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Chapter 1333: Even If She Doesnt Die, She Will Be Skinned Alive (2)Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

If her body was destroyed, she would not have the strength to fight anymore.

Lu Tianqing suddenly recalled that Tang Yues condition was fake.

How could Su Bei donate her kidney

She was worried.

She couldnt let Su Bei gain both fame and fortune.

She quickly dialed Tang Yues number.

Tang Yue had just seen this news.

She was also quite surprised that Su Bei had agreed to donate her kidney.


Just as she was thinking about it, Lu Tianqing called.

Tang Yue picked it up.

Lu Tianqing asked, “Su Bei wants to donate her kidney.

How do you plan to get her to donate it”

Tang Yue was also thinking about this problem.

Even if Su Bei donated it, she wouldnt need it.

In fact, even the match was a lie.

She didnt find any of Su Beis blood to do the test, so how could she be sure they were a match

It was indeed a little troublesome now that Su Bei had announced she would be donating her kidney.

However, Tang Yue recalled the attitude of Old Master Tang, Lin Shulian, and the others.

She thought of Lin Shulian crying and begging her not to let Su Bei donate her kidney.

Tang Yue found an excuse and said, “Youre asking me how shell donate How else can she donate The doctor will cut it out of her, thats how.”

Her tone was venomous.

Even if she had no use for the kidney, she wanted Su Beis kidney removed.

Lu Tianqing heard the meaning in her voice and felt a chill run down her spine.

Tang Yue was really ruthless to her sister.

Even if she didnt need it, she wanted Su Bei to cut her kidney.

However, Lu Tianqing was also happy about this.

Without Su Bei as a competitor, her path would be much easier.

There was no artist in Di Xing Media Company who could fight with her after this.

“Then rest well, Tang Yue.

When Im free, Ill come and visit you.” Lu Tianqing hung up.

After learning that Su Bei had donated her kidney, Old Master Tang and Lin Shulian called and persuaded her to reconsider.

Especially Lin Shulian, who was even more anxious than Old Master Tang.

Su Bei rejected them all.

“Ive already thought about it.

Dont worry, I have my own considerations.”

However, she could only hide it from the fans for the time being.

Only the insiders knew about this matter as the information could not be spread on a large scale.

She was afraid that Tang Yue would be wary.

Su Bei could only persuade everyone that everything would be fine and tell them not to worry too much.

Some fans were so anxious that they were about to leave the fandom.

[If I leave the fandom, I dont have to worry anymore.

I really cant stand this abuse.

I dont want to see Su Bei like this.]

Su Bei couldnt help but laugh.

These fans were really cute.

However, the most important thing for her now was to expose Tang Yue.

Only then could her fans no longer have to worry.

In the ward, Tang Yue was in a good mood.

Du Jinghao had been visiting her frequently recently and really showed some sincerity to her.

And Su Bei had agreed to donate her kidney.

Thinking that Su Beis health would deteriorate in the future and she would no longer have the ability to compete with her, she felt extremely happy.

She had already bribed the doctor.

This matter would gradually be erased with time after Su Bei donated her kidney.

At that time, when she recovered and was discharged from the hospital, Su Beis body would be weak and incomplete.

Everyone would praise Su Bei, and she would not hesitate to thank Su Bei for everything she had done.

No one would know that Su Beis kidney wasnt transplanted into her body at all.

It just became rotting garbage in the sewer.

On the day of the operation.

Tang Yue got up early to get ready.

Apart from Lin Shulian, the rest of the Tang family had arrived.

Tang Yue was extremely disappointed in her mother.

Once again, she felt abandoned by her mother.

Old Master Tang persuaded her, “Your mother just doesnt want to see both her daughters suffer.”

However, Tang Yue did not listen to a single word.

Old Master Tang watched her enter the operating room.

Her phone and communication devices had been taken away.

Despite her reluctance, everything had to look real since she was putting on a show for others to see.

One couldnt bring those things into the operating theater, after all.

That day, the reporters arrived early and surrounded the entire hospital.

Fortunately, this was a private hospital to begin with.

Only very rich people could be admitted here.

Therefore, even though there were many reporters, they did not hinder the public.

The reporters were all waiting.

Lu Heting had already made all the arrangements.

When Su Bei was about to get out of the car, he pulled her over and kissed her hard on the lips before letting her go.

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