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Chapter 1327: Dont Do Such A Stupid ThingTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

[I really didnt expect Su Bei to be such a person.

The roles she plays are all quite high and mighty.

Her real person and the roles she plays are worlds apart.]

Su Beis fans immediately replied: [Su Bei is very busy now and is filming.

She probably didnt have time to answer the calls.

Please dont hop on the wagon before you figure out the truth.]

Someone immediately replied: [In order to film and earn money, she doesnt even care about her sister.

Is Su Bei greedy for money]

Someone said very righteously: [Donating a kidney is a big deal.

You have to pay the price with your health.

Su Bei hasnt agreed yet, so I think its only human nature.

Even if you want to help someone, you cant completely sacrifice yourself, right]

The argument below the post became even more intense.

[Thats her biological sister! She has to help her!]

[If it were me, I would help my family even if I had to pay the price! Su Bei just doesnt want to help!]

[Thats right.

Shes inhumane.

If it were anyone else in her shoes, theyd definitely help.

Su Bei is a cold-blooded monster! Forget it, forget it.

I wont watch her movies anymore! Shes inhumane!]

The fans tried their best to argue, but they were scolded as brainless fans.

[Its because you brainless fans protect these celebrities that these celebrities are so unscrupulous! They dont even care about basic kinship! Ill say this now.

Su Bei has really gone overboard.

In the future, Ill boycott her and not buy anything she endorses.]

The fans were also angry and said: [We dont need you to buy those things.

Su Bei doesnt need a fan like you! Besides, can you even afford the things she endorses Loser!]

As it involved many social issues, there was no need for Tang Yue to deliberately guide them.

This matter had already reached a boiling point.

The trending topic quickly went up.

When Xiao Bai saw this, she wanted to tell Su Bei, but Su Bei was filming, so she could only call Qiao Mei first.


“Okay, I understand.

I have to verify the situation with Su Bei first.”


Ill have Su Bei call you back as soon as shes off set.”

After Xiao Bai finished speaking, she saw that Su Bei had already finished filming.

She quickly ran over and told Su Bei what had happened.

Su Bei was stunned.

She didnt expect this.

No wonder Tang Yue had called so persistently.

It turned out that she wanted her to donate her kidney.

What right did Tang Yue have to ask her for a kidney, though Did she think that she was on good terms with her

Xiao Bai said, “Su Bei, you have to think about it carefully.

Donating a kidney is not a joke.

I have an aunt who donated a kidney to my uncle.

Since then, her health hasnt been good.

She even lost her ability to work and had to take medicine.

However, my uncle found a mistress and divorced my aunt.

Its not reasonable at all, right Dont do such a stupid thing.”

Su Bei smiled.

“What are you thinking Do I look like the kind of person who would donate a kidney to her enemy”

Xiao Bai heaved a sigh of relief.

“Then hurry up and call Sister Qiao Mei.”

Su Bei called Qiao Mei.

Qiao Mei asked, “What do you think”

“I dont have a good relationship with Tang Yue.

Even if Im scolded to death, I wont donate my kidney.

So, Sister Qiao Mei, even if a reporter asks me about this, Ill say the same thing.”

Qiao Mei was relieved.

She was afraid that Su Bei would disregard everything once familial ties were brought up.

Now that she heard Su Beis stand, she was confident.

She said, “But Su Bei, the criticisms will be very harsh.

We have to find a way to prevent your reputation from collapsing.”

Su Bei frowned.

“But at this time, its not convenient for me to say that Im not on good terms with Tang Yue.

After all, I cant produce any evidence.”

“How about this I can announce to the outside world that youre filming a lot of scenes.

Its not convenient for you to do anything else at the moment.

Well talk about it after the scenes are completed in the next two days.

Ill see how things go with Tang Yue and see if I can communicate with her.”


Thank you, Sister Qiao Mei.”

Qiao Mei quickly released a statement to tell everyone that Su Bei was currently in the midst of filming and it was not convenient for her to respond to this matter.

This statement was understood by some.

Modern young people knew that work was not easy.

[I think its understandable.

Once the production crew starts working, they have to spend a lot of money every day.

Su Bei isnt the only one earning money from this, but so many staff members are also waiting to feed their families.

We cant make so many people lose their meals because of one person.]

[Thats right.

Su Beis schedule was booked a long time ago, and the filming started a while back.

Its not like she deliberately avoided the situation by taking on a last-minute job.

Some people sure like to exaggerate things.]

However, those who did not believe it refused to believe it.

[Who knows if this is Su Beis excuse Im afraid she just wants to drag it out until Tang Yue dies.

That way, everything will be over.]

[Ive really seen human nature for what it is.

Why did they have a second child Sisters are so heartless! My heart aches for Tang Yue!]

[We already said that Su Bei is busy.

Why are some people still arguing]

[No matter how busy you are, could it be more important than someones life I dont believe that shell die if she doesnt make a movie.

The artists have enough money, right Youre even talking about them supporting their families They earn more than what we can earn in a few lifetimes.]

The public was still talking about it.

Su Bei had made countless headlines because of this matter.

Although there were many who were understanding, it was really quite tragic to be scolded like this.

Lu Heting rubbed his eyebrows and looked at the news.

Tang Yue was really a handful!

Moreover, all the stakes were aimed at Su Bei.

“Lu Hang, go take a look at Tang Yues condition and get her medical records as soon as possible.

Also, help her find a match for her kidney.”

Lu Hang asked, “Are we going to help her”

“I have to.”

Actually, Lu Hang understood the logic, but he felt quite aggrieved for Su Bei.

“Young Madam is being scolded by so many people because of that woman.

She might as well die!”

“Is this your first day working under me” Lu Hetings expression turned serious.

“Got it.

Ill get right on it.”

Lu Hang knew why Lu Heting was angry.

If Tang Yue really died because of this matter, no matter how wrong Tang Yue was, everyone would forget about it and only remember that Su Bei refused to help.

Therefore, he could only let Tang Yue live for now.

Her death could not implicate Su Bei.

However, Tang Yue deserved it.

‘Tang Yue deserves this illness, Lu Hang thought.

Lu Weijian also hurried over and followed Lu Hang.

“Ill go too! A scourge will live for a thousand years.

Its fine if this woman is fine, but if shes really going to die, why does she still have to drag my Sister Bei Bei down with her Why cant she just die of illness and get it over with”

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