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Chapter 1334: Even If She Doesnt Die, She Will Be Skinned Alive (3)Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

The reporters were guarding the door.

When they saw Su Beis car, they got excited.

“Su Bei is here!”

“Hurry up, Su Bei is here.”

“Su Bei, can you talk to us briefly”

Su Bei got out of the car and was immediately surrounded by the reporters microphones.


She was wearing a very plain dress without any makeup, but her skin was as white as snow, and her lips were as pretty as spring peach blossoms.

With a smile, she said, “Please dont delay my sisters illness.

Let me in.”

“Just give us a few minutes!”

“Well just find out a little about your mood.”

Su Bei smiled and said, “Alright then.

The reason why Im here today is to donate my kidney to Tang Yue.

Although my relationship with Tang Yue isnt good—after all, we really dont get along much—since she needs it and has been contacting me, Ill just be a good person for once.

“Its not that Im kind or that I value sisterhood.

Its just that I cant bear to see someone suffer from an illness, so theres no need to praise my actions or even learn from them.

I hope everyone will love themselves better.”

With that, the reporters finally moved aside to let her into the hospital.

As this matter had been hyped up for a long time, the desire to watch it online was very strong.

A few media outlets had also started live-streaming the scene to take advantage of the traffic.

Many people rushed in to watch the live broadcast.

Needless to say, Su Beis fans were watching.

[Its really not easy for Su Bei.

She was really pressured to be a saint.]

[I really think what she said is meaningful.

Its hard enough to love yourself better, yet she was pressured into donating her kidney.]

[Things are really too tough on her.

Must it be so hard to be a public figure Does she not even have the right to refuse]

[What a pity.

I dont think Ill be able to see Su Bei on the big screen in the future.]

[Ah, I dont know what to say.

My heart aches.]

[Learning from Su Bei also encourages such behavior.]

At this moment, the reporters also realized that there were two other cars following Su Beis car.

A group of doctors got out of the cars.

“Whats going on here”

“Did Su Bei bring the doctors here herself”

Qiao Mei said to the media, “After all, Su Bei is an artist our company values the most.

Since she has chosen this path, we cant say anything.

But no matter what, our company doesnt want to see anything happen to her.

Therefore, we invited the most famous kidney disease treatment team in the country.

On the one hand, the team will be responsible for retrieving Su Beis kidney.

On the other hand, theyll also operate on Tang Yue.

I hope everyone can understand and support us.”

The reporters all nodded.

“We understand.”

“Then please give us some time and space now.

Well set aside some time for interviews later,” Qiao Mei said.

The media reporters made way for the doctors.

The audience watching the live broadcast also posted comments: [Of course, we understand.

Di Xing Media is really considerate.]

[Of course.

We have to use the best doctors to ensure Su Beis safety.]

[These doctors are all top experts! Di Xing Media is really very conscientious.]

[Sigh, Di Xing Media Company is really willing to go all out.

It wouldnt have been easy for them!]

[In the future, if there are any movies or TV shows by Di Xing Media Company or Su Bei, well support them!]

The hospital did not know that so many doctors were coming over.

They had no intention of welcoming these doctors.

However, Lu Corporation had just sent someone to communicate with them.

The hospital staff thought that since the other party consisted of top experts, they could treat the patients better, so they agreed.

Moreover, the operating theater was fully equipped with medicine and medical equipment.

They only needed to swap doctors.

Everything was very convenient.

So far, only Tang Yue and the doctor she had bribed were still in the dark.

Tang Yue didnt know what was going on outside because she wasnt carrying any communication tools.

She was already dressed in sterile clothes and couldnt come out again.

She could only wait in the ward for it to end.

Even if her trusted aides knew that they were going to change doctors, they did not know that Tang Yue was pretending to be ill.

They would only rejoice for her and not think to remind her that something had gone wrong.

As for the doctor that Tang Yue had bribed, he had already been stopped by Lu Hang and his men.

Naturally, he would not cause trouble.

Soon, everyone saw Su Bei enter the hospital building with the doctors.

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