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Chapter 1322: Showing That He Was Not Watching The ShowTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

When Hua Cuo entered, some lawyers felt that she looked familiar, but they could not remember where they had seen such a young female lawyer.

As the case went to trial, everyones thoughts were focused on it.

No one pursued the issue.

In the courtroom, lawyers from both sides exchanged heated words.

Cao Songs team was a little arrogant at first as they had the upper hand.

As time passed, they realized that this young female lawyer could actually receive their attacks easily and even launch strong counterattacks.

This surprised Cao Songs team, and they braced themselves.

They soon discovered that the young female lawyer was as competent as they were.

She was more insightful about the case, had a clear mind, and her logical thinking was flawless and convincing.

Lu Weijian sat down.

At first, his lips were curled, but soon, he sat up straight.

His mouth slowly formed an O shape, and his gaze was locked on Hua Cuo.

The trial went on for a full four hours that day.

Because the two sides were evenly matched, the court adjourned that day and the trial would resume tomorrow.

When Cao Songs team came out, their attitude toward Hua Cuo changed.

Out of respect for their opponent, they took the initiative to greet her.

“Lawyer Hua, youre really talented.

Were really impressed,” Cao Song said.

“I just dont know why you rarely accepted cases before if you have such talent.”

Hua Cuo smiled.


Ive always been busy.

Ive taken on quite a few cases.”

“Oh, really” Cao Song searched his memory but still did not find her familiar.



“Lawyer Hua, this is my card.

Perhaps in the future, you can come to my law firm.

Youre welcome anytime,” Cao Song said solemnly.

He valued this lawyer who was so talented at such a young age, but he also knew that it was difficult to get such a lawyer.

Hua Cuo nodded.

“Thank you.

Lawyer Cao, this is my card.”

Lawyer Cao took it and looked at it.

The name on it surprised him.

“Y-Youre Hadiya”

Hadiya was the Arabic word for a pointer in the direction of justice.

It was what elites of this profession were called.

The name Hadiya was famous in the United States.

She was known by her peers as the dagger of S Country.

Cao Song had long heard of Hadiya and knew that she was young.

However, Hua Cuo was too young for him to connect the two.

“Yes.” Hua Cuo inclined her head.

Cao Song looked a little embarrassed and disappointed.

This Hadiya was even more famous than him.

He had really underestimated the young people nowadays.

He knew that this trial would be really difficult.

Cao Song quickly led his team away.

Su Bei walked up to Hua Cuo and smiled.

“Fourth Sister, I said I would treat you to a meal.

Do you have the time”

“Then get your purse ready.

Ill come when Im triumphant.” Hua Cuo smiled.


You have to feast when the time comes.

Cao Songs team is not so easy to deal with.”

“I still have to sort out the case.

Ill go first.”

Lu Weijian watched her leave.

Su Bei smiled and said, “How is it My fourth sisters ability is amazing, right Youve seen it for yourself just now.

Many lawyers in the United States are afraid of fighting her.

Theyre all terrified of her.”

“Its alright.

Shes not particularly powerful,” Lu Weijian said.

“You call that just alright How many lawyers do you think can withstand Cao Songs team”

Lu Weijian touched the tip of his nose.

“But she didnt defeat Cao Songs team in one go.”

Su Bei was so angry that she laughed.

“Do you think a lawsuit is as simple as treating someone to a meal Forget it.

Hubby, lets go.

I wont stoop to your brothers level.”

Lu Heting followed Su Bei.

Lu Weijian shouted, “Youre not putting our brotherhood first!”

But his footsteps continued to follow them.

In the time that followed, despite Hua Cuos outstanding abilities, this kind of case was difficult in itself.

She spent countless hours and energy summarizing the case, and after countless trials, she finally reached the final deciding stage.

During this period, Su Bei didnt have much work to do.

Most of the time, she was helping Hua Cuo organize documents and paying attention to the development of the situation.

There were also many people who were still paying attention to the entire case.

Other than Tian Xin and Han Qingwans family, there were still many people in society waiting for the final outcome.

It was time for the last trial.

On this day, many people came to spectate.

Therefore, Su Bei put on sunglasses and a mask.

She quietly sat in a corner.

This time, Hua Cuo performed extremely well.

Even though Cao Songs team came prepared and did not underestimate the enemy anymore, in the end, even some amateurs could tell that Hua Cuo had the upper hand.

The evidence and the law showed who was the real killer and who was the innocent party.

The judge called for a 15-minute break before announcing the final verdict.

Su Bei and Lu Heting interlocked their fingers.

Su Bei knew that she would definitely win this time.

However, she didnt dare to be too optimistic until the last second.

Lu Weijian couldnt sit still and ran out to buy a drink.

When he came back, there were a few bottles in his arms.

He gave one each to Lu Heting and Su Bei.

He also had another bottle in his hand.

He stretched it forward and said, “Lawyer Hua, this is for you.

I didnt buy it especially for you.

I just happened to buy an extra bottle.”

Hua Cuo did not take it.

“Thank you, but in principle, we cant accept anything from the families of the people involved while the case is progressing.

So I have to reject it.”

Lu Weijian: “…”

He took it back casually.

“You make it sound like I bought it especially for you.

If it wasnt a buy-one-get-one-free deal, who would bother”

Hua Cuo merely smiled and said nothing.

It was hard to tell if Su Bei was smiling, but her eyes that were exposed, curved slightly.

When Hua Cuo looked over, Su Bei quickly put on her sunglasses to show that she wasnt watching the show.

With Lu Weijian here, 15 minutes passed quickly.

The judge resumed his place at the head of the table.

Everyone fell silent.

The judge took out the dossier and said, “According to all the evidence and the statements of both parties, the evidence is conclusive.

Back then, for the sake of her own selfish desires, Tian Xin hypnotized Han Qingwan through hypnosis and guided her to kill Tan Qing, her husband, and the child in Tan Qings stomach by crashing into them with a car.

Now, the court sentences Tian Xin to life imprisonment while Han Qingwan is to be acquitted!”

When he heard this news, Lu Weijian stood up and raised his drink happily.

Su Bei held Lu Hetings hand.

Even though her face was covered, one could still see her relaxed smile.

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