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Chapter 1328: Ill Strangle Her First.

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Lu said he wants to help her find a match.”

Lu Weijian jumped up.

“What the hell! Forget it, Ill strangle her to death first.

Itll be more satisfying!”

Lu Hang stopped him.


Weijian, dont cause trouble! If strangling can solve the problem, I can do it myself.”

Lu Weijian stuffed the gloves and mask to him.

“Then you do it yourself!”

Lu Hang: “…”

In the afternoon, not to mention the netizens on Weibo, but even the production crew members were discussing this matter.

Fortunately, most of the crew members were still on Su Beis side.

No one knew better than the people on the set how hard it was to film a movie.

The outside world thought that it was easy for artists to earn money, but they did not see how hard it was for them to hang on wires and stay up late.

After the scene ended, a few staff members ran over and said to Su Bei, “Su Bei, you should focus on filming.

Dont worry about whats going on in the outside world.

I heard from others that you didnt grow up in the Tang family.

You definitely dont have any feelings for Tang Yue.

Theres no need to risk your life for her.”

“Okay, thank you both.”

Xiao Bai handed over Su Beis phone.

Su Bei took a look and saw several long posts speaking up for her.

Most of these long posts summarized how Su Bei had grown up in an orphanage and the Su family.

After she became successful, she returned to the Tang family.

Her relationship with Tang Yue could only be considered average.


They also summarized the fact that when she was in Sheng Tang, the company was tight on Su Beis resources and treated her unfairly.

It proved that the relationship between Tang Yue and Su Bei was not enough for Su Bei to pay such a price.

Many discerning people could tell that Su Bei indeed did not have this obligation.

She did not have to do this.

These long posts finally saved Su Bei from public opinion.

Su Bei glanced at the likes under the long post.

It was Lu Hetings account.

It seemed that he had noticed her movements and was already helping to calm the situation before she said anything.

There were far more kinder people than evil ones.

This made Su Bei feel calm and peaceful.

Tang Yue lay in a hospital bed and browsed through all the comments and posts.

When she saw that the outside world was still on her side, she smiled faintly.

She knew that these people in the outside world were people who could be easily manipulated.

With a little instigation, they could be used.

In this situation, it was difficult for Su Beis work not to be affected.

With the bad reputation of not caring about the lives of her family members, it would probably be difficult for Su Bei to make a comeback in the future.

This stain would definitely follow Su Bei like a shadow and be difficult to erase.

Outside the hospital, Lin Shulian appeared anxiously.

As soon as she got out of the car, she headed straight for the ward.

In her haste, she didnt even prepare a meal for her own daughter.

She knocked, and Tang Yue said, “Come in.”

Seeing Lin Shulian appear, Tang Yues greatest worry appeared.

After all, it was not easy to explain this to her family.

However, her family had always trusted her, and the doctor she bribed would keep his mouth shut.

Presumably, there wouldnt be much of a problem.

After Tang Yue mentally prepared herself, she immediately said, “Mom, youre here”

“How could I not come Youre so sick that your whole family is worried sick.

How could this happen Werent you fine before”

“Mom, its fine.

The doctor said that as long as I can get a kidney transplant, Ill be fine and will recover quickly.

Ill be fine.

Dont worry,” Tang Yue said.

Lin Shulian cried, “How can I not be worried Are you saying that you and Su Bei are a successful pair”

“Yeah, the doctor did the matching test.

Didnt Su Bei have a check-up at the hospital earlier She still has a blood sample here, so the doctor used that to check and found out its a preliminary match.”

An unnatural look flashed across Lin Shulians face.

Then, she said with heartache, “Go and check how compatible your father and I are with you.

Let your father or me donate our kidney to you.

Dont let Su Bei donate.”

“Mom, why Youre old.

Your health is very important.

You cant do this for me.

But Su Bei is still young.

The doctor said that as long as she takes good care of herself, there wont be too much of a problem even if she donates.

I cant let you take the risk.”

However, Lin Shulian insisted, “No matter what, dont use Su Beis.

Su Bei is an artist, and its precisely because shes still young that she still has a lot of things to do.

We cant let her take such a risk.

Promise me that you wont use Su Beis kidney.

Promise me now, okay”

Tang Yues matter was a scam to help Lu Tianqing attack Su Bei.

However, she never expected that she would be able to tell that her mother favored Su Bei because of this matter.

This made her heart turn cold.

Back then, they already had her but still wanted to give birth to Su Bei, making it impossible for her to enjoy her parents love alone.

This bred the jealousy in her heart.

When Su Bei returned, the jealousy burned again.

And this time, she actually saw once again who was more important to her mother.

Tang Yues expression was cold.

“Mom, why Could it be that Su Bei is your daughter but Im not”

“No, thats not what I meant.

Im willing to donate my kidney for you,” Lin Shulian quickly explained.

“Youre not willing to donate your kidney for me.

Youre willing to donate for Su Bei, right Youre afraid of hurting her, so youd rather make a sacrifice to protect her, right”

“Tang Yue, thats really not what I meant.

Listen to me…”

Tang Yue said, “I understand.

I wont look for her anymore.

Dont worry.”

The relief on Lin Shulians face was obvious.

She said, “Ill definitely help you.

Even if I cant donate my kidney, Ill find a match for you.

Youll definitely get better.”

“Okay, thank you, Mom.” Although Tang Yue said that, the jealousy in her heart was already surging.

If she hadnt faked it this time, she really wouldnt have known that this was what her mother thought.

Su Bei was so important to her.

One could really see the true feelings of others when one was in adversity.

Du Jinghao quickly rushed over.

Seeing that Tang Yue was angry, he said gently, “Dont worry, youll be fine.

Im also looking for an expert for a consultation.”

“Im sick.

What do you think” Tang Yue had been completely hurt by her mother.

Now, she wanted to know what this man was thinking.

After all, the person this man had taken a fancy to in the beginning was Su Bei.

Du Jinghao knelt on one knee.

“No matter what, marry me.”

Although he had liked Su Bei before, after knowing that Su Bei was someone he could not reach, he accepted Tang Yue and would take on the responsibility of a man.

He would not change his feelings.

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