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Chapter 1331: Obviously Biased Words (3)Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Du Jinghao knew that he still lacked some love for Tang Yue.

He lacked the romantic impulse that came from the bottom of his heart when he saw her.

However, since he was already engaged to her, he would fulfill his duties.

Tang Yue really did not expect Du Jinghao to say such a thing.

She was very touched, but when she thought about how even Du Jinghao could make a decision that made her feel at ease at such a time yet her mother didnt care about her and only cared about Su Bei, her heart turned even colder.

This did not make her regret doing this scam.

If not, she would not have been able to figure out how the people around her felt.

Su Beis schedule for the past two days was affected by Tang Yue.

Those feverish voices had been weighing her down.

The world had always been cruel.

During the break, Su Bei had a brand show to attend.

When she dressed up and stepped forward, an audience member actually threw rotten vegetables at her.

Fortunately, the bodyguards who accompanied her managed to shield her from the vegetables.

The security guard also picked out the person who deliberately threw the vegetables and kicked them out.

However, when that person was chased out, he was still shouting, “How can a heartless person be an artist You dont even care about your own sister, but you still have the cheek to stand on stage so righteously You have to learn some virtues first.

An artist like Su Bei is not worthy of standing on the stage!”


The scene was chaotic for a while.

Fortunately, the host resolved the awkwardness with a few witty words.

However, it could be seen that the attention on this matter was not reduced at all.

Fortunately, Qiao Mei and Xiao Bai had been following closely during this event.

After the event ended, many reporters planned to ask questions about this, but Qiao Mei stopped them.

After they got into the car, the car left the bustling reporters and finally escaped this situation.

Qiao Mei called the media she knew and asked them not to casually write about Su Bei.

After putting down the phone, Xiao Bai couldnt help but curse, “If Tang Yue wants to die, she should die herself.

She really has to cause trouble for others.

The sooner she dies, the sooner she can reincarnate!”

She really couldnt help herself.

She was truly upset.

Su Bei comforted her.

“Alright, scolding her wont affect her in any way.

You should save your saliva.”

“Sigh, if this continues, youll really be dragged to death by her.

Didnt you see the way those reporters looked at you just now Although they didnt say it, they think that you did something wrong.

Its really easier said than done.

Can kidneys be simply donated just like that” Xiao Bai was indignant.

“The kidney is with me.

If I say I wont give it to her, will she dare take it from me openly” Su Bei asked with a smile.

Xiao Bai couldnt help but laugh.

However, although Su Bei said it casually and didnt care at all, what happened tonight was still exposed by a few media outlets.

Netizens on the internet naturally went crazy discussing it.

[Didnt you say that Su Bei was very busy Now it seems that shes really busy earning money.]

[I heard that Su Bei hasnt been to the hospital once since Tang Yue was hospitalized.

Shes really capable.]

[No matter how bad their relationship is, theyre still from the same family.

She should at least show some concern, right Su Bei is really heartless.]

[We dont understand other peoples family matters.

Lets not talk about it casually.

This is too unfair to Su Bei!]

[Tang Yue is about to die, and youre talking about fairness here]

The internet was noisy, but Su Bei didnt look at any of the comments.

Instead, she picked up a call.

It was from Old Master Tang.

He said that he wanted to see her.

Su Bei pondered for a moment and said, “Okay, Ill come over.”

Qiao Mei asked, “Are you really going over What if the old man persuades you”

“Running away isnt an option.

Even if I dont donate, Ill make it clear to them.”


But Su Bei, you have to think carefully.

Dont give in to the pressure at home.”

Su Bei smiled.

“I know.”

The nanny van sent her to the place that Old Master Tang had booked.

Su Bei got out of the car, put on her sunglasses, and went straight to the meeting place.

Old Master Tang had already arrived.

He looked slightly tired and old.

It was obvious that he had been worried about Tang Yue.

He had probably been running around to find a kidney for her.

She sat down, said hello, and put her bag down.

