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Chapter 1332: Even If She Doesnt Die, She Will Be Skinned Alive (1)Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Lu Heting snorted, and his dark eyes turned cold.

“Is it possible to pretend to be sick”

“Yes, Ive already given the medical records to the doctor and asked him to take a look at the situation,” Lu Hang said.

Because Tang Yue had done many misdeeds, Lu Heting did not completely believe in her illness.

If she was truly ill, that was another matter.

If she was only pretending to be ill…


There was a hint of coldness on Lu Hetings face.

Lu Hang returned very quickly and said, “The doctor has taken a look at her medical records.

Although he couldnt see any obvious problems with her medical records, he compared them with all the medical records saved in all the hospitals.

Theyre exactly the same as the records of a patient with kidney disease two years ago.

“In other words, its possible that Tang Yue is pretending to be sick.

In order to cooperate with her, her doctor directly copied the medical records of a previous patient,” Lu Heting concluded.

His eyes were deep and filled with mockery.

Previously, he had felt that Tang Yues illness was a little strange.

Moreover, he did not see her go through any verification yet directly announced that Su Beis kidney was compatible with hers.

Sure enough, as long as it wasnt real, it would naturally give the game away.

“Check again.

Make sure you dont alert her or her doctor.”

Lu Hang immediately nodded.


He was also in high spirits.

He had not expected this problem to be resolved so quickly.

Previously, he had also been sweating profusely.

When he got into the car, he saw that Tang Yue was still being interviewed by a certain media outlet.

He felt that it was too ironic.

Lu Hang quickly gathered all the information.

He investigated everything carefully.

After all, since Tang Yue was only pretending to be sick, it was impossible for there to be no clues.

If she was not sick, it was impossible for her to really do dialysis or take real medicine.

At most, she would use some vitamins to deceive others.

When Su Bei returned home, she was slightly surprised to learn this information.

“In order to harm me, Tang Yue even thought of such a method” Su Bei was really shocked by her.

“Shes really too reckless.

Should I say I admire her I really dont know what else to say.”

Lu Hetings expression was obviously relaxed.

“So now, what you have to do is to agree to donate your kidney to her.”

Su Bei rolled her eyes and knew what Lu Heting meant.

“Are we going to expose her true colors in public”

“She has to pay a little for what she did.”

After Su Bei spread the news that she was going to donate her kidney to Tang Yue, the outside world was in an uproar.

The biggest reaction came from the fans.

Su Beis fans were different from the others.

They were against Su Bei donating her kidney.

[Su Bei, dont do it.

Donating a kidney is really harmful to the body.

I dont want anything to happen to you.]

[Su Bei, Im really begging you not to.

Im begging you.

Your body will be destroyed.

Medical technology is so advanced now.

Tang Yue will definitely be able to find a suitable kidney source.

Theres really no need for you to sacrifice yourself.]

[Boo-hoo, Im crying.

I want you to be kind, but not in this way.

I just want you to be safe, healthy, and kind, not sacrifice yourself.]

[Are her company and agent dead Arent they going to persuade Su Bei I dont agree!]

[I dont agree.

Darling, dont do anything!]

[I dont agree either.

Dear, you have to be good and healthy!]

[Su Beis company, step forward and receive your punishment! Is this how you treat your artists]

Most of the other netizens were happy to see this.

[Its really human nature to save your sister.

Its definitely possible for Su Bei to make this decision.]

[She probably agreed because she couldnt stand the scolding, right Fortunately, we were there to supervise.

Otherwise, she definitely wouldnt have agreed.]

[The coward has finally come out!]

[Actually, I really dont think theres a need to pressure Su Bei like this.

Really, its too difficult for Su Bei.]

[But since its Su Beis decision, lets all respect it.]

Lu Tianqing quickly saw the news and smiled.

“Su Bei really agreed”

Her agent said, “Shes in the wind now.

She has to agree even if she doesnt want to.

Otherwise, her reputation will be completely ruined.”

“But shes really stupid.

Shes gained a good reputation, but her body will be completely ruined.” Lu Tianqing was much less afraid of Su Bei now.

Although Su Beis kidney donation would receive countless praise from netizens, how could the movie be filmed after this She would have to rest for a few months.

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