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Chapter 1338: A Real Liar! (1)Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Zhang Shiping stood up and faced the doubts of the reporters.

He first bowed heavily before slowly saying, “Im sorry.

Ive let down my professional ethics.

Tang Yue is indeed not sick.”

Tang Yue smiled.

However, Zhang Shiping continued, “Shes not sick, but its not because of a misdiagnosis.

Its because she was never sick and was just pretending to be sick.”

“Doctor Zhang, you have to have a basis for your words!” Tang Yues expression changed slightly.

She could not figure out why Zhang Shiping had suddenly betrayed her.

“I dont know exactly why she pretended to be sick, but when she found me, she said that she wanted to disguise it as acute kidney disease.

She asked me to give her a certificate and arrange a treatment plan,” Zhang Shiping said in a pained tone.

“She also asked me to prepare all the treatment conditions.

I agreed to everything.”


Tang Yue sneered.

“Doctor Zhang, are you going to justify your misdiagnosis now Are you going to blame me for your own mistake I hope you think about your family and yourself.

Dont let anyone be disgraced with you.”

She was reminding Dr.

Zhang not to forget their agreement.

Zhang Shiping looked at Tang Yue and said, “Tang Yue, theres no need for me to lie.

Thats because Ive recorded everything that we talked about.

I was afraid that I wouldnt be able to explain it clearly later.

Although I made a huge mistake in helping you pretend to be sick, I admit my mistake.

I also hope that you can realize your mistake as soon as possible.

I believe everyone will have their own judgment about whether its right or wrong.”

The reporters erupted.

The people watching the live broadcast were in an uproar.

Tang Yues expression changed.


Zhang took out his phone and pressed the play button.

Tang Yue wanted to go forward and snatch it, but Zhang Shiping was protected by someone, so she could not go forward at all.

The person protecting Zhang Shiping was someone arranged by Lu Hang.

When Tang Yue entered the operating theater, Lu Hang had already found Zhang Shiping and learned the entire process.

He asked him to explain everything in public.

Therefore, Tang Yue could only watch as the conversation between her and Zhang Shiping played on Zhang Shipings phone.

Tang Yue said, “Dr.

Zhang, I hope you can arrange for my illness to be acute kidney failure, the kind that requires a kidney transplant.

Then, Ill announce it to the public.”

Zhang Shiping said, “But Miss Tang, your body is fine.

There are no symptoms at all.

Why are you doing this Your family will be worried.”

Tang Yue said, “Ill let you arrange it.

There are some questions that you shouldnt ask.

When the time comes, you just have to give me a set of complete and flawless medical records.

I have my own arrangements.

In addition, I need a medical document that states Su Beis kidney is a match to mine.”

Zhang Shiping said, “But forging medical records is against professional ethics.

Its even more impossible for me to make medical documents for you that state someone elses kidney is a match to your kidney.

Ive never seen Su Bei before.

I havent even collected her blood samples.

How can I make such documents”

Tang Yue said, “Dr.

Zhang, if I remember correctly, your son, Huang Tinghao, is a trainee at Sheng Tang Entertainment He takes his mothers surname and has a promising future.

However, because hes insensible, he injured the son of an investment big shot.

Not only can he not continue to be a trainee, but he also has to face huge compensation and jail time.”

Zhang Shiping asked, “You know all this”

Tang Yue said, “Dr.

Zhang, I know you only have one precious son.

Hes not even 20 years old and has a bright future ahead of him, but hes going to jail for a small matter.

Im sure you cant bear to see your son in such a situation, right But its not very difficult to resolve this matter.

I just need you to help me do this task well.

I can help you settle all your sons matters if you do this for me.”


Zhang said, “Can you guarantee that”

Tang Yue said, “Dr.

Zhang, do you think I cant”

Zhang Shiping was silent for a moment before saying, “Alright then.

Ill help you do what you asked of me.

I hope you can guarantee that nothing will happen to my son.

He didnt hurt anyone because he was insensible but because he couldnt stand the sight of that big shots son bullying other female trainees.

It was a righteous act, not a provocation.”

Tang Yue smiled.

“Of course.

We have a mutually beneficial relationship.

If you help me do this well, Ill naturally help you settle your sons matters.”

Zhang Shiping finished playing the recording on his phone.

The reporters were agitated.

“So Tang Yues illness was all orchestrated by herself, right”

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