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Chapter 1325: Couldnt Even Be Bothered To Target HerTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

The agent nodded.

“Then work hard for this.

You can do it!”

Lu Tianqing pinched the cigarette in her hand tightly as though it was Lu Heting or Su Bei.

The cigarette was broken into two pieces in her hand and then crushed by her.

After Su Beis movie was officially announced, her reputation was much better than Lu Tianqings.

She had already gained a large number of fans through her acting skills.

Everyone was waiting for her to perform on the big screen.

As for many fans who werent in the loop with the entertainment industry, when they saw Su Beis face after the official announcement, they said: [This is the actress who played the role of Mother and Ni Huang, right Shes quite pretty after removing her makeup.

Her name is that whats-her-name.

Her acting skills are not bad.

With her in the movie, Im quite interested.]

[I like this actress, too.

Besides her looks, theres also nothing to complain about her acting skills.

Im looking forward to this movie.]

Lu Tianqing looked at these comments and was so angry that she didnt even want to touch her phone.

Her agent spent a sum of money to compare the twos looks and acting skills through online voting.

He also hired a bunch of fake accounts to praise Lu Tianqing and vote in her favor.

Even so, the final result was still a slight loss.

When Su Bei chose this movie, she really had no intentions of competing with Lu Tianqing.

She just happened to encounter a suitable script during an interval and passed the audition, so she accepted the role.

The filming and release arrangements were made by the investors and producers.

It could be said that she disdained competing with Lu Tianqing.

When Lu Tianqing was Lu Yaodes daughter, she and Lu Heting didnt take her seriously.

Now, she wasnt even a member of the Lu family.

To put it bluntly, Lu Heting and Su Bei couldnt even be bothered to target her.


Not only Su Bei, but even Su Beis fans couldnt help but say when they saw the votes and comments: [Where did this peasant come from How dare she compare to a princess like Su Bei Get lost as far as you can.]

Su Bei entered the set as scheduled and started filming.

The shoot this time was in Jingdu CIty, which was the main reason why Su Bei chose this movie.

She was afraid that Lu Heting would really break down if she chose another movie that had to be filmed overseas.

Lu Tianqing obviously valued her movie a lot.

Not only did she have the screenwriter guide her on the spot, but she was also just as strict as the director about the script.

She knew that artists had to rely on their work.

For her, who had no representative work, this movie was more important than anything else.

Even if she didnt suppress Su Bei, she had to use this as her capital to settle down and film her most important movie.

Apart from training herself, Lu Tianqing didnt want Su Beis progress to be too perfect.

She quickly arranged to meet Tang Yue.

Tang Yue suffered a huge loss because she bought a large number of shares of Tianci Corporation.

Now, she was trying to make up for it.

She was also resentful toward Lu Tianqing.

When she saw Lu Tianqing, her attitude was not as respectful as before.

She sat down and placed her bag on the sofa.

“Miss Lu, why are you looking for me”

Lu Tianqing smiled and said, “Tang Yue, Im really sorry for causing you to lose money previously.”

“Is that why you asked me to come” Tang Yues tone was unhappy, but she did not want to make more enemies and barely suppressed her emotions.

“As you know, I really cant make the decision for Tianci Group.

There are too many interests involved,” Lu Tianqing said.

“However, I can personally compensate you.”

She slid a check across, full of sincerity.

Tang Yue glanced at it.

The amount was sincere.

It could indeed make up for her loss.

Tang Yue asked, “I dont think youre looking for me just for this, right Tell me what you want to say.

After all, we were friends before.”

“You know my situation.

In front of you, I wont beat about the bush.

At the moment, I can only rely on my own abilities to stabilize myself and obtain more support.

Even my biological father and husband wont throw money at me for no reason.” Lu Tianqings tone was a little bitter when she said this.

Even Su Bei could obtain the full support of Lu Group, but her biological father and husband would not treat her like that.

To put it bluntly, what she had was still not enough.

She laughed at herself.

“So the movie Im currently working on is very important to me.

Ive been forced to this point where I can only win and not lose.”

“I understand.

Do a good job at filming, then.” Tang Yue nodded.

“The market is also quite risky.

Sometimes, success or failure is hard to say.”

“My biological father has already helped me settle the other producers.

When the time comes, only my movie will be released.

With a big-budget director, Best Actor, and the best slot, our box office record is practically ensured.”

“Then why are you worried”

“Im worried about Su Bei, who appeared out of nowhere.

The movie shes starring in will actually compete with mine as theyll be screened during the same period.

As you said, your sister is really… too annoying.”

Tang Yue smiled.

“Shes been like this since she was young.

She wants to compete with me for everything.

I didnt expect her to still be like this when she grew up.

She doesnt know how to forgive when she can.

I didnt expect her to snatch the opportunity from you so quickly.”

Lu Tianqing said, “I know you have a way to deal with her.

Help me delay her filming process.

After its done, Ill thank you again.”

Tang Yue smiled.

“Ill think of something.”

Dealing with Su Bei was a pleasant thing in and of itself.

Since Lu Tianqing made a request, why would Tang Yue not agree

Besides, Su Bei had caused Tang Yue to lose a lot.

This time, Su Bei would have to pay her back!

Su Bei had just started filming, and everything was going smoothly.

Because they were not in a hurry, there was no need to rush the filming.

In the afternoon, she still had time to pick up Da Bao and Gun Gun.

Then, they went to the supermarket to buy things before going home, where Su Bei would cook delicious food for the three of them.

Da Bao was already in junior high school now.

His personality was becoming more and more stable.

Gun Gun was still as cute as a little ball.

He followed behind Da Bao like a little lackey.

After Lu Heting returned home, Gun Gun ran over and held his hand.

“Daddy, its time to wash your hands and eat!”

Lu Heting smiled and picked him up.

“Lets wash our hands together.”

“Big Brother Da Bao!” Gun Gun called out to Da Bao again.

Da Bao ran to the bathroom first, afraid that Lu Heting would carry him.

Lu Heting understood him very well.

When he was young, he had never received any fatherly love.

Later on, he didnt need it anymore.

Despite his young age, he would feel uncomfortable if someone hugged him.

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