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Chapter 1339: A Real Liar! (2)Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“So its also a fact that she wanted Su Beis kidney”

“Su Bei has already entered the operating theater.

Her healthy kidney might have already been removed.

Tang Yue, what do you have to say about this”


Zhang, do you have any more inside information”

Tang Yue covered her face with her hands, not wanting to be interviewed.

However, Zhang Shiping said guiltily, “I dont have any other insider information.

Thats all I know.

I was too stupid and did something wrong.

I shouldnt have agreed to Tang Yue and lied to everyone for her.

Im willing to bear the punishment I deserve and apologize to the public!”


Everyone watching the live broadcast was furious after hearing the recording.

Not to mention Su Beis fans, even the netizens who usually supported Tang Yue could not stand it anymore.

[To think that weve been helping her persuade Su Bei to donate her kidney.

I didnt expect her to be such a liar!]

[Tang Yue, you owe us all an explanation!]

[Why would you do that Do you have any idea what the consequences could be]

[Shes really too shameless.

How can such a person be so vicious and selfish! We must make Tang Yue take responsibility!]

[How is Su Bei doing Im anxious! Please tell me about Su Beis situation!]

The reporters also pointed the microphone at Tang Yue.

“Tang Yue, why did you do this Is there something going on”

“Can you give everyone an explanation”

Tang Yue dodged the reporters questions.

The noise and accusations seemed to engulf her.

She tried her best to escape, but she couldnt.

Amidst the siege, Old Master Tang walked past everyone and toward Tang Yue.

His expression was very grave, and he staggered a little.

He walked up to Tang Yue and slapped her hard.

Tang Yue was in pain.

She turned her face to the side, looking aggrieved and humiliated.

She had been doted on since she was young and had never suffered such grievances.

But now, Old Master Tang had slapped her in front of everyone.

She looked at Old Master Tang in disbelief.

“Grandpa, you hit me”

“Yes, Im hitting you!” Old Master Tang slapped her again.

His eyes were filled with shock, anger, heartache, and regret.

His tone was trembling as he said, “I originally thought that you and Su Bei just had some small conflicts and they were all petty fights.

You two didnt grow up together and didnt have a deep relationship.

This was inevitable.

But I really didnt expect you to be so vicious.

You actually tricked Su Bei into giving you a kidney! Whats the difference between you and a beast What exactly is your heart made of Tang Yue, I was really wrong about you! If anything happens to Su Bei, you wont have to live anymore!”

Every word he said hit Tang Yues heart heavily.

The deep disappointment in his eyes pierced Tang Yue.

Tang Yue covered her face and said, “Thats right, youre wrong about me.

I did it on purpose to harm Su Bei.

You guys didnt expect that, did you But what about you guys Youre always talking about Su Bei.

My parents had already given birth to me, so why did they have another child Why did they give birth to another child who would take everything away from me

“When we were young, it was like that.

You thought the world of Su Bei, and Su Bei was everything to you.

It wasnt easy for me to get rid of her.

Who knew that she didnt die After she grew up, she even came running back! When she came back, you still loved her and doted on her all the same! Youve never cared about my feelings!

“I have to leave the good men to her.

I have to give her good resources! I have to take care of her! If I hadnt deliberately pretended to be sick this time, I really wouldnt have known.

You guys actually came to persuade me not to let Su Bei donate her kidney to me.

You would rather let me fend for myself than see me doing well!

“Why Why Why should I give in to her for everything Im the older sister.

Should I Must I make way for her”

In his anger, Old Master Tang was in no mood to listen to her questions.

He only heard her say the wordsIt wasnt easy for me to get rid of her. He was even angrier.

“What did you say You were the one who lost Su Bei when she was young”

“Thats right.

So what if it was me Because of her, Mom and Dad were always with her.

You all kept saying that she was obedient and beautiful, but she took everything from me.

Why couldnt I throw her away

“I was the one who got rid of her.

Anyway, she was still young at the time and didnt know anything.

She was so silly that she didnt even know to come back.

Besides, it didnt matter if she was lost.

After she went missing, wasnt everything in the house pretty good Didnt our family do well Didnt you think of Su Bei as a scourge Without her, everything would have been fine.

With her around, things ended up like this!”

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