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Chapter 1337: Dont You Understand (3)Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“Doctors arranged by Di Xing I dont believe it! Why did you replace my doctor for no reason”

The doctors and nurses walked over and explained simply, “We wont harm you.

Dont worry.

If you dont undergo surgery now, even if Su Beis kidney is removed, it cant be kept for long.

Your condition wont be treatable by then.”

One of the reporters recognized the doctor and said, “This doctor is Wang Lang, a top-notch doctor from Jingdu Hospitals kidney department.

Hes especially famous and usually cant be booked.

Tang Yue, why are you still delaying”

The people watching the live broadcast could not help but break out in a cold sweat.

[Tang Yue is really too willful.

At a time like this, shes still throwing a tantrum.]

[Thats right.

Doesnt she know this doctor Its Wang Lang! You cant find a better kidney doctor in the entire S Country.

Previously, when my grandfather was sick, he was the one who performed surgery to treat him.

However, it was really very difficult to make an appointment with him.

Back then, we waited for a full six months before he was free to help treat my grandfather.]


[So why is Tang Yue dawdling]

[Su Bei has already entered the operating theater, but Tang Yue is still wasting her time here.

Previously, I thought that she was quite pitiful.

Now that I think about it, there must be something hateful about a pitiful person.]

Faced with the reporters siege and everyones distress, Tang Yue calculated that it was about time.

She said, “Actually, my condition was a misdiagnosis.

My doctor already gave me a diagnosis this morning, so I dont need surgery.”

“What” The watching reporters were shocked.

“Why didnt you say so earlier”

The doctors behind her were also very shocked.

They really had not expected this.

No wonder Tang Yue refused to operate.

“I was going to say that earlier, but I was taken to the operating theater with no communication tools and no way to tell everyone, so there was no way to say it.

So whats going on now”

When Tang Xinru heard this, she gritted her teeth.

Before she could say anything, she turned around and ran towards Su Beis operating theater while staggering.

Old Master Tang and the others immediately ran over.

Qiao Mei questioned loudly, “Tang Yue, Su Bei said that she wanted to come over to donate her kidney to you.

It was reported long ago.

Since you had already discovered that you made a mistake, why didnt you say so earlier”

“I told you that I couldnt contact anyone.

Besides, I said before that I didnt need Su Bei to donate her kidney to me.

Who knew that she would come and donate it to me I was also out of the loop,” Tang Yue said innocently.

Wang Lang said angrily, “Tang Yue, since youre not sick, why didnt you say anything when we entered the operating theater just now Why didnt you tell us If you had said something just now, we could have stopped Su Beis surgery.”

“I… I was shocked when you guys came in just now.

I didnt know what you were doing.

Thats why I didnt dare to say anything.” Tang Yue basically claimed that she did not know anything and was afraid.

In any case, she was the most innocent.

All this had nothing to do with her.

Su Beis fans who were watching the live broadcast were shocked.

[Damn, damn, damn, Tang Yue isnt sick What misdiagnosis Why didnt you say so earlier]

[What should we do now From the looks of it, Su Bei has been in the operating theater for a long time.

The surgery to take out the kidney is simple.

Perhaps its already been taken out by now.]

[Damn it, what kind of scheming b*tch is Tang Yue She actually lied about such a thing! This hospital is also terrible! Why didnt they communicate properly]

[Im so angry at this damned woman.

Why didnt she really get sick and die Su Bei went into the operating theater for her, but she actually said that it was a simple misdiagnosis.]

Qiao Mei stepped forward and grabbed Tang Yues wrist.

“Tang Yue, tell me what happened! If anything happens to Su Bei, you wont be able to bear the consequences!”

Tang Yue pretended to be completely unaware and said, “I dont know either.

My doctor said it when he re-examined me this morning.

I dont know anything…”

Tang Yue was good at shirking responsibility.

But Qiao Mei would not give her a chance to shirk responsibility.

She said, “The doctor who treated you is Zhang Shiping from this hospital.

Well just get Zhang Shiping to come out and explain to us your condition.”

Zhang Shiping came over very quickly.

Tang Yue was not worried at all.

Zhang Shiping had accepted her money.

As long as she insisted that she was completely unaware, even if Su Beis kidney was removed, it would have nothing to do with her.

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