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Chapter 1326: I Dont Know Whats Wrong With HerTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Da Bao was the same.

However, the difference was that Lu Heting lost all fatherly love after he lost his father.

However, Da Bao could still receive endless fatherly love and Lu Heting could accompany him for many years.

Su Bei brought out the last dish and smiled.

“Okay, we can eat now.”

“Bei Bei, your phone is ringing.”

Su Bei put down the dishes and glanced at the caller ID.

It was Tang Yue.

What could Tang Yue want with me

Not wanting to talk to her, Su Bei rejected the call.

However, two or three seconds later, Tang Yue called again.

Su Bei rejected the call again.

Lu Heting asked, “Who is it”

“Tang Yue.

I dont know whats wrong with her, but she keeps calling me.”

“Could something have happened to the Tang family”

“Thats what I think too,” said Su Bei.

“Ill call Grandpa directly.”


Su Bei called Old Master Tang, who picked up quickly.

His tone was very normal.

Su Bei asked a few questions indirectly and didnt find any problems.

“When are you free to come home for dinner” Old Master Tang asked.

“Im not free yet.

Ill go back in the future.” Su Bei smiled.

“Alright, take care of yourself when youre busy outside,” Old Master Tang reminded.

Su Bei put down the phone and felt much more relaxed.

“Grandpa is fine.

Everything sounds normal.

Tang Yue is probably acting crazy again.”

“Then lets eat.” Lu Heting picked up his chopsticks and handed them to Su Bei.

The family of four ate together and ignored Tang Yue.

At night, the curtains blocked the moonlight from the window.

In Lu Heting and Su Beis room, something beautiful was happening.

There was a rustling sound, and Su Bei gritted her teeth.

The sudden ringing of the phone tore through the harmony.

Su Bei shuddered, and her body trembled subconsciously, making Lu Heting groan.

He lowered his head and kissed her to calm her down.

Then, he took Su Beis phone and glanced at it.

He realized that it was still Tang Yue calling.

Lu Heting blocked her and resumed his activities with Su Bei.

Su Bei didnt even open her eyes.

If she knew what Lu Heting was doing, she would have raised her hands and feet in agreement.

Tang Yue made countless more calls.

Of course, Su Bei didnt answer any of them.

This was the effect Tang Yue wanted.

It was just as well that Su Bei didnt answer her calls.

She took screenshots of all her missed calls to Su Bei and saved them on her phone.

The next day, Su Bei had forgotten about this matter.

She had no relationship with Tang Yue, so there was no need for her to talk on the phone in private.

Therefore, it was almost inevitable that she blocked Tang Yues number.

At noon, she sat down to rest after filming a part.

Xiao Bai handed her phone over.

“Su Bei, your phone has been ringing several times.”

“Let me see.” Su Bei took the phone and glanced at it.

The calls this time werent Tang Yue this time.

It was Lin Shulian.

Su Bei had never felt much for her mother.

After knowing that Lin Shulian was her mother, their relationship had been quite dull.

The two of them wouldnt contact each other much either.

Su Bei was quite surprised to receive so many calls from her.

However, since Lin Shulian was the one calling, Su Bei didnt want to offend her.

Hence, she called her back.

“What is it, Mom”

“Su Bei, Tang Yue is sick.

She wants you to visit her in the hospital.”

Su Bei was silent for a moment.

What kind of joke was this Tang Yue was sick and wanted to see her What was wrong with Tang Yue Was she out of her mind

Sensing her rejection, Lin Shulian said, “Youre sisters, after all.

Tang Yue said that its her fault for not getting along with you.

She now knows that she was wrong and wants to meet you to have a good chat.”

Su Bei felt even more amused.

People who didnt see eye to eye werent fit to be friends, let alone sisters.

She said, “Mom, Im sorry to hear that shes sick.

But Im busy, so I wont be visiting her.

Can you pass on the message”

“Su Bei…”

“Mom, Im busy.

Bye.” She hung up.

Xiao Bai asked, “Is that sister of yours sick When I saw her before, wasnt she very arrogant”

“Im not sure.

If shes sick, she should see a doctor.

Why does she want to see me” Su Bei said in a bored tone.


What does she want with you Dont tell me she wants you to shoulder some responsibility”

“She wont get the chance to do that.

I cant possibly take on any responsibility.”

Feelings were maintained by love and care for each other, not just by a groundless blood relationship.

Su Bei didnt even feel sorry for Tang Yue and couldnt be bothered to know what illness she had.

“Im going to film.

Help me with my phone.” Su Bei handed her phone to Xiao Bai.

Xiao Bai nodded.

When Su Bei was filming, she usually had nothing to do.

She would look at her phone, communicate with her colleagues, and occasionally scroll through Weibo.

While scrolling, Xiao Bai saw a piece of news related to Su Bei and quickly clicked on it.

This was also part of her job description.

She had to know Su Beis news so that she could report any issues to Qiao Mei and let her do some corresponding public relations work.

Xiao Bai clicked on the post and saw a Weibo post.

[Tang Yue is currently in the hospital and has been diagnosed with serious kidney failure by the doctor.

Currently, only Tang Yues sister, Su Bei, is a match for her kidney.

Actually, Tang Yue doesnt want Su Bei to donate her kidney, but ever since Tang Yue fell sick, not only has Su Bei not asked about her, but she also hasnt even answered Tang Yues calls.

This is too disappointing.

[To be honest, every time I saw Su Beis news on the internet, she always seemed very righteous.

I always had hope for her and felt that she would be the same in real life.

[This time, I really saw the coldness of the human heart.

I really couldnt stand it anymore and published this Weibo post.

I hope Tang Yue doesnt mind.

Im just feeling indignant for her.]

This was posted by Tang Yues best friend.

The accompanying photo was a screenshot of Tang Yue making several calls to Su Bei but Su Bei did not answer any of them.

Of course, the real publisher was Tang Yue herself.

It was just that there were some things that could not be posted by her.

She had to make it seem as though a friend was the one speaking up for her to stir up the publics emotions.

Sure enough, this Weibo post attracted a lot of attention.

S Country was a country that was very particular about family values.

Few countries in the world could compare to S Country in terms of family members helping each other.

As soon as the Weibo post was posted, someone immediately started to criticize Su Bei.

[Su Bei really didnt even pick up the calls Whats the reason She doesnt even care about her biological sisters life]

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