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Chapter 1324: Striving To Turn Curses Into CheersTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Han Qingwans gaze became gentle.

“Of course, I will, so Im only going to stay there for a while.

Otherwise, I wont be able to come back.

I really cant bear to leave Da Bao and Gun Gun, and Im worried about you too.”

Lu Weijian said, “Dont worry, Ive always been doing fine.”

“Thats all I hope for.

Look at your brother.

Da Bao is also already five years old now.

What about you”

“What about me My career is going smoothly, my games are doing well, Im healthy, and I eat well.

Isnt that great”

Han Qingwan was so angry that she laughed.

“Forget it, forget it.

Lets not talk about you.

Dont send me off either.

Ill leave by car tomorrow morning.

Stay at home and take good care of yourself.”

“Got it.”

Han Qingwan walked up to Su Bei and said softly, “Su Bei.”

“Yes, Mom.”

Han Qingwan took out some documents and divided them into two batches.

She said, “These are my shares in Lu Group and my personal assets over the years.

Now, Im splitting them into two.

Ill give half to Weijian and half to you.”

“I cant take—”

“Why not Anyway, even if I dont give it to you, Ill have to give it to Heting.

If you accept it, itll be considered as Heting accepting it too.

Hence, you should just accept it.”

Lu Heting said to Su Bei softly, “Its for you.

Take it.”

He knew best that his mother had a change of heart and was expressing her guilt toward Su Bei.

In the past, she would give things to Da Bao and Gun Gun, but she would never give anything to Su Bei sincerely.


This time, she had really opened up to Su Bei.

The difference was huge.

Her giving Su Bei her property was just a way of psychologically acknowledging it.

Su Bei saw Lu Hetings gaze and understood what he meant.

She took the documents from Han Qingwan.

“Alright, go back after you get your things,” Han Qingwan said.

“Dont worry, Ill come back every once in a while.

Ill miss you guys, and I cant let go of Da Bao and Gun Gun.”

Lu Heting was fine, but Lu Weijian couldnt accept it.

His eyes turned red for a while.

On the way out, Lu Heting patted his shoulder before stuffing him into the chauffeurs car.

He instructed the chauffeur, “Take him home.”

“Weijian is usually cheerful, but hes actually quite sentimental,” Su Bei said as she watched the car drive away.

“Hes been with my mother since he was born.

He knows how to please her better than I do.

Naturally, hes closer to her than I am.”

Su Bei nodded.

“I really didnt expect Mom to leave.

Shes been alone for so many years.

Its really been hard on her.”

“Shes survived all these years.

Shell definitely be fine in the future.

Its good that shell be away for a while, in case Lu Yaode still has thoughts of coming back.”

“Is Lu Yaode out of prison”

“I just received news that hes out.

After all, its understandable that he hit Tian Xin.

In addition, he didnt hit Tian Xin too hard.

He wouldve been released anyway.

Even so, he and Lu Tianci wont be able to cause much trouble.”

Hearing this, Su Bei heaved a sigh of relief.

“Thats good.

Otherwise, youll have a lot of trouble to deal with.

Although you can solve everything, there are always such people.

Theyre like flies that dont bite but are annoying.

Theyll delay you from doing your business.”

Lu Heting looked relaxed.

He reached out and stroked her hair.

“It also delayed our date.

Lets go home for a walk.”

The case between Tian Xin and Han Qingwan had come to an end.

The people on the internet who had been paying close attention to this case finally received an answer.

No one had any objections to this outcome, but the comments about Tian Xin were not good.

The internet was full of slander and curses at her.

As Tian Xins daughter, Lu Tianqing was not doing any better.

She had been scolded enough.

Many people flooded her Weibo and cursed her.

They called her the daughter of a mistress and a murderer.

Lu Tianqing had no choice but to close all the comments on Weibo.

Out of sight, out of mind.

She sat in her room, smoking one cigarette after another.

Fortunately, He Consortium was quite far away from S Country, and the people there did not pay much attention to S Countrys real-time Weibo news.

Her position in the He family was still doing okay.

Now, without her mothers care, she had to do everything herself.

Fortunately, Jin Changming thought very highly of her and did not look down on her because of this matter.

He even recommended her for a film directed by a famous director.

However, the worries in her heart could not be eliminated in a short period of time.

Compared to before, her current life was also very different.

Lu Tianqings unwillingness was visible to the naked eye.

The internet was still filled with criticism for Lu Tianqings upcoming blockbuster.

[What kind of world is this The daughter of a murderer can participate in such a blockbuster What kind of power does Lu Tianqing have]

[Thats why this circle is so messy.

As long as youre rich and powerful, no one cares about your status.

You just have to flatter those in power.]

[Havent you heard The investor of this blockbuster is Jin Changming.

Hes slept with Tian Xin before.

I heard that Lu Tianqing is also Jin Changmings daughter.

Everyone, do spread this information out.]

[I wonder if shes his biological daughter or goddaughter.

If shes just his goddaughter, things are going to be even messier.]

[What a pity.

I heard that the male lead is my favorite Best Actor.

Damn, what right does Lu Tianqing have]

[The director is my favorite director, but Im wondering if I should quit being a fan.

It really hurts me!]

However, the influence of capital was indeed huge.

Despite the curses, the movie began filming smoothly.

After all, a famous director and a Best Actor were taking part in the film, Even though Lu Tianqing was also in the cast and she was scolded fiercely online, there were still many fans who expressed their strong anticipation for the film.

The agent said, “Tianqing, netizens are forgetful and fickle.

As long as you seize this opportunity and successfully score a high box office record, these curses will instantly become cheers for you.”

“I know.

So make sure to arrange a teacher for me.

When it comes to acting, I dont want to be a drag.”

“Ive already arranged for a teacher.

Hes a famous teacher at Jingdu City Film and Television School.

He has cultivated many actors.

Your acting skills will definitely improve under his guidance.”

“What about the other movies that are being filmed at the same time”

The agent said, “At the moment, there arent many movies that can be screened at the same time.

Only the movie that Su Bei just accepted is preparing to be released at the same time as ours.

The entire process and progress are about the same.

Apart from that, the other production teams and investors are trying their best to avoid having their movies be screened during the same period as us.”

“Why isnt Su Beis movie avoiding our timing She probably wants to fight me on purpose, right” Lu Tianqing gritted her teeth.

“Lu Group must have done it on purpose.

They want to take me down.

But why should I be afraid My biological father has always been by my side.

He doesnt have anything to do with Lu Group, so he doesnt have to rely on Lu Group for a living! I want to fight them head-on!”

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