exactly the same.

You, on the other hand, constantly infinitely magnify others shortcomings and your own grievances while disregarding the effort of others.

Ask yourself if what youre doing is appropriate.”

“Its none of your business!” Tang Yue was very resistant to Tang Xinru.

“Do you think I want to care about you Im just afraid that Grandpa will get angry with you and Su Bei will get into trouble because of you!” Tang Xinru was not polite at all.

Someone watching the live broadcast recognized Tang Xinru.

[This must be Tang Xinru, the person whos really in charge of the company at Sheng Tang Entertainment, right What she said makes sense!]

[Thats right.

As long as the parents dont treat the two children unfairly, theres actually no big problem.

Tang Yue is really too extreme.]

[Tang Yue is already working at Sheng Tang Entertainment, and she has a lot of assets under her name, right On the contrary, Su Bei is the one who is really working hard outside and relies on herself for everything.

Moreover, when she was sick, Su Bei came to help.

How can she be so shameless]

[Tang Xinru is right.

Its impossible for the world to be fair, but no matter what, its not a reason for Tang Yue to deceive and harm others!]

[I just want to know Su Beis condition! Please tell me how shes doing!]

Lu Tianqing was filming, but she was also watching the live broadcast.

Seeing that Su Bei had yet to come out but Tang Yue was already exposed, she couldnt help but shake her head secretly.

“Tang Yue was exposed in the end.

But it doesnt matter.

Su Beis kidney should have already been taken away by now.

In this fight between sisters, the ultimate winner will only be me.”

And she did not even participate in the entire process.

She did not have to spend any energy, but she could collect all the fruits of labor.

The comments had already gathered.

[Su Bei! Su Bei! We have to know Su Beis situation!]

The reporters could not be bothered to criticize Tang Yue.

They were also anxious to know about Su Beis situation as well.

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