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Chapter 1336: Dont You Understand (2)Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Doctors had to treat patients kindly and conduct good psychological counseling so that better operations could be performed.

However, the doctors here knew that Su Bei had already entered the operating theater.

They were worried that the difference in progress between the two sides would affect the surgery, so they had no choice but to speed up.

Therefore, they had no choice but to adopt a slightly tougher attitude when Tang Yue refused to cooperate.

Tang Yue was terrified.

Her kidneys were good.

If one of them had to be removed, it would be terrible.

Besides, even if Su Bei donated her kidney, she wouldnt need it.

“Im not doing the surgery! Let me out, Im not doing it!”


“Tang Yue, you cant refuse to undergo surgery.

Weve read your report.

Your condition is very serious, and you have to undergo surgery.

Moreover, Su Bei has also entered the operating theater.

If you still want to escape now, even if Su Beis kidney is taken out, it wont last long if its not transplanted soon after.

If you lose such an opportunity, I dont know when youll be able to find another match in the future.

I hope you can cooperate and not be willful.

This is everyones responsibility to you,” the doctor said righteously.

The nurse stepped forward and grabbed Tang Yue.

The anesthetic appeared in front of Tang Yues eyes.

At the thought that her kidney was about to be taken away, Tang Yues heart almost jumped out of her chest.

She pushed the nurse away and said, “I said that I dont want to undergo surgery anymore.

Dont you understand Why are you forcing me to undergo surgery”

The nurse was a little angry.

“Its not that we want to force you to undergo surgery, but you need a kidney.

Besides, Su Bei took the initiative to donate her kidney to you.

Our attending doctor is very busy.

We took special time out to help you.

Can you be more understanding Everyone is worried about you and fighting for you.

You cant be like this.”

Tang Yue said angrily, “Im telling you that Im not doing the surgery anymore!”

The doctor really did not know that she was pretending to be sick.

He only knew that Lu Group had reminded them that Su Beis surgery would not take long.

This surgery had to be completed successfully, and Su Beis good intentions could not go to waste.

Therefore, everyone had to perform the surgery on Tang Yue.

The doctor said, “In that case, Tang Yue, we can only take mandatory measures.

Please bear with it.

Nurse, come and help.

Tang Yue, the injection will only hurt a little.

After the anesthetic takes effect, it wont hurt anymore.

Just bear with it.”

Tang Yue had not expected this team of doctors to be so tough.

She could not be operated on, given anesthesia, and have her kidney taken out! They could not do anything to her!

Seeing that there was no way to avoid it, she immediately ran toward the door of the operating theater.

After she ran out, she wanted to find a path to escape.

As for how she would explain it later, it was a small matter.

Most importantly, if Su Beis kidney was taken out, there was no way to reverse the damage.

Tang Yue ran out.

However, all the doors were closed.

The small doors that she was familiar with were all closed tightly.

And the medical team was right behind her, hurrying to catch up.

The doctors and nurses were having a headache, too.

Theyd never had such a difficult patient.

All they wanted to do was get on with things, but they had already been delayed for so long.

If they were to chase after Tang Yue now, they would probably not be able to undergo surgery immediately.

Later, they would have to give Tang Yue various psychological counseling and communicate with her before the surgery.

All of them would have a headache.

Seeing that she could not get through the various doors and the doctors and nurses were chasing after her, Tang Yue had no choice but to escape.

She didnt want to get caught and actually have her kidney taken.

As she fled, she arrived at where the reporters were.

The reporters were waiting lazily.

They all knew that the surgery would take a long time, so they did not expect anything to happen midway.

When they saw Tang Yue running over and the doctors and nurses chasing after her, the reporters were surprised.

What was going on

What was Tang Yue doing out here What were the doctors and nurses doing

Although they did not know the whole story, their professional sensitivity made them immediately gather around and aim their cameras at Tang Yue.

The platforms that were broadcasting immediately turned their cameras to her, waiting to see what was going on.

“Whats going on, Tang Yue What happened” the reporters asked immediately.

“My doctor was replaced.

Whats going on Why was my doctor swapped to a bunch of doctors I dont know” Tang Yue was still trying to stall for time so that Su Beis surgery could be completed quickly.

Qiao Mei stepped forward.

“Theyre doctors arranged by Di Xing.

I advise you to get the operation as soon as possible.”

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