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Chapter 1323: Do You Think Weve Become RedundantTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Hua Cuo and Han Qingwan also revealed relieved smiles.

Cao Songs team had tried their best to defend Tian Xin.

Through the evidence, they also knew that Tian Xin was not innocent.

Their defense of Tian Xin went from pleading her as innocent at the beginning to try to fight for a reduced punishment.

They werent surprised to hear the result.

They werent sad, because as lawyers, they had done their best to do what they had to do.

Only Tian Xins face was pale as she looked around at the crowd.

The people in the crowd looked at her with contempt.

Lu Yaode and Lu Tianci naturally couldnt be here, and Lu Tianqing had a chance to work today, so she didnt come.

She deserved it.

The family shed been so proud of was now falling apart, never to be the same.

She lowered her head.

There was a visible scar on her face from the day Lu Yaode had beaten her.

She wasnt a star anymore, nor was she a rich lady.

She was just a criminal in a prison uniform.

With her hair combed up, she couldnt hide the blemishes on her face anymore.

Her face without makeup looked as if she had aged a dozen years.

Her hair, which wasnt styled, lacked volume.

It lay limply on her scalp.

At this moment, she looked no different from any other ordinary woman her age.

Han Qingwan walked to her side and looked at her sadly.

“Tian Xin, youre finally going to pay the price for your actions.”

Tian Xin glared at Han Qingwan fiercely.

If it werent for Han Qingwan, this matter would have been over, but it was her who dug up the past.

Han Qingwan said, “Tan Qing treated you well, and so did I.

The two of us had always treated you as a true friend.

Otherwise, we wouldnt have protected you in your career.

And how did you repay us Tan Qings family was ruined because of you, and two children were displaced when they were still so young.

Dont you have nightmares when you sleep at night”

“You were the one who hit them, not me.

Why would I have nightmares” Tian Xin asked viciously.

Han Qingwan pinched her fingers tightly and said, “As long as you have a clear conscience.”


Tian Xin was taken away by two police officers.

A long prison sentence awaited her.

Han Qingwan closed her eyes.

She was still haunted by the past trauma.

It was not that she did not feel guilty.

If she had cared more about Tan Qing back then, things might not have ended up like this… The responsibility she had to bear was indeed not small.

“Mom!” Lu Weijian ran over and hugged her.

“Youre finally fine.

I knew you would be fine.”

Han Qingwan smiled and said, “Youre already an adult.

Dont run around so rashly in the future.”

“I just wanted to hug you as soon as possible.”

Han Qingwan looked behind him and said to Hua Cuo, “Thank you, Lawyer Hua.”

“You dont have to thank me.

I took a large legal fee from Feng Ze.

I was just doing my job.”

“If you see Feng Ze, send him my regards.” Han Qingwan had not seen Feng Ze attend the past few trials, so she did not have the chance to chat with him in person.

However, she knew in her heart that inviting Hua Cuo over was the best repayment Feng Ze could give her, even though Hua Cuos first priority was to send Tian Xin to prison.

“I will.” Hua Cuo nodded.

Lu Weijian said, “Sister Bei Bei promised to invite Lawyer Hua to dinner.

I should accompany them.

Mom, you should come too.”

“I wont go.

You young people will be more comfortable just being by yourselves.” Han Qingwan declined.

“Then Ill take you back first before the meal,” Lu Weijian said.

“You dont have to see me off.

The driver from the house is on his way.

Hes at the gate.

You guys go ahead.”

Lu Weijian could only nod.

After sending Han Qingwan off, Su Bei asked, “Fourth Sister, why didnt Feng Ze come over Is he injured again”


Maybe he believes Im capable of handling it, so he doesnt think he has to trouble himself.”

That made sense, and Su Bei stopped worrying.

They went straight to the hotel for dinner.

Lu Weijian asked, “What are we eating”

“Fourth Sister likes lighter food.

Lets eat Jiangnan cuisine,” Su Bei suggested.

Lu Weijian said, “How do you have such a sharp tongue when youve been eating mild-tasting foods”

Hua Cuo said, “Well, even if you eat a lot of spice, it wont help you in your speech.”

“Whats so good about having speech skills” Lu Weijian disagreed.

“Theres nothing good about it.

We can bring the killer to justice, thats all.”

“Good for you.

I wont argue with you seeing as you just helped my mother.”

“You wouldnt be able to win anyway.”

Lu Weijian: “…”

Lu Weijian said, “Im a man.

Im just going easy on you!”

“Theres no need.

When it comes to debate, theres no distinction between men and women.

In other words, I dont see you as a man.”

“Good, I dont treat you as a woman!” Lu Weijian entered the restaurant first.

Su Bei: “…”

She secretly tugged on Lu Hetings sleeve.

“Why do I feel like Im looking at a bickering couple”

Lu Heting looked at her.

“Do you suddenly think that weve become redundant”


Look, they havent even realized were almost three hundred meters away from them.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Hua Cuo turned around and waved at Su Bei.

“Little Fifth Sister, hurry up.”

Su Bei quickly walked a few steps.


When Han Qingwan returned, the nanny had already packed her things.

The nanny said reluctantly, “Madam, do you really have to do this”

“Now that Heting and Weijian have grown up and have their own lives, I can finally relax.

Lu Corporation is also stable and has nothing to do with me.

With Su Bei taking care of Heting, I have nothing to worry about.”

The nanny was weeping.

“Why are you crying Its not like Im not coming back.

Im just going to stay in the temple for a while to cultivate my mind.” Han Qingwan still felt sorry for Tan Qing even though the culprit was Tian Xin.

She couldnt stop herself from feeling entirely at fault.

The nanny said regretfully, “I just think its too lonely there.

You really dont have to…”

“Dont think too much.

Stay in the Lu family and focus on your duties,” Han Qingwan said.

At night, Lu Heting, Su Bei, and Lu Weijian came back and heard about this.

Lu Heting stood aside and didnt say anything.

On the other hand, Lu Weijian couldnt bear to part with his mother.

He held Han Qingwans hand and said, “Why Its not your fault.

Why do you have to punish yourself”

“Its not really self-punishment.

I just think its pretty peaceful over there.

Ill go stay there for a while and adjust my emotions.”

“But that way, you wont see me, Big Brother, Da Bao, and Gun Gun for a long time.

Wont you miss us”

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