“Su Bei, I called you today mainly to tell you about Tang Yue.”

Su Bei pursed her lips and nodded.

She knew that at a time like this, what else could the old master talk to her about except for Tang Yue

Old Master Tang looked at her and said, “Im not here to persuade you.

I just want to tell you that Tang Yue is very important to me, but so are you.

No matter what decision you make, Ill agree with it.”

Su Bei looked into his dignified, tough, and slightly cloudy eyes and knew that it was not easy for him to say this.

However, the fact that he could say such a thing really reduced the pressure on Su Bei.

She nodded.

“I know, Grandpa.

Ill also help find a kidney source for Tang Yue.”

The message was clear.

It was unrealistic to expect her to donate a kidney.

Old Master Tang had also expected this answer.

Tang Yue had never welcomed Su Bei home, and there were many conflicts between the two of them.

He was even a little relieved that Su Bei was not a saint.

Old Master Tang said, “Your mother has the same intention.

She asked me to tell you that she hopes you can take care of yourself.”

“Mom said that too” Su Bei was surprised.

Su Bei believed that Old Master Tang could say such a thing.

His affection toward her had always been genuine.

However, Su Bei had very little contact with her mother, Lin Shulian.

They didnt even feel like a pair of mother and daughter.

However, Lin Shulian clearly sided with her, which surprised Su Bei.

Old Master Tang said, “We all feel very sorry for Tang Yue, but we cant drag the other down because of one child.

Its very difficult to make such a choice, but what can we do”

Su Bei didnt know what to say.

To be honest, she had no sympathy for Tang Yues illness, nor was she in the mood to consider Tang Yues feelings.

But she empathized with her elders.

After sitting with Old Master Tang for a while, she returned home.

When she reached home, she was about to open the door when it opened.

Lu Heting stood in front of her and sized her up with a frown.

“Qiao Mei said that you went to see Grandpa.”


Grandpa told me not to worry about what the outside world thinks.

He even agrees that I shouldnt donate my kidney.”

Lu Heting looked relieved.

He reached out to hold Su Beis hand and gently rubbed the back of her hand with his index finger.

He was originally worried that the Tang family would fight for Tang Yue.

But since that didnt happen, everything was alright now.

“Ive already asked Lu Hang to get Tang Yues medical report and ask him to help find a kidney source,” Lu Heting said.

Su Bei suddenly smiled.

“This is really helpless.

I still have to help Tang Yue find a kidney source.

What right does she have to use Lu Groups resources”

“She was lucky enough to be cast into the same family as you when she was reincarnated.

She benefited from you.”

Su Bei felt much better.

Tang Yue vaguely heard that Old Master Tang and Su Bei had met.

As for what the meeting was about, she didnt find out.

However, Lin Shulian had already said such words last time.

She guessed that her family was probably on Su Beis side this time.

Even though all of this was fake, the feeling of being abandoned by her entire family made her heart ache.

She clenched her fists and dug her nails into her palms.

“Su Bei! Su Bei! Everyone thinks of Su Bei! Does no one care if I die”

However, without her knowing, Old Master Tang was also using all the resources he could to help her find a suitable kidney source.

It never occurred to her to wonder how much her fake setup had worried her entire family and caused so much trouble for everyone.

She only cared about her own feelings and whether others cared about her or not.

She had never thought about how hard Old Master Tang and the others were working to help her.

The media quickly arrived at the hospital Tang Yue was in.

Tang Yue was dressed in a hospital gown with her hair loose.

Her face without makeup looked terrible.

Her lips were pale.

Her appearance in front of the media drew a wave of attention.

“Tang Yue, can you accept our interview”

“Hows your condition now Is Su Bei here”

“We want to know how Su Beis attitude is now.

Whats your relationship like in private”

Tang Yue sat in her wheelchair and smiled kindly.


Dont push, everyone.

Ask your questions one by one.”

She was polite and still considerate of the reporters even when she was sick.

This made the reporters like her even more.

“Ill answer everyones questions now.

