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Chapter 1335: Dont You Understand (1)Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Tang Xinru quickly stepped forward to welcome Su Bei and asked, “Su Bei, are you really ready”

“Im ready, Sis,” she said with a smile.

“Dont worry.

Itll be fine.”

“I know your company has found the best doctors for you, but Su Bei, some conditions cant be completely cured by doctors…”

Su Bei couldnt tell her the truth at this moment, so she could only give her a smile.

“I know.

I understand your good intentions.

Im going in now.

Wait for me to come out.”

Tang Xinru originally wanted to persuade Su Bei to give up, but now, it seemed that Su Bei had already made up her mind.

There was no way to salvage the situation.


Tang Xinru watched Su Bei leave and sighed softly in her heart.

She just wanted to know how Lu Heting could bear to let Su Bei do this.

Previously, she had trusted him so much.

Was this how he did things

Unfortunately, she didnt have Lu Hetings contact information.

Otherwise, Tang Xinru really wanted to call him and confront him.

Lu Heting was waiting outside the hospital.

His ears were burning.

At this moment, many people were talking about him.

He just concentrated on the final result.

He had planted people throughout the hospital to make sure nothing went wrong.

Tang Yue knew nothing about this, so everything was going smoothly.

The reporters were all waiting patiently.

Some of the hosts of the live broadcasts were still talking to the cameras.

“At this moment, we see that Su Bei has already gone in and is preparing to undergo surgery.

“As far as we knew, such operations usually take a few hours.

Complicated ones take ten.

“As far as we know, Tang Yues illness this time is a type of acute kidney disease.

Its very dangerous, so she needs a kidney transplant as soon as possible to treat it.

Well also bring you updates the entire time and pay close attention to all the changes in the situation.”

Su Beis fans were already speechless.

[I really cant understand! I really cant accept it!]

[I cant wait to bring Su Bei out.

How could she make such a decision I really want to shake her so that shell come to her senses.]

[Forget it.

She made that decision.

What can we do]

[I think the company must have pressured her.

After all, Tang Yue is the eldest daughter of the Tang family.

The Tang family must have communicated with Di Xing Media Company.

They forced Su Bei.

My heart aches.]

[Although I dont know the inside story, I really cant bear to see Su Bei suffer.]

Lu Tianqing was also watching the live broadcast seriously.

Seeing that everything had settled and Su Bei and Tang Yue had entered the operating theater, she thought to herself,Everything is fine.

No matter how Su Bei struggles, she has no choice.

Seeing that there were still several hours before the surgery ended, she got up and told someone to put on her makeup so that she could continue filming.

She wasnt going to waste all her time on this.

In the hospital.

The doctors filed into the operating theater.

Tang Yue lay on the operating table.

She did not look like a patient at all.

Instead, she was smiling happily.

Su Beis surgery was about to begin.

Initially, she didnt want to remove one of Su Beis kidneys.

She just wanted to put pressure on Su Bei.

He didnt expect Su Bei to be so stupid as to donate her kidney.

If that was the case, she would have everything go according to plan.

Tang Yue was still thinking about it when she heard the doctors enter.

All of them were wearing surgical gowns and masks.

An unfamiliar voice said, “Tang Yue, right Were going to operate on you now.

First, well remove your damaged kidney and replace it with a good one.

But dont be afraid.

Youll be given anesthesia for this surgery.

Just relax during the entire process.

Dont worry.”

The syringe in the doctors hand was raised and held high.

It was filled with an anesthetic.

Tang Yue panicked when she saw that it was not the doctor she had found.

“Wheres Doctor Zhang Who are you Who asked you to come”

“Tang Yue, dont worry.

Were all kidney specialists in the capital.

We all have relevant qualifications.

Weve replaced Doctor Zhang to help you with the surgery.

Dont be too nervous.”

“Who asked you to replace him Who gave you the right Go and get Doctor Zhang for me.”

“Im sorry, but the hospital has agreed to let us operate on you.

We have more than 30 years of surgical experience.

We wont hurt you.

Please dont worry.”

Tang Yue panicked even more.

Only Doctor Zhang could perform her surgery.

No one else could.

She sat up.

The doctor signaled to the nurse to hold Tang Yue down so he could forcefully inject the anesthetic.

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