My physical condition is very stable now, but I dont know how long this stability can last.

The doctors advice to me is to get a kidney transplant as soon as possible.

“I appreciate everyones concern for me.

My illness has drawn the concern of many people, and Im deeply grateful for that.

As for Su Bei, I know shes busy and thats why she hasnt come to see me.

I can understand that, and I dont want to delay her too much because of my illness.

“Please give Su Bei more time and space.

Dont disturb her because of my matters.

Let her be at ease and do her own things.

“As for my relationship with Su Bei, theres no need to speculate.

Our relationship has always been quite good.

I believe that as long as Su Bei has time, she will definitely visit me.

“Su Bei is one of the younger children in the family.

My family has told me since I was young that an older sister should take care of her younger sister and teach her to respect her older sister.

I believe that Su Beis thoughts are the same as mine.

We both want each other to live better lives.”

The reporters were touched by Tang Yues understanding.

Under such circumstances, Su Bei completely ignored her.

On the other hand, Tang Yue still spoke up for Su Bei and considered problems from Su Beis perspective.

The two of them were worlds apart.

The media quickly released the interview.

The situation, which had calmed down a little, stirred again.

[Tang Yue is really too pitiful.

Besides, shes really gentle.

Shes already seriously ill, but she still speaks up for Su Bei.

Shes even understanding of why Su Bei hasnt visited her.]

[Sigh, Im really a fan of Su Bei, but this is too heartless.

Even if she doesnt donate her kidney, visiting her sister wont waste much time, right Not to mention biological sisters, even colleagues shouldnt be so heartless.]

[I think theres something wrong with this family.

Perhaps theyve been biased toward Su Bei since she was young, especially since Su Bei only returned home later on, so theyre even more biased toward her.

I dont even see any other members of the Tang family coming out to say anything.]

[Tang Yue doesnt deserve this.

Whats the point of being a good sister Su Bei wont appreciate it.]

[Those parents who want to have a second child should take a good look.

Whats the use of having so many children No matter how many children there are, they cant support each other.

They can only add to each others troubles.]

[Why dont the saints above donate their own kidneys, then You only dare to say these things because its not happening to you.]

[I support Su Bei.

Why should she waste her career for others Is it wrong for people to do things for themselves]

[Thats right.

I heard that even giving birth will be a problem after donating a kidney.

I dont want to see Su Bei ruin herself over this.]

[This kind of self-serving talk from a die-hard fan is simply outrageous.

Truly, like idol, like fan.]

When Lu Tianqing saw these comments, the smile on her face seemed permanent.

“Tang Yue is really a promising talent.

Her idea is much better than I imagined.

Shes really a genius.

She can even think of such a thing.”

Although the impact on Su Bei was not serious at the moment, with everyone criticizing her, this would definitely be a huge blow to her career.

And her movies filming progress was much faster than Su Beis movie now.

When the movies were released together, the gap in reputation between her and Su Bei would become obvious to all.

The box office sales would definitely reflect that as well.

Su Bei would definitely be dragged down by her reputation.

The screenwriter was discussing the script with Lu Tianqing.

“Tianqing, lets go through this scene again.”

“Lets do it.” Lu Tianqing put down her phone.

She valued this movie very much, so even if it was a line or a paragraph in the script, she had to review it repeatedly.

Every part had to be practiced to the extreme.

There could not be any problems.

Lu Group.

Lu Hang brought Tang Yues information over.

“Hows the kidney search going” Lu Heting asked.

“Were looking.

Weve searched all the places with kidney sources so far.

Weve also made a filing.”

Lu Heting pinched his eyebrows.

“Did you find anything wrong while investigating”

Lu Hang was about to touch on this.

He said, “As you expected, theres really a problem.

For the past two days, weve been observing Tang Yues movements.

Shes staying in the intensive care unit, but every time the medicine is sent in, its sent out intact.

The medical record hasnt been updated for two days.

I keep feeling that her condition isnt as serious as it appears to be.”

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